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What does it mean to be blue? The wings of a Morpho butterfly are some of the most brilliant structures in nature, and yet they contain no blue pigment -- they harness the physics of light at the nanoscale. Learn more about these butterflies:

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Afshan cn
The ways you guys make each video..makes me think how magnificent ..nature is? you guys are doing a great job!! really appreciate your work team deep look!!
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FASCINANTNO.. :)\u003e
Baya N
Omg wat a beautiful pigment
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Jonas Venture I have come for you!
Bendy the Dancing Demon
Many years ago at the Detroit Zoo in the Butterfly exhibit one of these Butterflies landed on my face and scared me for a split second! XD
Big Sonny
The Venture Bros. brought me here..
The more I watch your videos, the more amazing I think God is. Thank you, Deep Look.
Bonsai Garden
lmao all these people saying that its god's amazing design and all that in the comment section, did you know of a certain pig called the babirusa that has tusks that grow so out of control that they pierce their eyes, faces, even penetrate their skulls. Is that another one of god's amazing designs?
D Lovely
That is really cool.
I have wondered about this beautiful butterfly all my life. \n\n\n\n\n\nvery easy to understand,
1:21 those are some long eyelashes.
Darwish Khudabakhsh
wow ! this is amazing !!😍😴💖
Deadly Farriswheel
The olive wing butterfly is one with a real blue pigment on its wing
Earth Angel
Erin Klossner
If you did one on how a baby's eyes change color, that would be cool, and interesting.
Ethel Taer
Fig. 1 by University of California
+University of California, Berkeley's Nipam Patel is exploring nanostructures in butterfly wings and how these give certain species of this insect a remarkable blue color without using any pigment.
Frank Drebbin
How much intense mental effort would need to be applied to replicate these structures? \nYet millions of people think this all happened by accident. That is as much an act of faith (in the god of Luck) as any belief in intelligent design. 
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this must have been the most interesting fact i hsve ever heard.
Gamma Ray
So are you saying that the surface of the human blue eye has structural ridges on a micro level that produce a constructive interference similar to the Morpho butterfly? I really enjoy your videos, I only wish they were longer :)
Greg Lyris
I wonder how our technology could benefit from researching the fascinating way nature works in this case. I'm sure scientists could think of a few ways !
Have a look at a similar video done by Smarter Everyday. It looks really cool too :D
Hugh Mungas
Blue..........blue morpho\n\n\n*venture bros theme plays*
Inspiring to see 1:42 the guy with the microscope wears gauges in his ears.
Gah! you guys don't go deep enough! I'm always left with more questions! XD Is blue a harder pigment to create biologically? do the beetles and birds use the same scale method for creating their blue? Or a different structure? And how are blue eyes created? Are they made with structure while brown eyes are made with pigment? Or are all eyes made with either or???
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Jessen's Channel
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Simply beautiful...
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There is blue EVERYWHERE in nature.
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Just Drinking tea
Butterflies can't see their own wings & don't how beautiful they are. People are butterflies.
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I’m blue da ba di ba di da
Thatäs the same stuff peacock is good at too. Amazing.
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Deep Look, I like all of your videos!
All credit to God Jesus
These are available in our country. I'm yet to see one up close though. This and the jade vine are definitely in my bucket list.
Lewis Jackson
so sad, after such a magnificent presentation, of something that obviously reflects intellect design, they chalk it all up to accidental evolution and not Jehovah, God.
Liang Xin Yu
My.. My... Too much physics.
Lyrryx Bautista
I thought fairies from Disney paints these kinds of insects
Maddie Koester
Blue Morphos are my favorite.
The video was interesting, until I saw the guy killing a butterfly who was still inside its cocoon. It was not necessary to do such a thing. Do that with a Morpho butterfly who recently passed away, not with a live one. That's animal cruelty.
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I'm blue dabedabadie
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my favorite butterfly
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I’m so sorry they killed a pupae just found this out
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Mr. Yakubi
Anyone else here who used to think butterflies were so beautiful until you saw that one Spongebob episode...?
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Just subscribed!! great content!
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I came here just for butterflies
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the earth and da sky :O
dendrobates tinctorius azureus \nWhy is this animal blue? The pigment or fractal lighting?
I know this is random, but can a butterflies tongue regenerate? sorta off topic, but it would be nice to get an answer.
venture bros had me curious
Rayna Pereira
That's one beautiful butterfly!
Are you saying there is no blue pigment in my eyes? My eyes are actually white, but structurally show blue?
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my family loves this channel the stories are just long enough and the telling of them is just amazingly put together an most often beautiful!great job thank you for the awsome channel keep it up!!!
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Looks so beautiful
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The Lord Jesus Christ created such beauty 💙
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i had a perfect night to play guitar for the first time in a while. Thennn I saw one of these videos and now think I have watched them all, if not, most. Fascinating stuff and fantastic videos. Keep up the good work. At this rate, I will get nothing accomplished.
Stuart Safford
I saw a picture of a blue butterflyposted by Stephie H., and had to see if it was a Blue Morpho.  It is interesting to see the science of the color.
Go Diego Go brought me here
I was hoping for once were the person wouldnt refer to the nonsense idea that is evolution and i though this might be the video, yep it wasnt.
Transient Wayfarer
Like most all of your videos, this has enough beauty to make one shiver! Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into these extraordinary microcosms.
Your videos always remind me how unbelievably impressive nature is and how much we must proect our planet in order to preserve it. Great job. :)
Veronica Kövesdy
Her voice is annoying. 😅\nBut that blue of the butterfly is inimitable. 😍
Water Nebula
William Meyers
just cause you people conveniently left out some facts I'll share them here the the wavelength of Blue light has a range from 400 to 480 nm the slits in the scales of the Morpho are 200 nm apart. Because the distance between slits corresponds to half of the wavelength of blue light, this is the wavelength that undergoes constructive interference. if that weren't enough the slits are attached to a base of melanin, a material that absorbs light, but lets not being intelligent design into play I mean its just prism shaped slits set at equal distance to half the wavelength / n Wavelength plus the coefficient of light absorption! you know simple random chance does complex equations all the time! \n\n“Measurements using index-matching techniques yield the complex refractive index of the cuticle material comprising the single-scale microstructure to be n=(1.56 plus or minus 0.01) + (0.06 plus or minus 0.01)i. This figure is required for theoretical modelling of such microstructure systems.” - Quantified interference and diffraction in single Morpho butterfly scales
It's watching videos like these that make me want a 4K monitor
why do i find Deep Look much more interesting than Nat Geo 😁😁
adrian Titera
Soooo Prettyyyy!
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your videos are always like 4 times too short. as soon as i'm getting into it it's over!
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Is this really necessary? To take off the butterfly's wings while in the pupa? Just enjoy it.
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The scales up close look like sequins
bud ekins
Intelligent Design.
Now lets see you vivisect blue eyed people and show us how that works. I might have only given you a thumbs down when I saw the pin through the thorax, but vivisecting a being as beautiful as that deserves comments harsher and more vulgar than I was raised to express. I'm sorry I ever forwarded your videos to my friends and never shall again. I will however send this one along to The North American Butterfly Association so they can warn our membership to avoid your videos.
Life is so weird. I watched this very video yesterday, and boom I saw such a butterfly today. What a coincidence, huh?
duck robot
cool video but i'm distracted by the narrators voice making that strange american vocal fry at the end of every sentence
so freaking beautiful work
eric santiago
if some of you didn't understand what they said well they said that butterflies get their colour by some dust on their wings which catches light and turns them into any colour of the rainbow and speaking of rainbows that is also how rainbow's get their colour. Thank you. Like my comment if you understand.
grande sublimals
I saw a blue one at my house
Lexus Structural Blue brought me here
Don't be afraid to bring God into your equations, not doing so can leave you work lifeless.
Is it the same story with the blue in peacock feathers?
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Wow its so beautiful😍😍
margaret wright
one pupa , several pupae; one phenomenon, several phenomena\n\nSingular vs plural
WOW 2160p, Beautiful video!
olafursson kyllian
how many butterfly did they kill to find out, and does it really make a difference to know it or not. Is it ok to kill just to know completely useless things. \ni think that's the real question here .
I could stare at those wings through a microscope for hours.
1:52 What is *a phenomena*?
taylor vixen
i'm intrigued about kiwi birds. If you ever consider this topic
as cute as they look otters are pretty ferocious.
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i have a butterfly farm a.k.a MY GARDEN LIFUE
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Where can I find your musics?
Is indigo a structural color? Although it is called a dye, it appears to change with angle like the SC of butterfly, & humming bird colors.
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Why u people cant see a creator behind every creations. Yet u credit it all to the EVOLUTION.\n......You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return [your] vision [to the sky]; do you see any breaks?\n(QURAN : 67:3)