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This week Mat’s been at the Paris Motor Show, and he’s here to deliver you an overview of his favourite upcoming cars that we’re due to see in the next few years. Whether it’s the newly unveiled Audi SQ2 or the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, stick with Mat to find out which cars he’s most excited to see more of in the next few years! Instagram –

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
2020 = The year when electric beat gasoline on every single metric
AG Coarseman
This one is 3 million and that one is also 3 million BUT Ferrari will probably let you have them both for.....6 million, ahahahahahahahhh
TBH i did not like any car for the PMS 2018
Aidan Ral
I would get lost just to be rescued by the discovery 😂
Alex Rudaj
*Please matt dont advertise chinnese companies, we dont really care about them, and soon you will regret it* BTW new 3 series is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 awesome + real exhausts pipes... 💜 can't wait to see carwow's stick of truth inside them 💜
Aleх G.
Hyundai liftback look awesome :-). I would love to see it in Australia.
Ali Bhatti
Good jobs 👍🏻✅
Anthropology 4Everyone
Thrilled to see the British-built Corolla Touring Sports got a mention as some of your compatriots ignored it completely.
Arif likes cars
Its good when carwows paris motor show video has more views than the one from top gear.
Aryan sharma
Audi,BMW, Citroen,Ds, Ferrari, jaguar,Land Rover,Mercedes,Peugeot,Porsche,Renault,seat,skoda,Tesla😍😍😍😘 they have shown us their best cars❤️. Vietnam surprised me with the Vinfast,looks cool
Authentic Max
You didn't spot one of the most awaited vehicle ? The new Suzuki Jimny ?! WTF guy ?! You don't know what people want.
Azthozy Zguyez
VinFast a car brand Vietnam and I love it
Benjamin Quist
damn that peugeot 508SW is sexy
Christian mrclep
I hope matt Smashed the male Skoda Model?
Dave Terabyte
David Carvalho
That Vision RS is the first Skoda in many years that I like the design. Finally.
Day Night
Skoda vision RS loook NICE !
Devil's .Breath
Vietnam is now making cars! Good looking one as well! Interesting
Dick Martino
Pssst. No-one's watching for the petrol/diesel cars,only electric from now on. May you always drive a Vinfast.
Dindu Nu
The roast at 12:28 😂😂
So .. many.. Garbage .. Crossover cars..
That i30N fastback !!!! We need this state side and in Canada ASAP !!!!!!!!
Elvir Mehmedinovic
The i30N Fastback looks amazing, better than the hatch IMO
the skoda vision rs looks so cool
The auto shows are no more awesome. They are just electric 😶
Gihan Prabash
The fact that a generally unheard Vietnamese car brand got pininfarina to design their cars is pretty impressive
Got memes?
6:48 the swirlmarks and that on a car show
Hien Vtd
Wow! Vinfast is a new brand from Vietnam
Horify_Michael12 X
Wow i wish I was there
Ib7 h
Those models look as bland headed as an actual statue
Khoa Anh
Team Vinfast điểm danh :))
Leon Eric Avrutin
God that's all so depressing
Excited to see the final street version of the Vison RS from Skoda. I can't believe I said I'm excited about a Skoda...
Mario Mario
Wish i was there and saw all dem sexy cars
Matthew b
When will you show the new gla
Mind for Combat
I'll keep my BMW 520d 2011 until that skoda gets made I guess lol
Mitchell Hoogendorp
Why would mercedes downgrade from a A45 to a A35 ?
Nick Konstandinidis
From the back The BMW Z4 looks like Tho OPEL GT (2007-2009)
Nikki Snel
That i3 tho
Pad A
Very thorough & enjoyable report so glad you included #vinfast they were the stars of the show in my view - good to see a Chinese carmaker there too - can't understand why we are not seeing more Chinese here like the Japanese cars did back in the 70s - I think once we go fully electric in 2040 then things will change . The E legend is exactly that a showstopper :) You didn't show the new #Jimny but looked at the Vitara instead - a bit odd ? The new 3 series is soooo boring ( as is the #EQC ) but the new #Z4 looks great :) ( as does the new #GLE ) The #skoda grille on the concept car where you were modelling or mingling looked great . The #CEEDGT looked good too as did the N fastback - Kia / Hyundai are setting the pace rather than following these days . Nissan executive brand Infiniti havent sold any cars in UK to even warrant continuing really . The renault KWID lookalike #EV for £10k looks great. #JLR need to debut the new #Defender soon lets just hope its not as bad as the leaks - the #Gwagon has shown that a rough looking utility #SUV has a huge draw . Wonder how the #DS7crossback #PHEV will compare with the Mitsubishi Outlander which has the £30k market to itself. Think that just about covers my observations - you managed to fit a lot in your A-Z - thanks . Pad.A :)
Papa Ecchi
Finally they Lexus got rid of that disgusting headlight design and made a really nice facelift , really cool
The Sansibel 1801 stole the show!
I hope most brands will make cool cars with great engines before we go full electric or autonomous cars
Protector of the Republic
Matt, where the hell is the new Dacia Duster with the 1.3 turbo 150 HP engine from Mercedes? Carwow's hatred of Dacia is showing again. The only brand to be ignored, even though the new engine options are quite exciting.
REKT Liberals
Quirks and features...🔑🔑
Raffie chapman
Thaat ferrari looks like a slr sterling moss
Razi Siddiqui
Matt, You should do an entire episode on the Peugeot E Legend. The only car worth look at from the Paris Auto Show. Absolutely love it.
Richard De Melo
A good comprehensive video of all the new up coming models. I normally have to wait till Feb 2019 to see all the new models at the Canadian International Auto Show, but this video is like a sneak peak into the future. I love it . Keep up the good work Matt and the Car Wow team
Robert l
Great insight Matt thanks
Take my money for that Skoda!
Ross Goodwin
That Peugeot concept is sexy asf! Could rejuvenate the brand!
Seif Waqfi
German 🇩🇪💪👌❤️
Sergiu Puscasu
No Camry? Whatever. This video is so much better than Top Gear’s video. Mat managed to present all the cars Jack did on Top Gear, and some more. Well done Carwow!
Shivek Dhar
Khadjar means a mule in India. They shouldn't launch it here with the same name.
Sir Maybe Back
All this hybrids makes me wanna keep my w123 diesel for life
Sizwe Mamba
bmw 3 series now looks like 5 series
Somdutt Sharma
Where is Volkswagen?
Space Boy
So many soulless crossovers. The Elegend definitely stole the show.
St Laroche
Nothing from Volvo and VW? I can’t wait to see the next Golf R...
That Peugeot E Legend is insanely stunning. Completely different than the usual concepts. Really really sad that we won't see that level of brave styling on the roads. It would be an absolute hit. Love it.
Loving the Skoda Vision RS...that back end is way better than anything that Audi does atm!
Tattoo Ideas For You
Are there any gluten free cars?
Paris SUV Show
I love how Matt is flirting with the male model and completely ignoring the woman.
The Zanzibarbarian
@12:30 - Me thinks Matt has pulled :-))
The Amg GT.... I mean new Z4 looks great! ;)
Tim Jenkins
** Skips straight to Skoda **
Usman Ghani
Hey Honda uk is advertising new civic sedan on their website. Can you make a review on that car plz.
Vinfast cars looked really awesome
Vitor Pereira NKGVAS AAG
Vision RS is the best.
Wu bohm
3 is becoming 5, Peugeot has always been the best looking, but no go in US, Vietnamese car company seems easier to be accepted than Chinese car factory....
X Blocky
Who put Porche rear end on a Kia?
What's up with Ford?
arjun shawn diwaker
The vinfast looks really cool.
What a pathetic review, \
That infinity is sexy AF
gbr528 2h
Lol, Corolla has bigger boot than Avensis
gordon bennett
So entertaining - and as often with Mat - great to see 'behind the scenes' a bit. Many thanks Mat.
why do all of skoda’s concepts look production ready
you missed jimny!!!
Jesus christ... aside from some concepts did anyone bring anything worthwhile to this auto show?
Great job Mat!\nAnd to everyone trying to convert the Doug DeMuro meme to every other car channel... just stop. Keep it original. Mat is fantastic, but meme-ing him just won't work. \
m_ khanster
Matt is the kind of guy who would take his date to a Nandos.
mena seven
Nice Paris car show presentation. I like the BMW, Ferrari, Peugeot, Mercedes, Toyota and Vinfast galleries.
Wow... that Peugeot E-Legend looks awesome! Love the retro look... kinda in the same spirit of Honda Urban EV and Sports EV, which I also really like.
monde made
The vinfast looks better than any Chinese car manufacturer.
nemanja milosevic
00:51 did BMW just copy the Peugeot here?
omar rashid
Great Video Mat👍
The only car i want is THAT SMART!!!
sexy korean girl
where are the car girls?
Peugeot managed to get the best designers \nI hope they bring this style to the road
BMW wins.
vid milkovic
I have never been more in love with a Peugeot
THe Peugeot concept car is definitely a modern concept version of the legendary 504, What a stunning car.
Âlt Sakthi
12:38 she looks beautiful when she smiles