Big Pun - Twinz (Deep Cover 98) (Feat. Fat Joe)

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R.I.P. Big Pun
Yo to end the confusion of the \
Abraham Palmer
one of my favorite rap songs
Adrian Cherry
Pun must have written fat Joe lyrics. Never been fire since.
Adrian Manqueros
Real school hip hop
Lol got this song from True crime new york city :')
Ahmed Hassan Hassoupa
Still Dre and Snoop.
Alex Smith
Why wasnt pun in d.i.t.c?
Andre Newman
Coming back to listen to this.makes me sad that lyricism is officially dead now RIP big pun
Angel Sadott
R.I.P Snoop, this is the only deep cover I know.
Antt Perez
GTA is way more popular then Saints Rows
Aura Gold
That little Italy line is stil undefeated ...
Big Pun is a savage!
Bart Gelissen
Dre to snoop after hearing this cover... Damn snoop we just got murdered on our own shit! 😂
Brandon McNeil
Sometimes I really wonder if Pun was better than Biggie... Pun prolly had the best verses in Hip History in this song smh 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Camp Master Noob
Rappers actually had some flow, back in the day... you'd do lyrics like that nowadays and you'd get a goddamn nobel prize
Can we get 1000 subscribers with videos?
0:25\nthe definition of midwest rap
Chief Lerch
Dre gave up on rap when he heard this
Chitown ShaSha
Playing this in 2018...RIP Pun
Chris Buijk
True crime new york
Commy Llob
Oddly, for such a famous line, Fat Joe had to work hard to convince Pun to include it in the song. He explained:\nHe used to play around and say [that tongue twister], just like he used to walk around going, “Packin’ the Mac in the back of the Ac, packin’ the Mac in the back of the Ac.” These were like jokes to him. I had to argue with him to put ‘Dead in the middle of Little Italy…’ in the song. I was like, ‘That’s the hardest shit on earth.’ He was like, “Are you crazy? That’s a fuckin’ joke. Niggas will laugh at me. Are you serious?” Then he did it, and it was the illest shit.
Corrupt Cop God
You cant listen to this without smiling
The instrumental reminds me of a song in GTA San Andreas, anyone ?
Daymar Pope
Saints Row 2 GTA Stories of Liberty City & True Crime New York City
One of the most talented rappers ever
Derek Z Bowden
Team Saints Row.
Dericm 10
Tbh the only good reason that he is dead is that he doesnt have to hear the bullshit from these trash rappers
Don Killa
First 30 seconds of the song is better than anyone has spit since 2010 started
Big Pun is the most underrated rapper of all time, FACT!
El Davinchi
2018 still a crazy flow
Emre Yedikardeş
Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know hat we riddled some middleman who didn't do diddily R.I.P. Big PUN !
EnBee 36
Dude, imagine this man was still here.
Fehmi Rama
I support West Coast, but East Coast has some dope rappers too, like Biggie, Prodigy, Big Pun
Free Bird
I'm a teenager born in the 21st century. When I tell people I listen to this kind of rap, they laugh at me, and then go listen to Lil Pump, 6ix9ine and XXXTentacion.\n\nThey have no idea what they're missing out on.
Not gonna lie I feel this more than the original
JD Dynamic
Big Pun Is The Truth. A Lyrical God.
Jakob Konrad
Joe Goliath
The hardest song in Hip Hop history and forever
Jordan Lace
& Im over here thinkin Dre & Snoop made this song
Jordan Skywalker
The first amendment’s culturally biased, suppose to supply us with rights, at night I hold my rosary tight as I can.
Jorge G.
Could somebody, PLEASE!! mix this and the original to make a sick remix PLEASE!
Josh Sacks
Just a flawless flow
João Pedro Silva
Kostas Karapouloutidis
Kyle Smith
Rappers now a days would be scared if Big pun was still alive. Real 500 pound thug that chewed on rocks!
Leon Witherow
Love Puns verse with all my heart but Joe also goes HARD on this track. Two of the best in their prime.
Logan The red mence Dahl
When I heard dead in the middle little Italy little did we now we riddled two middle men who didn't do diddley every time just like ooooooooooooow YES! Yeah
Lupin Sansei
Man, I feel sorry for people who don't like hip-hop. Missing out on classics like this is like walking through life and never seeing a blue sky. \n\nAnd the WHOLE ALBUM sounds like this. Not just one or two good joints. He tore apart THE ENTIRE ALBUM. \n\nI miss this dude. rip, Pun.
Lyrics 808
Above The Hood✌💘
I’m actually buying a hummer this week and plan on playing this song:\n\nHOP IN YOUR HUMMER THE PUNISHER READY
Macs Freedom
Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know\nThat we riddled some middlemen who didn't do diddly
Maggie Paul
Remember when latino rap was gangster?
I like to Bob my Head to This!
K.A.A.N. Got me here 👋
Matthew Shelton
Max 33370
can any one hear big pun's breathing XD
Michael M
Bronx goat = Big Pun\nBrooklyn goat = Biggie smalls\nManhattan/Harlem goat = Big L\nQueens goat = Nas\nStaten Island goat = inspectah Deck.\nLong Island goat: MF DOOM\n\nThese are the GOAT!
Morty mcdickface
and yet this 1 song is better then Eminem's entire career
Payton Challis
they put this beat to rest just straight mangled it with flames I hope pun's son like this when he gets a lil more out there
Princess Apryl Van Ryn
The breath control on this man is amazing lmao. RIP Punisher. We miss u
Ray Hinchliffe
Keep your eyes open, sharp reflexes,\nThree TECS is in the Jeep Lexus, just in case police test us
Repollo Neitor
Fuck vevo
Sam Dunn
Big pun made fat joe look like medium joe
Sea of Arc.
Complex ranked Pun's first verse as the greatest 8-bar verse of all fact
Shawn Stone
Big Pun was a BEAST! 😲😂💪
Sidney Mosley
Sime P
The end of Pun's first verse though... 👌
Sono l'unico italiano che si spara quest'opera?
Stevie J
Let's be real big is under big pun. 2nd fat Joe should be gettin credit for bein a goat
Terry Warren
rip big pun still the greatest who's still jamming on dis in 2017
Tha Kidd
187 on a undercover cop, creep wit me az crawl thru tha hood maniac on tha set call eem snoop eastwood!!! Pun still spazzed tho!!!
ThatoneLADA 281
Saints row 2 and LCS
bruh this my first time hearing this, his flow is crazy 💯
Victor The Bullshark
damn, and I thought the original was good, Pun murdered this track!
0:25 - FFS. I got that line first time after I read it without music. God damn, I'm happy. (:
alex whitelaw
fat joe carried on puns memory fairplay to him he cared about his close friend
Black folks about to disown me, but I like this version better than the original with Snoop & Dre. There, I said it.
bian goole
I really believe pun is one of the best if not the best rapper ever
Way better than the original Deep Cover.
griffin Drungilas
I showed my brother this and he wasn't feeling it.... I disowned him
„My guns go BOOM BOOM“\n„One eight seven“\n„My guns go BOOM BOOM“\n„One eight seven“
0:25 is why you came here , admit it.
she rejected my flowers
hottest beat and sickest flow ever
sky rimJOB432
Big Pun wasn't fat. He was full of talent and lyrics #RipPun wish he was still alive. Drake, meek, young thug would be working at McDonald's #Facts
sldf FAS
That Little Italy line is still undefeated...
t jaxkson
pun was the wickedest spanish rapper.. i would say the wickedest rapper peroid.. but biggie holds the title for that..
One cover that goes harder than the original
This is one of those rare instances when a remake of classic ends up being a classic itself. I love Dre and Snoop's original, but Pun and Joe's......sheesh
I came here from reading a reading passage on the SAT about the origins of hip hop
★ ilivill ★
shit! its too good! 10/10!
I remeber playin GTA III and playin this in an radio nostalgia \u003c3
This type of rap doesn't exist anymore. It's full of thugs just talking about gold chains. What a shame