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Ontspannende slaapmuziek voor diepe slaap en stressverlichting. Val in slaap met prachtige natuurvideo's en gebruik de ontspannende muziek als slaapmuziek, rustgevende meditatiemuziek, ontspanningsmuziek, studiemuziek en meer. Download deze rustgevende muziek ("Flying") gecomponeerd door Peder B. Helland: iTunes ►

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Jamás había visto que la gente fuera tan agradable en una sección de comentarios +10 humanidad ʕ◉.◉ʔ
Al3jandro Martinez
Feeling Down ? Upset ? Numb ? Tired ? Depressed? Listen Take A Deep Breath calm down Because I Love You Beautiful Have A Wonderful Day ❤️ Want To Talk About Your Problems? Add Me On Snapchat Al3jandro_sosa I’m just very glad to help you 💕
Aleksandra Filipovic
2\n O\n 1\n 8?
Alex Loo
I love the title, it’s like you can use this for anything
Ambra Hummingbird Crest Pearl Ruby
Me: ima listen to music.. \nMum:okay\nMe: *Puts music on*\nMum: *Falls asleep*\n*looks at mum and falls asleep too*\nMum:Zzzzz\nMe:Zzzzz\nBrother (Tim): meh whatever sleepy heads 😒
Aniish Mathew
Dont know how but while listening to this music and reading the comments I just want to bless everyone... it's like m floating over so many different lifes and dreams and souls.. admiring how beautiful this world is.. every one is a stranger out here... but still I feel so much connection.. This world is such a beautiful place to be.. I wish to travel all over the world to see how beautifully the almighty had created it.. its 5 am here in Mumbai, India.. pretty late to get to bed.. (We musicians dont get sleep that early) ..\nSo all I want to say to you.. yes to you.. who has made an effort to read this long comment of mine is I LOVE YOU..\nJust for being a fellow human.. never be discouraged.. every night has a SunShine at its end.. you'll shine too.. be patient.. life's precious.. Live it Love it.. Have a good night...❤🤗
Anna Brown
PLEASE READ!!!\nNow, this isn't going to be all inspirational and stuff, but please don't quit reading!\nOk, I know NO ONE will ever read this, but here I go...\nEver since I was about 6 or 7, I've had major anxiety\nSometimes I wish I was invisible or gone\nOther times I just wish someone would notice me\nI'm afraid of heights, bees, people, you name it\nI am constantly worrying\nI fear the \
Armani Gucci
No matter the religion, race, gender, sexuality, or location, music is a common language and it’s something we can all agree on. We all find solace — we all find peace — we all find calmness right here in the same place. Accept yourself for who you are, love those around you, and remember that you too are loved. You’re ever lovely. As you wake tomorrow morning and every morning after, remind yourself of the quote “Today is a good day to have a good day.” 💖
Ava Leibel
Does anyone else put on quiet music to fall asleep and then the next morning you realize you left your phone on all night playing the music?!
BinauralMind - Relaxing, Soothing, Strange
It's so relaxing, I'm still deep asleep.
Chantal Novela
Wow the song is so nise :) I love this so much thank you for making this is so nise
If you are reading this, make sure you don’t forget that we all love you no matter who you are 💖. Not long ago my dad went through surgery. He is recovered, but I still love him with all my heart and I hope you guys understand what I mean have a good night everyone and make sure you appreciate everyone that cares about you and people like the comment section know what you have been like so you are not the only one
Damien Darhk
Okay so...\n\nI once felt like I was going to snap inside. And no one understood what that felt like. So it's music like this, and comments like these that kept me going. \n\nAnd I just want to tell anyone that no matter what you're going through, it will get better. Because I've been there. So just know that no matter how dark it seems, you'll always have a family here. \n\nAlso, I know how it feels when it seems no one understands me, you know? And in those situations all i ever wanted was someone to talk to. I get that. So if anyone needs to talk about anything, you call talk to me. \n\nI thought that's the least I could do, in return for what you've all done for me.
Dias Tesoura
Good studies, God bless you
Dita Saints
We Are All One.. Breathing The same Air watching the same Moon 🌝 I the whole Universe encompasses Us all. LOVE 💕 IS WOT BREATHE THIS WHOLE ENTIRE COSMOS WOT MAKES EVERYTHING ALIVE THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE ..LOVE THAT IS.. UNI-ONE VERSE-SONG.. WE VIBRATE WITH ONE TUNE...THAT IS 💕 ONE LOVE, ONE SONG💖💕♥️✨🙏🏼😍☄️💥☄️💥☄️💥☄️💥☄️💥♥️💕💖✨🙏🏼💖💖♥️💕💖✨🙏🏼🙏🏼✨💖💕♥️💕💖✨🙏🏼💖♥️💕💕♥️
E Vlogs
Whoever is reading this comment; I have trouble going to sleep. Everyone of any kind, gender, sexuality, nationality, doesn’t matter. This is the ONE place where EVERYONE in the world finds peace ☮️. And know that whoever is reading this, has a long and happy life, as I wish to have. I hope the world will help to try and stop global warming and fix the worlds problems. I have a dream, that the world will no longer be in threat of a nuclear ☢️ war, a crazy leader, or world pollution. I have a DREAM, that all will be at peace and very little war and no more war in the Middle East. I pray for the world and I hope you will join me... our kids are the FUTURE and we must teach them what we learned from our mistakes so they won’t make the same ones. Love and prosperity to ALL!!! (I wrote this all from my heart, this is not copied, I promise this is from my heart) love to all!
Eriz Sharper
Hi fellow humans..theres more then 40Million of us viewed this vid...its amazing how almost that number of people could not sleep and we are all on the same planet.. i just want to say You are all not alone...we all have problems it all will pass soon..bare with it..close your eyes and enjoy your deep sleep...goodnight...
Ethan Wilson
My grandad died yesterday. This is what makes me feel better. Thank you for making this. Life is hard for me right now please pray for me I would really appreciate it b
Evelin Lugo
If you at reading this you are beautiful❤ do not let anyone put you down you are not alone in this know that you are beautiful than you can imagine may God bless you goodnight everybody take care😊❤
Fay Zio
Hey humans. I am so glad to call you humans. I've been losing my faith in humanity lately. But right now I feel so full of the world. It feels like hate never existed and peace hugged war away.
Galxay_Girl_ Nevaeh_
Good morning from Canada! If you're reading this you are a great person!! Don't let anyone say otherwise💙
Hope Denton
This comment section made me cry. 💕 So beautiful.
Hshdhdh Jsjdbdhs
It doesn't matter how hard life is right now for you if you lost your job, going through a tough break up, if your failing in school, feeling like no one likes you, lonely depressed, sad, angry. (it WILL get better I promise) You will become a better person every time you mess up, go through something difficult you are getting better as a person every time so if you feel like no one loves you I love you and you feel like the world is against you it's not I promise. (The best medicine is time). One more thing if your day is going bad make it better don't hope and pray your day gets better make it better 😌✌🏼❤️❤️
You will shine with your brightest light because you are the one who's everybody's looking for forever just remember God is always with you and you will never be alone don't worry about anything and all that you do is enjoy life all the time you may have some hard times you may have some good times that's just how life works pray and pray and pray to help you have a better day😊😇❤👏
You all are not alone if you are struggling with life. But struggle knowing that other people are struggling too. Also if something makes you upset think, will it matter in 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 months, 5 years, or 50 years
Jakesgames YT
This music is amazing and it helps me relax because I have lots of stress in life and I have anger problems and this music cures just that
Jax Animates
This is one of the most positive comment sections... so I have to ask... does anyone have some relationship advice I really like this girl but I don’t think she likes me back, any advice if so please help.
Jean Cameron
Listening from New Zealand 🇳🇿❤️
Jenika Howard
when I was younger my mom left me now my girl got me locked up but now I am out and every single night I cry myself to sleep and x inspired me to not give up and care 4 others not just ur self I don't have a lot of money so I gave the rest to the homles it hurts me thinking about people killing them self peace love and positivity
Jessie Doeland
John Vanzant
Good night from Texas. Will your current problems really matter in a year? Think about that
Jorge Garcia
As I miss my son being in another state sleeping has been difficult, but these sounds are So soothing so comfortable, reminds of love and much for to live for
Justin Y.
I want to sleep\n\n\n\nBut I refuse
Kalebxp123 Games&art
This kinda reminds me of 2009 or 2012 where not that much violence was happening and youtube had quality content. I just wish I could have that feeling again. Then I found this video and boy does it give me 2012 vibes. I just wish that it was like this all the time and the news wasn’t always bad. Like if you agree.
Kaylan Saavédra
Hello, if anyone is here because they are stressed or you are going through a tough time in life you are worth it you are beautiful you are strong . Hope you get some sleep Good night .
Kee Queen
Im suffering inside and no one around me knows it. Im tired of being strong, Im tired of taking the punches. I dont know my purpose in this life but this music makes me want to fight to live another day. I pray that mother nature , the universe and Creator grant me peace guide my footsteps and help me to raise my 3 daughters the best way possible.
Keith McGuire
This brings us back to our true self. The person we are with our dreams and aspirations.Before we where touched by darkness or dispair. Let this get back into our inner being and move forwards in our true essence. We are the light, stay in it and we will get to our destination loving each other and our reflection in the mirror. Love and light.\nKeith
Kelli McGlaun
All of the people reading this are strong and if you struggle with some thing know you are not alone God bless 🙏
Sounds like jesus came back💀💀💀
Laura Christian
I beat agoraphobia today and went outside for an hour for the first time in 4 years. And I can’t sleep because I am so happy and excited about my life. I hope whoever is reading this inner peace and love❤️❤️❤️
Laurel Gann
I was literly staring on the screen the hole time :)lol
Lawrence Sanders
Yes I leave my phone on all night
If you are reading this you are beautiful, wonderful and let nothing stop you from doing the thing you love. I love the positivity in these comments even though we have no idea who anyone is. If you can please leave your name and country below. I promise it’s not because I want to stalk you! 😂 It’s just because we can all know who we are in the comments. If you are bullied don’t worry, there are loads of people out there who are dealing with much worse. I am suffering from a rare medical illness at the moment and I’m so scared. As I made this comment, I should probably tell you my name and where I’m from. Amy, Berkshire, England. Love you all, sleep well 😘
Lolmaster Kay
I’m crying and I have a quote u can’t quit but you can start if you fall 3 time stand up 4 always believe in god never give up remember always believe never betray the gods and spirits be good a good friend good life and you’ll have a good brain remember your beautiful in your ways never ever be bad and last of all keep calm stay clear be nice seek others upon you :) love you god and who ever else.👾🤗🤗😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🌝🌞☃️💦🌥🌧🌦🌩🌬🌊 feed others god will always be with you all the beautiful places there are all of that is the mother of nature she is always with and your elders and dead will always be remembered there right there helping you if you feel alone well don’t because there always there right in your soul on rainy day you feel alone but don’t everyone will be there soon. your school your life your personality is all different from other and you have a talent that no one else can do🍊🍕🍗🥐🍑🥥🍽🍨🍧🥅⚽️🏀🏐🏉🎱🏈⚾️🎾🥇🥈🥉it doesn’t matter if u lose u always have another chance
1 like = 1 person that struggles to relax watches this and has the most enjoyable 3hours of there life
Lucille Folger
Do \nYou\nKnow \nWho \nIs \nAmazing?\n\n\n\n\nLook at the second line!💓
Hello. I think this is an AWESOME channel. The music always calms u down and makes u feel good. Like if u agree. Thank you Soothing Relaxation.
Mad Dog
If you come here because you need that little bit of peace, let me tell you please don't give up. You have to keep fighting. That stronger, faster, better you is waiting at the end of whatever battle you're fighting. It's not the end. It's only the beginning. You have to get up. Despite the numerous times you've been slammed into the ground you have to dust yourself off and ask \
if you are reading this I want you to know , you are the perfect you . perfect in every way . you do not have to be anything other than who you are .\ngood night from Florida .
To whomever is reading this, I love you. Your mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, everyone. We all love you. I don’t care who you are, or what you’ve done, I love you. Don’t let the hard times bring you down. I did before, and it was the worst time of my life, but I promise, everything will get better over time. It always does.. ❤️❤️
N- Graine
I feel inspired like I can do anything by reading these comments and listening to this music hope you can 2 :)
Nadía Bellen
I know this sounds so weird but I played this because I got a coldsore last night and I just feel soooo self conscious about them every time I get them and it’s caused by stress mainly so I thought by playing this i could relax and maybe the coldsore could just go away
Nathan Jackson
As if breathing deeply into forever, I am humbled by the journey I see and the sounds I hear. I pray that I drift away with these............
wow beautiful words from beautiful people. I really needed this from the comment section. I felt like i was in outer space with the relaxing music behind me... may god bless everybody reading my comment. I love you all! stay safe & stay positive.
Naya H
These comments remind of the good left in the world ❤️
Neal Salvage
Stop reading the comments and go to sleep
Neki Tamo Balkanac
These people in the comments really know how to talk to others. I never saw someone always figuring out how to say something positive and helpful at any time. You people are amazing.
Ninja Storm
This song makes me realize that god put me on this planet for a reason,same with the rest of you
Hi this is Pankaj Verma from Lucknow India.\nAnd you???\nAmazing ..\nLove you for uploading this vedio.
Pancake Warrior
I always pretend to be happy, make my friends happy, put others before me, but I still feel worthless. Why should I keep this fake smile just to collapse into tears at the end of the day? It’s like a broken bone, if you just hold it together for the day no one will notice until you let go and the pain comes. I just want to stay broken so I can slowly mend myself. I hide my pain through houmor and memes so I’m the class clown .I came looking for something to cheer me up and this comment section reminded me that people care about me. Thank you
Patrick Domingo
I watch this and i feel alone i feel everyones hate me why why??I feel boring i feel uncomfortable im so sad....
If you are reading this. You are loved and cared for. Stay strong and remember it’s a bad day not a bad life. 🌹
Rabab Alhunaidi
I have been having a very difficult time falling asleep the last two weeks. I deleted all my social media apps and focused more on reading and writing and listening to such a music. Its helping a little bit. Thanks alot for sharing. Goodnight from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦.
Rando Raccoon
I look to these comments if I'm feeling sad or down and after I look at them I feel happy and positive:)
From Afghanistan, after 2 days of night patrols and little sleep, finally able to this, definitely needed something soothing to sleep to..., takes me back to the beautiful hills of the Great state of Texas..\nSleep well America, great Men are taking care of you...Semper Fi
Rico Smith
after hours of searching for the perfect sleep muisc I been trying to go to sleep since 8pm its now 2am I have took upwards of 12 Unisom PMs in that time span and i'm still restless intil I found this video, when the music first played I had a cool flow of blood to my left side of my head as if a Angel touched my scalp i'm totally at peace it even feels like i'm in the throne room of Jesus Christ surrounded by his Archangels words can't express the feelings I say these words as a Sinner thats struggling to accept Jesus is my dark world I will not quit seeking Grace no matter how many times I fall off the horse thank you for this wonderful music video I believe the holy spirit guided me to this
Selene’s Life
Comments:your beautiful and pretty\nMe:cough cough WHERE???? Cause I don’t see nothing
Shatika James
The imagery is so so awesome
Shironda Guy
This music is so good it makes me fall asleep and that’s for my stress
Shoel Howlett
Who else puts this on and goes to sleep and leaves this playing all night?
Simon Riley
Hey! Just dropped by for my daily 30 minutes of meditation! Have a good day 😌
Smiley [C-OPS]
Кто руский лайк!!!!!
Soly cat
Quelle beauté \
Soothing Relaxation
*PART 1:* I think it's really fascinating that people from all around the world is listening to my music, and it would have been great to make a list with your names and the locations you're watching this from. Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you very much for watching! :)
Awesome video
I just had cancer surgery and had more bad medical news today. My heart has been racing all evening and i couldn't sleep. I came here looking for something to help me calm down and found these wonderful comments. Thank you all so much. You have given a very tired man solace and most importantly hope. Love to everyone here and know that you are not alone.
Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds
If you are reading this, YOU\
Super Secret
I suddenly feel very tired
Thanos Lad
Peoples thank you for reading this 😊😊
The Tropix
If you don't always want to accidently fall asleep while listening to this, you can skip the video and set how long you want to listen .This helps me a lot 👌😃
Thomas Cottiaux
You will shine. You will enjoy aspects of life that people don't even notice. The darkest places are often a required way to the brightest. You are so much more than you can think to be, you are not your environment, you are not what people think of you, you are not that sickness growing inside \nof you. You are pure light, you are a constantly renewed being whom greatest power is its will. And if you trust the universe you'll be able to aim for what matters the most to you. Make it worth the try, be an inspiration. I wish you love.
Tomas at Farrago Hair Studio
Those of you who are seeking for, that which is, (God)...Stop seeking, simply practice Love, Compassion, Non-Judgement and Joy...God will find you! :-)
Vivian Naskov
Just came here after listening to some heavy rock and roll
From the Aussie highlands🇦🇺
ava kamali
hey guys so my anxiety has been getting worse, my panic attacks are getting more frequent and my family have been saying i’m eating less, i have my best friends problems on my shoulder(which i understand depression and anorexia is hard) but i feel everything is slowly killing my happiness
This comment section is as good as this video wauw!
bob and linda vandermeere
God is my strength, he is with me everyday, I know I never.alone. Thank You Lord for loving me.
fawaz al-anzi
Good night for everyone I love you god bless you all ✋🏼😊
Love yourself, before you love anyone else.
Александр ForestLamp
Everyone here is special! Don't forget that, just take a deep breath, close your eyes and calm down! Have a nice day/night!
Хитько Мария
عين الشكروت
Very good pro