The all-new BMW 5 Series. Official Launchfilm.

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The official Launchfilm shows the all-new BMW 5 Series (including the iPerformance model) in different driving situations and gives you an overview about the features like the BMW display key, Remote Control Parking and BMW Gesture Control. For more details about the cars, have a look at the following films:

2016 5 Series 5er BMW BMW Display Key Gesture Cont... Remote Control Parking commercial detail driving footage g30 launch film launchfilm new tvc

E Class W213 vs 5 Series G30! It's going to be a tough battle but Bimmer got this! \u003c3
I wish i could have one for free.
Abdul Samee Muhammed
Amar Yadav
0:52 iPhone doesn't support Wireless Charging yet.
Amir Eclass
When can you configure this 5 series on german or swedish market?
Andreas J. W.
I think F10 front face is better this one?
Going to sell my kidney, to get those kidney grille
I hope they don't mess up the M5 with that muted exhaust, they should learn from AMG and RS...
Arran Turner
They used an iPhone to show off their wireless charging
Arsya 18
baby 7 series
Actually prefer the F10 to this.
does it wirelessly charge an iphone? and no women allowed?
BR Trigger
Balls Deep
BMW is lazy and complacent and created this mediocre redesign. Mercedes drastically redesigned their E class. The new E class looks better.
Bimo SP
good product knowledge...
Car Fans
Cash Bonanza
looks like a Toyota
Much much better looking than the last generation that looked too snob and serious to me =)
Christophe Mantin
Alors vous aussi vous marcher pour qui !!!? Vos X drive genre les X et les Y !!! C est la même chez banque populaire !!! Avec son logo +x , genre encore des gros bonnet de X avec leurs putes de Y .... alors sa sent la merde chez vous aussi !!! X drive ..... purin..
Daniel Martín
530e !!! Simply Brutal\nThe BMW marketing team deserves an award for this video
waiting for the G31
Devendra Patil
wow wow wow wow!!!!!( dont have any words)
Dreem Dreem
Edward Lee
Wait, are they ghey??
Egypt Cars
Best car in its class\nand best advertising as well ...
Eric Tea
1.01 Die musikalische Untermahlung - Gänsehaut
Now with big nose holes
Geraldo Jaupaj
This new BMW 5 series is amazing..... Luxury,safety,sporty,quality,style,\nbeauty,strong,expensive,agility and is better than rivals......\nBayerische Motoren Werke------ Sheer Driving Pleasure ☺
Why are the front lights so different between the e-version and the regular 5 series?
So the Bmw 5 series is a bit like the 3 series and the 7 series put together which is like saying fantastic and awesome put together and that would give fantastically awesome!
Jack Brand
BMW's marketing department is amazing! Well produced film
The only way this Launchfilm could be more corporate is if steve jobs was in it... \n\nBut the car's awesome👍
Javier De La Rosa
Un bmw de 80.000 € le clavais 110.000 €
And that business athlete will have to be a business athlete for his entire life because he continually lease or takes out 7 year loans on rapidly depreciating, expensive to maintain BMW's. Good luck with your debt slave goals of 2016!
Jones Nobs
Always targeting the upper middle class business men with their 5 series. But in reality most of them drive Mercedes.
@BMW, Please keep your design line like this, it is Epic. Don't let yourself get fooled. This is how a BMW should look. Sporty and elegant. Not futurisic. There is no need for change, this design is timeless and you did well with this one. Where Audi has let me down you did the right thing. Keep up the good work. I salute you.
#BMW, thank you for Copy-Paste....!
hey BMW did you have v10s in new M5?
Karthik Choubisa
This thing gives me boner.
Liva Paleja
Thank You for uploading more videos!😂💚💚💚
Luis Calderon
Looking good Bmw! Wonder what kind of power plant will the new M5 come with? Love the looks!!!!
Madalin Pana
iPhones does NOT have wireless charging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So what about the standard 520d Business model? Would love to see some info and images of that and standard equipment since it'll be the most bought model there is.
Marcel Almon
i wanted the two guys to kiss at the end, would of been great publisity for bmw
when is the m line getting its refresh??
Max Ward
Is the new m5/550i going to have a version of the 4.4L n63 or is it going to have a new 4.0L engine like Audi/Mercedes/Porsche are doing?
Meet Himachali
My dream car ❤️
Michał Birko
these days cars became gadgets
Min Thu
I really like BMW's new 5 series!
Nikolai Sashev
the best looking 5 series after e39... \u003c3
iPhone don't charge wirelles=))
will the 540i be compatible with android phones such as the samsung s7 or only iphones?
Pão com chouriço
amazing car
Just a facelift
is that an iphone charging on wireless ? hmm
Finally BMW is being true to themselves by describing their primary target market: business athlete, special feature, let me guess: non functioning turning signal. \n\nHehehe (jk I'm a bimmer lover don't kill me)
Rasmus Ø
music is shit but great car
Raymond Lee
Really nice looking car👍. Music's a bit shit
Sagar Khanapurkar
reasons to love BMW.
Shao Yu Mai Wang
I was really into this car until I saw this video. Those guys look like wankers. Is that the crowd I want to be considered a part of by driving this thing?
Stefan Ciganovic
just hope new M5 exhaust will sound much better...Like Rs6 or Amg
Stephan II
Can't they just show the car instead of mountains and nature
I'm BMW all the way BUT the i8 will never be the R8 or ever in it's league.\nThe 7-Series will never touch the S-Class quality, comfort or refinement.\nAND the new 5 series... meh, look's so 2014. Facelift in progress to me. Retro-fit the screens in the back. Just another facelift. On par with the A6/E Class/XF \n\nCan't fault the 2-Series Coupe, 3-Series Saloon and Coupe and X5.
It looks so much like a 3 Series...
Tayfun A.
What is the name of that song?
The Lina
new gen 6 series is next right??
Travis Roopnarine
The real 540i is a V8...
The most balanced...,the most beautiful... BMW...!!!
Vincent Lim
2017 the transporter BMW 5 series
Vlonjat Velija
I like BMW but the new Mercedes E Class is better than this BMW 5 serie...
Where can download your videos at original quality?
These two men are couple,right?
Zahra Arts
Will it marry me?
F10 win in front look
anas alana
It's the same 5 series with upgraded tech. \nI don't know what is going on with BMW Designers. None of there new models are much different than the previous models.
Soundtrack name is: It's produced only for this ad!
F10 550i owner here. I'm looking forward to the next M5. Light weight and hoonigan fun was the winning combo for the E39 M5. The E60 and F10 M5 were stale in comparison. Let's see if BMW can recover on the G30 M5...
You cannot charge an iPhone wirelessly though?
Chevy should take notes. This is how you make a car advertisement.
derbi senda
A v10 again just like 11 years ago? BMW?
gg gaa
New M5!!😍
ghaza qafqaz
Was für ein schönes Auto. Obwohl ich Audi Fahrer bin.
Can't wait for the M5!!
louis soon
Nice 7 series
are those two gays?
mahmoud khatib
soevering 35
I wonder what engine the new M5 will have? Hopefully it will sound better than the old one. \nAnd hopefully they will offer the 550d and Xdrive models for the UK market that they should have done before.
Александр Alex
Безумно красива новая пятера! Видео обалденно! БМВ делает этот мир прекрасней!
Виталий Чеусов
Coolest 5-series since E39. But when will you do your video in 4K!?
Евгений Мишин
I want it
куплю , максимальная допустимая цена авто ,без страховки и сигнализации \nна неё 5.000.000р, интересно смогу ли я купить со всеми доп опциями с мотором от 3х литров бенз.???
Рафаэль Фаизов
очень круто!
ابو ناصر
5 series same m5 ?
هدوء الليل
amzaing sooooo amazing😍😍😍😍 \nreally I love BMW car
Good best of best car All new bmw5er