2019 BMW 3 Series - Excellent Interior !!

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The 2019 BMW 3 Series doesn't hit the market until March 2019, and there's an even longer wait for the full-bore M3. To sate the desire of performance-hungry drivers, the automaker has a range of M Performance Parts for the sedan that makes the four-door look a little meaner.On the outside, BMW offers a variety of sporty enhancements that are available in a high-gloss black or carbon-fiber finish. There are two front splitter options that offer different levels of aggressiveness. Carbon fiber mirror caps also dress up the sedan's appearance, and M-branded side sills let customers show off that they have the upgrades.At the back, there two trunk lid spoilers available to let customers decide how obvious they want the piece to be. Gray-tinted taillights add a darker aesthetic to the rear. A diffuser comes in a carbon, high-gloss black, or matte black finish. Plus, BMW offers exhaust tips in a mix of titanium and carbon fiber.A set of 18-inch M Performance brakes are also among the available upgrades. They include perforated and grooved discs with higher thermal resistance than the standard units. A set of four-piston red calipers clamp down on them.To dress up the appearance further, there are M Performance wheels to add to the 3 Series. The designs include 18-inch units in matte black with double spokes. There are also 20-inch forged parts in a mix of jet black and burnished finish, and 20-inch forged wheels with Y spokes that come either entirely in matte black or a mix of matte ferric grey and gloss lathed. In case you need to swap out winter and summer rubber, a set of M-branded tire bags let owners carry them in style.Moving inside, customers can dress things up with a variety of parts. An M Performance steering wheel features a red strip at the top and has hand-sewn, cross-stitch seams. Carbon fiber shift paddles can add more style. A carbon fiber trim kit can add a sportier aesthetic to the rest of the cabin, too. If you're planning on taking the new 3 Series to the track, the M Performance drive analyzer records driving data from the onboard computers and relaying the info to a smartphone app. It can also interface with a phone's video camera for recording your laps. Alternatively, the setup can connect with something like a GoPro mounted on the front or rear towing ring for a better view.When the 2019 3 Series finally arrives in March, folks in the U.S. will only be able to get the sedan with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder producing 255 horsepower (190 kW) and 295 pound-feet (400 Newton-meters) of torque. An eight-speed automatic is the only available gearbox, but there's a choice of rear- or all-wheel drive. Later, a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six will join the lineup with 382 hp (295 kW) and 369 lb-ft (500 Newton-meters) of torque.Source: BMW

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A wide variety of game
please help me is bmw m3 or 3series?
Adriano Gambuto
No like bmw serie 3 2019..interior no bmw
People would buy a model 3 instead of this beauty?? They are priced the same.
just bought mine last year, a 318i. I had no idea a new one was coming.\nNow i have to wait 4years :(
I was dead set on buying a new M4 this year. But now going to wait for the 2020 M4 design Update. Such a long wait :(. I guess I will buy a Mustang GT in the meantime and trade it in once the new M4 comes out.
Alexandre aleixo
Amzo Tall
What to do about the fact that all presented models cost double than standard price..
Anton Nateg
подарите мне её пожалуйста!!!!
3:12 Finally the Display again integrated (more or less) in the dashboard ! Those displays placed on the dashboards, seem as if they were put there at a later time.
Ashok teja
Those tail lamps are beautiful but they are straight out of a Lexus lol
Augustin Cîrjan
Inspired by Peugeot: front lights shape, dashboard, the shape of seats... But, in my opinion, Peugeot looks better!
BMW 3 Series G20
B. M. W.
Cali Made
Still no cooled seats 🤔
Chien Sombre
BMW/// the car hol dup\
Da Wrekzorcist
The car looks hot, .......I see BMW stepped up their game, they had to in order to compete with the Audi RS3
Daniel Ayala
peugeot 508 best interior
Day Night
no better look than audi mercedes or vw group
Dj SammyFX
why did they remove the angel eyes why i loved them
Dj eSmix
i'm disappointed, rear lights looks like in lexus or audi...its not bmw... air inlet\r in front is dummy
Domenico Faccioli
E. G.
Gran salto de calidad... Impresionante por fuera y por dentro!
Elijah Hua
Don’t like it
Ercüment Güllübahçe
Nice but too dark
But I will drive an Audi still
Franco Nes
Tout simplement parfaite!! 😍😍😍
Freeking Chris
When do BMW learns to use below flattened steering wheels....
Geno Tassoni
Nice lexus! WTF BMW? Seriously?
Gerald Bennett
those dials look awful. ROUND not Hoffmeister!
Gonzalo Saldaña
No vengas 2019 porque desde este año 2018 se retrocede porque no quiero tener más ➕ años vete al diablo 2019 porque cuando me vaya en dorado vip flores quiero verte pudriendote en el infierno 2019
Ian Corner
but no android auto
Ioan Avram Moldovan
It's the same boring interior since 90's.....
J Lshw
With such dramatic music I was expecting stunts and special effects
James Robert
Camry 2018:\nCheaper in price and maintenance\nlast longer\nmore economical on gas\nperforms same or better\nmore spacious \n....\n....
Kengaroo Ang
The dashboard looks 'Hyundai-ish'
Nice music. Makebubwant to stay watching
Lukas Janata
BMW needs to make a google-earth virtual cockpit like Audi. Their current white screen navigation with coloured lines is so outdated.
Martin K
Gauge design looks cheap. Also not feeling the area around the vents. Audi does has a better design.
Mehmet Özdemir
I like BMW, but Mercedes is better
Mengqiu king
i like BMW3 2019
Michal Aniol
excellent ...? Not very.
Mike Jiang
The interior is getting way better
Nando De rosa
Il brand BMW mette in difficoltà tante prestigiose industrie automobilistiche.
No name
Why bmw series 3 not audi a4? Can anyone tell reason? Or point?
Olli King
The Cockpit looks how 3 jears old! Not excellent, oldschool i think! Modern is Mercedes and Audi...
Photo Car
Bmw interior and exterior is nice
this will be me new car :)
Przemysław Sielanka
Looks like my next BMW..great design
Rafael Boss
Another automatic....
Raymond Lo
Looks like a Toyota from the back... :( I got a M2 and that is much sexier!
Very nice interior. Best in its class then aftrer comes Mercedes, Audi and Jag and then last of course tesla model 3 dont have c hans to top trio Germans
The wheels on white car aren’t that nice
Saad7880 Alshaya
Very good and reality I will buy it in the future ..
Sayyed Rj
We are having but not 3series 7series
BMW Bavaria Motor Work🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪
Soumen Bhattacharya
My dream car. Though mercedes was ahead in interior. This new 3 series has closed the gap.
Why copy Audi interior? Where is handbrake? Why getting rid of analog clocks?
Tamer Yemeny
God willing, I will buy BMW in future
rear taillights are so Lexus...
Tilma Hafid
For the interior Mercedes klass c is best for the exterior bmw 3 performance is very best, if i have many one day i buy bmw 3 m performance😅
Tino Pangeti
Mercedes is a bigger brand but BM beats them in each segment of the vehicles. At least for me👌
Tino Schneider
Well done BMW, well done!
Finally Bmw 3 series with a nice interier. :)
Usama ansari
Nice design Language
Valeriy Khahorov
real masculine design... that is BMW
Vlad Petretchi
Best steering wheel
Walk Away
interior bleh..opel insignia looks much better..and performs well too
Is it serious ? I was like \
Will wait for the M4
Yadi Gaming
I just got that for my first car!
Youtube Zweitens
R.i.p. handbrake turns
Zakariah Lafreniere
I believe the Germans put cocaine in the steering wheel so the hands literally become addicted to the wheel column.
역시 BMW
ahmed amjad
the cockpit trim will be damn nicer with wood that aluminium ,this car is soo good looking
alan cornelious
With Lamborghini s, Ferrari, Aston, Jaguars, Bentley, Pageant, McLarens, Rolls Royce's, BMW ? Burgatti,What More do You Want ,!in a Garage, I Have To Stop I Getting Emotional😢 Life is Good !? But With The SNP Running Scotland into The Dark Age's,! it Great To Dream\nOf Nice Things ,Went The Government Are F!!k up The Country, Say LA Fee😆
No Android Auto is my guess...no thanks. But the bigger reason is that there have been reports of 40 BMW engine fires in South Korea from Jan ~ Aug 2018 (mostly in 520d). The issue is how BMW has known this for YEARS and has been treating their customers like garbage...not unlike VW's Dieselgate. I refuse to support this type of company (like I can't support Apple and their dishonest practices) and really unfortunate as I've been a BMW fan since high school.. Not much choice but to go to Mercedes.. Still, I think the new 3 Series is a step in the right direction, styling wise, but they won't be taking my money..
arvin ghanadzadeh
All BMW's originality has disappeared in history!!!\nThe rear door curve \nThe rear tail light..A shameful lexus replica\nThe BMW exclusive and beautiful gauges are replaced with something that can be found in chinese cars like chery x22 (i beg you to check this one on the internet and see the similarity with your own eyes,i'm not lying)\nThe front headlights are look like peugeot \nIn one word: i miss the e46\nWhat a shame\nWHAT A SHAME
daniel sam
Audi was first on digital interior, too late bmw
Shut up and take my money!
Looks nice. Why can’t I just say answer phone, make colder, move seat forward, change channel to 100.7, open window, navigate to airport, set cruise control to 70, turn on wipers etc without pushing any buttons!
e.n eddynazry
flyboy747 uk
I hope it’s better built than the F30 and it’s made from quality materials that won’t start to rattle
It’s new. That’s the best thing I can say about this. Waiting on the M3.
gogo khaled
👌 ♡♡ LIKE ♡♡ 👌
Wow. Really bad.
gowtham sankar
After four years I got this vehicle
jemmy gho
Totally love what BMW has done with its 3 series. Exterior is truly an art piece. Love to own one very soon. Performance wise i would say BMW is the ultimate driving machine for car driver enthusiast. Interior has a total change upgrade. I am sure the new 3 series will once again dominate the small sedan luxury mkt in the world. Good job guys.
khoang phong
Very đẹp.
I like it and am a huge BMW fan but they CLEARLY ripped off Audi on the interior.
popatrzpopatrz popatrz popatrz
Arbeit mach frei
I think the exterior looks nice in the details, but actually prefer the more sporty proportions of the current 3-series...\n\nThe interior is way too messy to look at. So many surfaces and structures. I reminds me of French cars. I like it more simple and darker...not a big fan of digital dials and light grey metal
And no silly looking Apple ipad as a Nav Screen\n\nThank you BMW
trabzonlu ts
ALLAH'IM bu mübarek Cuma günü hürmetine bereketine banada bu arabadan almayı en kısa zamanda nasib eyle Amin. BMW süper 👍
سيف الشمري
رائعة جدآ 👍
this wheel looks better than before. More luxury!
My dream car is m340i