Will Smith Bungee Jumps Out of a Helicopter!

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Will Smith takes on Yes Theory’s challenge of bungee jumping from a helicopter into the GrandCanyon. SUBSCRIBE: Produced by Fly on the Wall Entertainment

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The one good thing about yt rewind. Will Smith.
Aashish Khakha
Will became Tom Cruise for a day! 😂😍👍
Arran Nelson
The jump happens 4:40
Ayola O
No one could actually ever dislike will Smith like wyd 😭
Baby Lamb Creations
Happy 50th Birthday to one of the most hilarious and talented people in the world! Here's to the Fresh Prince!
Bela Fernandez
How on earth does this have so many dislikes? The live stream was so amazing to watch and I think this is the type of thing YouTube needs more of. Can't grasp why anyone would dislike this...
Black Lightyear
Who came here to dislike after youtube rewind
Black MEGriffin
Will this be in Guinness??
Brittany Bish
Will Smith is READY for ANY action movie. Mission Impossible Reboot perhaps 🤔😏
Does Will Smith even age? He pretty much looks the same as he did on the fresh prince.
Carlotta Weathersby
That moment you make a choice you can't turn back from.
I jumped out of a helicopter and my mom got scared. She said you’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air
So Yes Theory started this whole thing and all you do is just put them in the description which I bet you 75% of people dont even look at. The least you could of done is talked with them in the begining of the video and shouted them out.
Cosmic Knight
Don’t look down he says as he looks down
Crystal McDonald
I wonder if he was wearing a diaper
D Stevens
Daniel Tomaszek
Will you are crazy 😵😵😵👍
Dat Boi
@ 6:56 \nDid anybody else see Heath Ledger as the Joker made up of shadows?
He’s flying omgg I just found a real life superhero!
Without YES Theory this wouldn’t have happened! Thank you to them for putting their idea out into the world, and Thank you to Will for accepting the challenge! Great job to both!
Elisha Tariq
When he screams it reminds me of shark tale😂
Fernando Araujo
Will sou seu fã cara me inspiro você! 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Fifty Zero
Coming back from the new will's smith video on October 15th, 2018. I can clearly say that this video is just a raw footage of the jump, if you still want to hate on this video, I suggest watching his new one.
Man I cant be the only one thinking that YouTube really ruined this why are they acting like this is a \
Guka Nozadze
Who's here after watching PewDiePie?
Hex Hub Music
Alright... He continues to live a Another day... Thank God...
Hyper Rocket7
JR Garage
Awesome YES THEORY Challenge🔥 If you are not familiar with their channel, I’d highly recommend checking them out🙌
Jack Pelon
WOW WOW, Señor will smith, yo me haria \
Jaymin Baraiya
Hancock was one of the best movie of will Smith.
Hes thinking about what happened to hillary's boyfriend lol
John Paul Calmona
Watching because of 2019 YouTube Rewind
Joseph Fuller
A lot of people in the comments hating about this thing called \
*_Top ten most intense anime scenes_*
Keira Buckman
Ken Tejada
When will yells he sounds just like when oscar yells in shark tale\n\n\n\nPs i know he played him i am just saying that it is hilarious that his yell still sounds the same
Kylie Deckard
That was probably the biggest adrenaline rush anyone has ever had lol
Kyro Zoltron
On 9.25.18 , Old Man Will Smith Celebrated His 50th Birthday Bungee Jumping From a Helicopter Showing The World That His Ball Are Made Of Titanium .
Layan Mattar
Who else thought the title was “Will Smith bungee jump out a helicopter?” Instead of “Will Smith bungee jumps out a helicopter!”
Amazing for ever my hero
Link for Ched
No credit for yes theory ...
Lorenzo Nievera
Lorraine Currier
Holy Will Smith batman!!!!
Manila Music
*Thank you Yes Theory*
Mari Anna
Yes Theory has like 10 times less views but I think their videos was more enjoyable! Still props to Will Smith for being a great sport and accepting their challenge!
Maxi Immortality
Respect 😁 Willy
Melissa CS
Hillary Banks, will you marry me....
Michael Productions
Congrats on doing something this crazy and happy birthday
Mighty Eggroll 3077
I’m sweating 😶😶😶😶🤢
Milspec Machine
His Socks 😬👍🏽 Respect!!
Mr. Hour
Like this for Yes Theory
Murtiza Khuhro
Thor is bast
Nakal Teep
Big Hero in real \
National Geographic
How does our One Strange Rock look from the sky?
Will Smith, you’re my favourite YouTuber!
This is what it felt like going on the sky ride at the zoo as a kid
Damn, things a parent has to do to push his sons failing music career.
Oliver Rivadeneira
Me das plata ;v
Oof Nation
I thought this was battle royale
Patrick Ward
Yooooooo, that's hot, that's hot!
Randy H.
*Three things happened on Tuesday 9/25/18:*\n\n*1) Will Smith celebrated his 50th birthday.*\n\n*2) Will Smith bungee jumped out of a helicopter, while over the Grand Canyon.*\n\n*3) The world found out that Will Smith's balls are made out of Titanium.*
Renegade Media Group
I wonder if his world got...\n\n\n\n\n\n\nFlipped-Turned Upside Down?
Rohit *
He was so nervous seems at any moment he would likely to refused
You can DEFINITELY see The Concern in WiLL's FaCe! But MaJor Props for Facing this Fear! I just Pulled Strength from watching you do this! HappY 5OTH Prince!
Samantha Fontaine
The YES Theory - started by four people who became friends in Summer 2015, in Montreal, Canada: Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin (so there I have mentioned them)... Credit to these FOUR - without them, this particular event would not have occurred - 'BIG UP!!' Shout Out to 'The Yes Theory Crew!!' Will Smith do a follow-up quickly to put things in perspective...4:40 Count Down to actual JUMP! DJ Sexy Soca Sam - Hackney, LONDON, England.
Siddhartha Kc
Aww ,, that's hot
4:40 your welcome.
*cuts cable* oops
So, where is yes theory?
Studio09Dz Salut Prod
*You guys couldn't have given him a GoPro or something*
Nice toy
TenWith CornyWrestling.
Teuta k
The Darkwing Duck
Omg I'll go to the hall
Trap lkai
I love you ❤️ Smith
Ur mom gey
4:44 thank me with a like
Willam belli's Biggest fan
I am literally crying cause I have a phobia of helicopters and areoplanes
AKA the battle bus
Zach Choi ASMR
4:55 and he emerged as Hancock
ah haha that's hot, that's hot
catelyn ciru
It's good for pple to read the written description...he has acknowledged the YES THEORY... Congratulations Mr. Will Smith loads of love from Kenya 🇰🇪
claw star
William Smith......you are grounded for 3 days because of jumping from a helicopter 😑😑😑😑😅👍💋💓💓💓
for you
I know it was scary hanging out THERE like THAT ..... I heard him say it.. Big ups too WILL Smith.
giovanny axis gracia
Eso si es sacarle el maldito jugo ala vida
hussein hassan
this amazing
Yes Theory & Will Smith broke the internet! Can’t wait to see Amar’s jump! Will you are dad goals!!! Happy 50 years young! 💯
A lot of whining little kids in here about Yes theory, if you have been following the whole story you would have noticed that YES THEORY are credited all over Will Smith's social media accounts over and over again before the event a during the event on live stream, if you are really a Yes theory fan you would have known this and followed them live to see how this came about. This is a tiny 8 minutes portion of the show, google the whole freakin event and get pacifier you cry babies!
jewp Live
This world is doomed if we keep up this negativity,how do you have something negative to say for going out and living your life and having fun.....?
otnamkus secreted
pert oodle
oh dats hot
Will Smith is one of those rare people that is universally liked. How can anyone dislike Will Smith???
santixz gamer
You are so brave
sponge ganngg
Us Poor's go to the park for a walk .
Александр Шерн
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