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Written and directed by four-time Oscar nominee Gary Ross (THE HUNGER GAMES, SEABISCUIT, PLEASANTVILLE), and starring Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey. FREE STATE OF JONES is an epic action-drama set during the Civil War, and tells the story of defiant Southern farmer, Newt Knight, and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy.Banding together with other small farmers and local slaves, Knight launched an uprising that led Jones County, Mississippi to secede from the Confederacy, creating a Free State of Jones.Knight continued his struggle into Reconstruction, distinguishing him as a compelling, if controversial, figure of defiance long beyond the War.Own It Now on Digital HD, Blu-ray & DVD.SUBSCRIBE:

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I wish Shelby Foote were still alive to do a commentary for this film. He would have been an excellent contributor to this movie!
AM Blake986
Good now Hollywood need to make a movie about the Bacon's Rebellion. A true story how both African and European were slaves that fought against the aristocrat of Virigina 1676. Notice how I never said black and white people as slaves, well do some research on history to find out. You might just find out who give us those terms, and created the social engineering concept called Race.\n\n\nI challenge Hollywood to even make a movie about white slaves! The other side of Trans Atlantic slavery!
I honestly think the trailer was good why y'all got beef with it? Like the funeral scene. That's probably not the only surprise tactic the characters use man. Also the kid dying isn't really a spoiler it makes sense to add it to the trailer
Alan Novaes
Whether you agree with the politics or not it's a damn good story and looks like an amazing movie and it really talks about the issue of southern people going out into the fields and dying by the thousands so the wealthy politicians and plantation owners can keep using slave labor while using the poor southerners as their pawns talking about states rights and it's good to see that there were some who knew better now I have full respect for those who fought for the confederacy even the generals in the civil war but the confederate politicians hell no they lied to the southern people and used them so they can keep their profit and that's disgusting
Alana Calello
I saw this movie... it's fantastic.
Stop spoilin' all the film in trailers, THANK YOU
What did President Lincoln say after his five day drunk?................\nI freed who?
Amzo Tall
What´s up with trailers showing the whole damn plot and high points of a movie?
I feel like Andrew Lincoln could of played this good lol
Saw it today. Great great movie.
Arnab Chakraborty
Beautiful movie. I remember Will Smith saying on the late show, racism has always been there, but recently it is being noticed. What once people did to colored people in the name of racism and slavery, its shameful for humanity truly. Seems to me like only Mr.Lincoln had the balls to stand up and do something. And all racism coming back again, thanks to hair. Well played United states.
Free State of McConaissance
Benita R Knight
So excited to see my family's story being told. What rich history we have but more importantly the acknowledgement of Newton's mixed race nation which is where I am most proud of -- Thank you Matthew McConaughey, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Keri Russell as well as all the other actors for bringing this story to the public.
Betsy Linville
There is no way you see everything in the trailer. Historically, this story has many levels. I personally can't wait to see it.
BlacK DusK
i watched it today it was a great brilliance movie \ni don't know why it's underrated on imdb and i'm seeing a lot of haters in comment section \nthat make me believe that the most of americans don't accept their bloody history \ncome on guys! nothing changed \nyou still conquering & destroying every spot on the earth for ur f** rich ppl \nyou still writing the same history my friend, wake up
Brad Wiegman
Way to give away some key surprises in the trailer! That ambush scene would've been amazing to see in the movie... Now I don't even have a desire to see this movie because I feel like that was just a huge summary of the entire movie squeezed into 2:46. I'd rather you present the problem in the trailer and then leave a cliff hanger for us wanting to know the characters solution. Learn to make a trailer.
Bradley Smith
We takin' out some confederates? Alright-Alright-Alright
Charles Temm
interesting and way overdue to see \
Chris McDevitt
Looks so Good !! I can't wait to see it .
Christopher Grathwohl
Going to see this tomorrow
Comrade Phil
Looks like a very good movie, didn't know anything about this before I saw a movie trailer about it, prompted me to dig into a bit of research.\n\nI only knew about John Brown and a few others.
Finally I get to learn more about the reasonable and noble white people who helped my ancestors out.
David Vazquez
I'd like to see a pro-Confederate movie for once.  Field of Lost Shoes was good, actually.
Dr Jacob Glückstein
The film is well done until I see an addition of a scene calling to vote Democratic. Yet this film shows that a free man has necessarily a weapon, he must protect his farm and not be crushed by the state and can not be said \
Thank God, finally a trailer that actually shows what the movie is about. I'm sick of seeing so many commercials for this film that just show a bunch of quotes saying how great it is and how great Matthew McConaughey is. If it weren't for the title and some confederate style uniforms in the trailer I might not have even known it was about the civil war before watching this video. Seriously. I don't know about everybody else, but I watch movies I think I'm going to like because the plot sounds interesting. Not because some other people thought it was good and there's a famous guy in it.
Toooooooooooooooooo many spoilers in this trailer, what the hell!!!
Enilehcodram Ramlised
can't wait to see this one👍😏
Erich Fisher
McConaughey giving his best Rick grimes impression
Eye Y
2:17 those are the original KKK members, they were first created during the civil war and still believe in white supremacy even today\n\n#ilikemyowncommentsbecausenooneelsewill
This is neat. I'm a direct descendant of Newt Knight. My grandma has so many cool stories about this.
Glinkling Smearnops
I have not yet figured out the political agenda behind this film, but that won't prevent me from seeing it. It does bring up the issue of how fisiparous was the Confederacy. Grant the right of states to secede, why not counties? The whole theory of the Confederacy was slain by the ugly fact of its poor co-ordination between the states. As Jeffe4rson Davis himself concluded, the South 'died of a theory'.
That's what I like bout them 19th century girls. I get older, they stay the same age, hehe yes they do.
Hailey Reaves
The trailer doesn't give the movie away, I mean it is history. Also, how does everything lead to racism? Why can't we watch a movie or anything without someone bringing that kind of stuff up? \nI cannot wait for this movie. I am from Jones county and a distant relative of Newt Knight.
Finally a wholesome slavery movie finally depicting slavery and a greater reality of the many documented slave revolts in a more reasonable light than assuming people were that submission in the state of mass degradation and hatred simply because fake Jew Hollywood said so, but this looks like a great film, can't wait to see :)
Horacio Blue Bottle
I love him as an actor but for the life of me I cannot understand a bloody word he says he just seems to mumble...Good film though...
Hugh Britten
Holy sh** i now have new found respect for southerns and the other side of those who fought for the CSA\nthank you Matt\nsounds like a amazing story
I'm proud of my Confederate Heritage, but I still would like to see this. After all, I like movies based on true stories.
James Gatlin
Because of slavery the poor white man had no job and had to starve because the cheap rich man wanted free labor. We fought against slavery way before the war started.
Jeff Maylor
I’m proud to be Black; said a Black man.\nI’m proud to be Asian; said an Asian man\nI’m proud to be White; said a racist?
John Doe
There were a LOT of southerners who opposed secession and wanted nothing to do with the \
Justin Bell
Newt Knight is my great-great-great-great uncle. Thought his story would make a great movie for years. Glad to see Hollywood agree.
Good to see the patriots of the south are finally being presented in film. Let it be known that there were men Loyal tour Union in the South who took up arms with the escaped against against the Slavers and their lackeys.
King OceanBlu
Trailer was amazing the ambush in the woods was awesome, some of the Raiders die, which set up the best part of the trailer..... The Ambush Out of the Coffin which was just Amazing!!! Can't wait to see this movie!!!
Plesae, Trailer makers try to learn not to spoil some good scenes!!!! IDIOTS
Anyone got the name of the song in this trailer?
Lieutenant Dixon
it's a true shame they're making a movie about a, cowardly, traitorous, *murderer*
I'm related to the guy who this is about
Marion Greene
Just another attempt by the anti-Christian anti-Southern Hollywood to demonize The South. This agenda is getting old.
Mark IT Geek
Looks awesome. McConaughey is a great actor.
Matt V.
I gotta be honest this trailer doesn't do justice to how good this movie actually was.
Mini Maxi
McConaughey gave an interview about the movie to a New Orleans mag. He says that Free State of Jones takes the story into the period of Reconstruction and how Civil Rights and Voting Rights for black citizens should have been a given when the war ended, and were taken away by Confederate revenge groups organized by the rich planters... who are still in power today. Knight and his family had more trouble in Reconstruction than even during the Civil War as he had a black wife and biracial children.\n\nSo the trailer probably only covers the beginning of the story. I wouldn't worry too much about the whole movie being given away by the trailer.
what a great movie. kudos to all the actors. part of history many don't know about I am sure.
Nick Andreas
Damn, this looks alright alright alright!!!!!!
Nikoloz Alavidze
The hell's wrong with you people! the movie is about a real person! historical figure! Maybe you'll blame Wikipedia and history book for \
This is southern heritage. Remember this.
PhiLadeLphia CoLLins
This was a GREAT MOVIE, in my opinion ... why this has not been talked about and hyped up more than it has is beyond me .... and I am speaking solely on the film itself, not the content of the film (before ppl start trying to point out inaccuracies and flaws) .... but in all seriousness, I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE HIGHLY TO ANYONE WHO ENJOYS FILMS THAT GRAB YOU RIGHT FROM THE START .... VERY UNDERRATED FLICK ... and McConaughey is absolutely incredible I think too ✌ and ❤ everybody
Is everybody here related to this guy? Holy crap I can tell some could be lies
Rohith Kumar
basically, we saw the whole movie in the trailer, thanks i guess.
Strange things did happen here, no stranger would it be.....
Russell Luc
THIS MOVIE IS PRETTY GOOD. I don't know why most people slept on it...
Sam Harnish
What else can you say but...Alright Alright Alright!
Sam Watts
Go Mathew! Has to be a hit with this actors talent!
Sathya Ram
Just saw this on netflix. Surprised it wasn't more popular. Excellent movie. McConaughey's acting top-notch.
Some sad knick fan
I'm being honest I was expecting a lot of negativity on here. I'm glad that's not the case
Spencer W
Anyone else here because of the NFL game
this would of been a great video game........
Stelio Kontos
Basically showed the whole film but yeah whatever..
what's the song that starts at 0:32? it's just instrumental, but sounds like an intro to an actual song.
Why did the movie get bad review and critics? Because it shows the truth or?
The literal Civil War trailer :P
Newton Knight was a truly fascinating person. I'm glad he's finally getting the credit he deserves. For the longest time people have romanticised Confederate generals who fought to divide the country and keep slavery, yet we ignore southerners who stood up for what was right.
How the hell did I not know about this man? I've been reading Civil war books and watching civil war movies for over 20 years and I've never head the name Newton Knight. This guy deserves a bigger place in history.
Thel 'Vadam
Wait wasn't John Brown a southerner? I'm mean he did try to inspire to revolt.
I just want to know the name of the song playing
Validon Axilyan
Hopefully this is rated R and they just cut down the violence in this trailer. PG-13 war movies shouldn't be a thing.
Thousands of southern boys served the Union during the Civil War. Not one monument honors their memory anywhere. As a descendant of one of those boys, I am very excited about this film and pleased to know that someone, somewhere has FINALLY acknowledged the fact that not every southerner was a slave-owner or a servant of slave-owners who caused the Civil War in hopes of growing richer.
The Revenant just came out, and now Matthew McConaughey wants to steal the Oscar from Leonardo Dicaprio again.
Yu Bichyu
Great yet ANOTHER movie about the evil white man
Yuichiro Hyakuya
anybody know the song?
Zach Beard
I'm here because of a TV commercial lol
Looks good many southerners opposed session.
Gives too much away
crockett rocket
its incredible to see movies like this and just to think i can walk out my back door and i'm on the same battlefield, i grew up running through the same trails that has seen these years of war between the union & the confederate. i remember as a kid playing on the canons and attempting to leap from one trench to another, knowing in the back of my mind that soldiers were standing and laid where i once played.
1:10 cottonmouth??that you?
happyz hoodwinker
Getting a \
The editor wouldn't get the final say on how much to reveal. The market research told the producers/studio that potential audience members might see the movie as too preachy and historical so they needed an action/violence hook to get more people in.\nA valid decision even if it spoils the scene.
my family was born and raised in Jones Co Ms it is not a propaganda film like it or not its the real deal..
There were also the Free State of Winston and the area around Nickajack in East Tennessee and North Alabama that tried to secede from the Confederacy.
marcus ramey
I was born in Jones County Mississippi
Crazy to see the county I was born and raised in getting recognized for it's fight against the confederacy and slavery.
why bother watching the film now, some company's haven't a clue how to make a trailer .
Despite negative reviews saying this felt like history channel documentary i thought it was intriguing, interesting, educational and important film. It doesn't go into that blockbuster civil war cliches, it just describes more intimate, personal story which is driven by great motives and unity against the oppressors. \nGreat performances, good writing, interesting directing approach, subtle messages and much more it is truly mesmerizing movie. It doesn't insult, it doesn't stereotype, it is quality film and as a society we still have not evolved from limitations of our minds which are explored here. 4/5
Blacks and whites working together as equals to stop an oppression? Women fighting on equal terms as a man with GUNS being shown as good?\nActual American history being shown?\nNahh this can't be right.. Hollywood? Nahhhh\n\nLooked up this little tidbit on the history of this man and his cause.\n\
siket run
I'll watch it for only Mathew McConaughey's texas accent...
Just saw the movie...I highly recommend it!
vancheng vun
who knows the music/sound/instu.... starts at 00:30 ??? :)
What is the name of the song between the seconds 0:32 - 1:22 ?
Áki Ingvarsson
This is probably going to enrage neo-confederates. I like it.
Андрей Ивашко