Gina *Crush Conviction* Carano - The most Beautiful UFC\MMA Fighter

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Gina [[Crush Conviction]] Carano - The most Beautiful UFC\MMA Fighter!!!

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Deep down shes a man. Dont get it twisted
4yngyz Bakyt Uulu
Очень красивая и милая особенная какая-то красота у неё
97warlock ismyname
She just had to bite that lip,daaaaaang
Потресающая женщина!! Комплимент из МОСКВЫ)))
Anthony Cooney
Stunning . Camera mans a bit of a creep though .
Apti Oskanov
That's how looks real beautiful women
Arma Lol
creepy as fk. this video is a true stalker
Baitemir Alim
Bernie Duane
So sweet
Bewar Muhsin
Most beautiful ufc fighter
Brian Jenkins
An Italian beauty
Brian Wright
Never knew such a fighter could be so beautiful I wonder if she believes in interracial love--Say baby girl if you reading this call me if you're single 😎
Budi Hartono
I watch this video over n over again. I falling in love with gina.. Her eyes look a like girl shy.. N fel in love.. I love you gina
Bueno Bruno
Una mamasita
Captain Butt nuggets
Casper 415
I agree, Gina Carano is the hottest woman in MMA history. Even without make up, still prettier than the UFC ring girls. That’s beauty!!
Cesar Godoy
I cried.. I used to love her.. had this MAAAAAJOR CRUSH.. realized its never going to happen
Chris Infiesto
She looks uncomfortable w/ the spotlight on her...... 🤔
Constantin Constantin
molto bellissima
She can do a superhero landing any time she wants in my bedroom.
Dan Fernando
She's qualified for wonder woman role!
Dana DOT
Que guapa es esta mujer!
Dee Bo
Gina really pretty
Djay Peyt
Ederaldo Gonçalves
Ao som de Edith Piaf...
Edison Verdugo
Eric Elemen
Damn...she's so hot.\nYou think she'd go out with a guy like me?
Ernesto Garcia
Look at Gina she's bashful and shy beautiful & dangerous.
Fish Fool
Oh mercy
Frank Taglieri
Beautiful with great personality WOW
Future Imperfect
She punched Colossus in the nuts and can still use her hand.
tu as un sourire magnifique tu es vraiment une très belle femme c'est mon rêve de te rencontrer
Gachi Null
Whats te song tho?
Houston Trapper
Unless i'm missing something, the MMA record that they posted is incorrect...I remember her fight with cyborg where she showed her toughness, but ultimately was knocked out.
Ian Scheinberg
She’s hot.
красивая баба
James Kavanagh
See the way she nibbles on her lips? I would love to nibble on her lips 👄LOL 😂
Jane Fernanda
Que mulher lindaaa. ...
Javier Herrera
Careano :,v
Jayson gulles
Her smile killing me softly!
Jeferson Suman
Essa mordida nos lábios ce loko finaliza qualquer um kkkkkk
Jesse Brown
Dame she's gorgeous
Joe Villareal
Tried to keep a composed face, but couldn't stop giggling... I'm glad because She has an Amazing Smile. Love U Always Gina 😘👊✌
John Sands
Joshua Avila
She shy but she dose not get it the whole world find her sxy for a mama fighter she is hot. And dose not look man
Juan Hernandez
Her mosa
Juan carlos Castro Castrejon
Que hermosa mujer..lo que daría por conocerte y salir contigo
Kevin Williams
Damn I agree
Keyser Sozie
She is gorgeous.
Killy The Bid
Yeah brah. She's a beauty no doubt.
Leandro Theodoro
Is very beautiful
Lourival Coutinho
Que linda..Linda é essa Dina...Diva...amei.
Luis Lopez
She is a great role model for girls woman and the sport of MMA and without a doubt she is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet. Lady Gina
Manu NK
Mario Castillo
Love the lip bite, I instantly melted...
Mauricio Vidal
Hermosa me gustaría tener un encuentro cuerpo a cuerpo con ella
Michael Velez
She would have been a perfect Wonder Woman
Miguel Roberto
I wish she'd give me a thrashing.
Mo Morgan
Gina has gotten thick and as gorgeous as ever. Look at how thick she is in the Deadpool 1 movie.
Moss Pat
What a gorgeous huni!
I wonder would and could this woman gina carano play batwoman in a live action movie.
Murat Risxiddinov
Красивая улыбка
Orlando Gutierrez
woe pretty an danger 😚😚😚😚😍😍💪💪💪💪👍👍👏👏👏
no pos es bella...
Philo Kvetch
Insanely beautiful! Must have watched Haywire a dozen times or more.
A beautiful Italian girl .......... :)
Raju Ahammed Ali
My Crash Gina Carano love you
Richard Albert Moreno.
Me encanta!!! 😍😚😚
Riz Shahbazli
Robert Smith
Gina ,if you had any doubts about if your beautiful just read ALL OF THE REPLIES ..GINA ,next time the cameras go on you don't be embarrassed by them instead own that time and show off that incredible beauty of yours.!!!!!
Robin Sacharia
Awwwww!!!! That lip bite!!!! 💞😍😘💞
Ryan Howell
She's hot
i see only a Face
Shay Perry
Such a hottie 😁😗😗😗😗
Shortie Leeroymr
I don´t have a crush on Gina Carano.I have a CRUSH on Gina Carano.
Truther 416
I have a feeling she was looking at me
Uriel De La Vega
Wow Goodly Gina
Wook Slap
someone said deep down she's a man ? If thats the case then i'm way gay. Could not imagine being in her presence. Heartbreaker!!
antonio padilla
deliciosa de la cabeza hasta susbellos pies
augusto delvalle
Damn that lip biting
About the hottest woman on this planet. I say that because I haven’t seen those others.
\u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 and so forth ...
brian war
What's the name of the song
She is gorgeous .
dave ross
im in love
davedalessandro8189 Dalessandro
She does have one of the most beautiful smiles ive ever seen
dont blink
She can melt the polar ice caps in my heart with that smile
Wow beauty ❤️🌹
jimmy kimmel
“ what’s the name of the song “ headass
mack smith
The camera luvs u babe😘😘
marroni ugelli
I met her once after an event in NJ.
Wow this girl is beautiful.
superhero landing
Gina so fine, so sexy and she knows it.
hahahhahah thats great
yannick willems
That smile tho😍
Олег Меломан
Рахат Лукум
Ой блядинка какая симпатичная)))....евреечка, класс))