The Volkswagen Phaeton W12 Was a $120,000 VW Ultra-Luxury Sedan

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A Person
My moms VW’s dealership has one of these, it’s completely shit
Worst car i had in my life
Remember when this was featured on top gear, that was one of my favourite episode. What an amazing car
Great video!!\nNo bickering but It's \
Andre Thomas
I recently seen one of these hidden away in the back yard lot of a Porsche dealership taken as a part exchange. An immaculate 2005 registered with a £900 asking price with 50,000 miles on the clock.\nWas very tempted considering the Phaeton is basically a Bentley Continental minus the VW body. Then again I wager the running costs are mind crushingly epic.
Asher Victoria
Doug the backrest rolls down by itself in 14:15
Attila Khan
Ben Rumson
You sound like a girly-man. your balls dropped yet?
A used Phaeton under $10,000 would be a great vehicle for Uber drivers to use.
BlazeMachine22 ,
Volkswagens look so boring, though.
Brad Mamalis
8:26 What the hell is wrong with your finger!?
Doug is type of guy to order through the drive thru then park his car and eat inside the restaurant
Cactus Rider
They should have just badged it as an Audi instant acceptance of price. The point of it was luxury while being subtle about it. It's not that it didn't equal or exceed its competitors rather it was not having prestigious enough of emblems on it. You could make 2 identical cars a vw and an Audi then offer the vw for 10k less to 100 Audi customers buying a new car. You would have sold 0 vw and probably have been slapped several times for confusing them with a plebeian commoner.
Christian Ivanov
Book of Mormon in glovebox, NRA licence plate, drives 120000$ luxury sedan\n\ndid you borrow some congressman's car?
Volkswagen should have sold this car under an Audi badge
Crooked Skate Supply Co
Weirdest feature would easily be the book of mormon
D Charles
Book of Mormon and NRA license holder. Murica!
Daniel Seire
some thing you say are false, for example a year 2001 Opel Omega had colored display way before Phaeton
Danny Meijer
Doug DeMuro\nI had one of these but with the V10 TDI (insane engine btw). The one you drove was missing some features:\n1. Adaptive Cruise Control (yes, they did have this already in 2003!!) - you mention it's missing on this model, but they had it. Controlled by radar in the front grille. Very nice feature on the auto bahn. It even did auto-braking, although the system warned you to take over very swiftly due to it not functioning under 30 KMh (about 20 MPH).\n2. Solar sunroof - this keeps the air circulating through the cabin even when the car is off to keep the interior from getting insanely hot in the sun. Comfortable if you get in it on a hot day\n3. Auto adjustable rearview and side mirrors. Maybe the one you drove had this and you did not go over it, but the mirrors adjust seperately when in the R gear versus the D gear - it even stores it with the memory seats. This allows you to point the mirros down or up or more to the side etc depending on with gear you are in.\n4. Not sure if the model you drove had it, but mine had Snow Mode. This allowed you to raise the vehicle a good few inches and redistribute the power more evenly across the wheels to allow better driveability in the snow.\n5. Stand Heating - this allows to set the a time on the infotainment display. The car will then ensure to be nicely warmed up for you, seats and engine included, by that time. Very nice feautre!\n\nYou did not mention in the video how the seats are 18 way adjustable - you can adjust A HELL OF A LOT on the seats! Perhaps worth a mention.\n\nThe only feature mine was missing was the heated steering wheel, since mine had the wooden wheel. The wood on steering wheel looked wonderful BUT IT ALWAYS STAYED SO DARN COLD. I would have gladly traded the wooden wheel for a heated leather wheel.\n\nAnyway.. nice car, just very expensive to maintain. Mine developed gearbox issue over time and that got very very costly. It was wonderful being able to do an easy 275 KMH on the auto bahn while being in an ultra quiet and comfortable cabin.
Dave Long
The Book of Mormon in the glove box.  Does that come standard?
Doc H
You missed a few things:\nThe boot latch retracts as the boot opens, so you have zero chance of bashing your head on it\nThe air conditioning comes out of subtle places where you can't feel the air on your skin so it doesn't make you uncomfortable\nThe toll tag doesn't work because the front windscreen has infrared and UV reflecting elements, to keep the interior cooler in the sun\nThe suspension automatically lowers itself at speed to improve fuel consumption and wind noise\n\nAlso this car doesn't have the 4-seat extended wood console, adaptive cruise control or the solar sunroof. All from a 2003 car.
Doug DeMuro
Yes, I am saying \
16:08 cadillac DTS 2004 has same shit rear backup radar light on the roof
They don't create cars like this anymore
2:15 What about the Touareg?
Edward Agora Feenman
I wonder, the book of Mormon in the glove box, is that standard or optional?
Fullest Racer15
When your fiends ask, what did you spend your $120000 on?! Uh, I bought a volkswagen. ._.
Gee Gee
He sees a phaeton . All I see visually is an A8 🤷🏽\u200d♀️.
Gentel Men's channel
Now this is German engineering totally different and totally unique what upsets me is people don't understand and judge it in other way without even owning a German made car.
Hamdan Ali
pronounce it right, it is pronounced 'fate-on'
Hasan Aksoy
Koskoca arabaya \
Hi There
19:37 *U L T R A T H I C C*
4:19 who else has noticed that headrest going down?
Isaac Kamau
Can’t call it a luxury sedan with a Volkswagen logo and name on it. Should’ve given it a unique name they way they did Audi. Not VW. Nobody rich would’ve wanted to drive down in a luxurious car that has screams Volkswagen Passat in the front, side and back. Not for that asking price anyway!
JT Suarez
I think the intention of the phaeton was to look like a normal car with incredible luxury inside
James Copeland
Regarding the climate vents... \n\nInteresting note: the designer, Ferdinand Piëch, was particularly prone to sinusitis (sinus infection)... a condition that is often aggravated by air conditioning. As part of the $1.3 billion design (yes, that's correct) one of his parameters dictated the following:\n\n\
James Latimer
Love your vids Doug and the w12 vw
Juan Torres
That’s considered a sleeper car. I would get it
July John Hibionada
So much electric features..good luck when it breaks down..
Kevin Jose
Lmao the Book of Mormon in the glove box.
Lasagna tastes good
I'm buying this lol 😂
Lauren Wild
Fay-ton is how everyone says it.
Those gas struts and hinges on the trunk! Amazing engineering!
the climate vents are like the climate vents on a 2018 audi a8
Lucky Vang
420 \n\n\n\n\n\nHorse power
Luke Pickle
Very luxurious
Maggie Doggie
Looks like a total POS
Markus K
All People who say VW isn't premium brand... Caption this! W12 Engine,Wood and leather interior. I love this car ❤️
Mats Norway
Any chance to se a run on the \
8:39 the cayenne 04' did
you can get one for 4000$ now in germany
Nathan Chapman
Nice Passat
Can we crowd fund and buy Doug some pants, he only appears to have one pair of shorts.
Overspray Collector
The cool factor is 10. Not the one trying so hard to be cool driving a yellow hummer is actually the cool one.. no. The sleek classy looking pal is it.
Patrick Thonies
I had a phaeton w12. Easily one of the finest cars i ever owned, biggest drawback was people mistook it for the passat. You forgot he sunroof solar panels, that would keep the battery charged so you could keep the airconditioning on while the car was parked, it would never get hotter than what you wanted, not even after a full summer day in the sun. Also people wanting to race a “passat” (mine didnt have any of the w12 labels) and completely smoking their asses on a 1/4 mile.
Peree Fance
Doug the kind of guy to wear a condom when he sleeps with his pregnant wife.
Asshead, you want to be a car commentator, dress like a human , not some dork with a T Shirt, FFS , other than that, I have the W12, no issue other than the vacuum operated crap. so many blowers in that driver seat while cruising at 70+, this thing is a beast....
Richie Malhotra
Why does his height keep fluctuating?
This is double VR6! Not a double V6 ;-)
Seb Biddle
The way Doug's face goes from delighted to serious at 22:22 in quite incredible.
Shannon Zittlow
It's Mitt Romney's car🇺🇸
Bentley continental unbadged
Simon Garfunkel
Volkswagen is the best car company
Practicality 5/10. Are you kidding me? A completely unusable Lamborghini Countach gets a 2/10, A 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso gets a 3/10 and you said this car should get a 4/10 but was only saved by the back seats. Really now.
Stan Curry
Not gonna lie this things actually pretty sweet
Steamy Sauce
Doug the type of guy to go chick hunting at a bar and inspecting every girl’s “quirks and features” and he gives her a dougscore afterwards
Stean J. Hader
5:07 can you believe this guy is married
I own a VW CC. Most people don't even know what that is lol.
Street Lethal Garage
The toyota Celsior/Lexus LS430 had every single one of those rear options from the 90's all the way through today.\n\nI really wish you'd do a review on the 04-06 Lexus LS430 Ultra Luxury package.
7:01 book of mormon. lol wtf
Tauno Kekkonen
07:27 I thought USA is still a thing in 2018.
The NS Weeaboo
7:01 \nDid anyone else notice the Book of Mormon.
The Wedge
it's crazy to think the BENTLEY shares 80% of the same parts as this lol.
I bet Doug wore shorts at his wedding.
Warren Messer
Book of Mormons. LOL
Say it with me: FAY - ten
Will Thompson
You can get one for less than 10 Grand which is great but still wouldn't want to own one, the servicing costs would make me feel very uncomfortable! Imagine going to the VW dealership to be told the bill, I would do a runner leaving the car as payment for services rendered!!
The air vents look like they are more expensive than my entire car.
Your channel sucks
Doug the type of guy who can’t determine if he’s 6’3” or 6’4”
aliGol D
I bet a Mormon owns it
baba Boo
At the beginning of the video, I said it's blaspheming to compare a VW to the all-mighty S-class, but man, this car displays an incredible attention to detail. It truly compares to the S-class.
buru kenge
Comes with the book of Mormon
So sad how the exterior is so mundane and pedestrian compared to the interior. It's like they ran out of creative time after spending so much on the inside. I wonder if there's any feasible way to tune the V8 (lighter) and upgrade the suspension.
I WONDER WHAT KIND OF CAR THAT IS? GET IT? nice redundant plate
Its better then S class or BMW 7 or any luxury car off that time ..people just did not buy because off the badge
Its just passat loking Skoda with Audi style interior and uneconomic engine..
fidel catsro
under appreciated luxury car!
fredrik thorsen
Not to put this in a negative sence but damn he reminds me of Quaigmire.
gunky peep
doug the type of guy to call an owners manual \
Doug, the rear seats are the ones supposed to have the features.
So much wrong assumptions about the s-class in this. Even the 1998 s-class already had options for an electrically adjustable, heated AND ventilated back seat. And yes, what you WILL also find is both rear doors have an ashtray. And there's a fridge behind the mid arm rest and a third headrest aswell. Same thing with the front seat belt adjustment, s-class has that since '98 and does it on its own, selecting the optimal height for the person sitting in the seat all on its own. The BMW e38 7 series even had this. And the list goes on...
koolass koolass
I'll give you $1.20 for it.
maxxjett films
The w12 phaeton may not have been succesful, but vw made their money back when they turned it into the bentley continental gt
One of the most underrated luxury sedans ever made and shurely one of the most underrated VW's ...Great quality car !
rado fjc
Doug is the type of guy to make a 30min review of a volkswagen that is better equipped than an s-class and then give it 6/10 on features
I want it, give it to me.
Book of Mormon, NRA license plate, Phaeton. Who the hell owns this thing?
there should be a law against grown men wearing shorts. I mean what's next, a sailor cap?