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Director: Choi Wu-HyeongCast: Yu Mi, Wang Ryong, Lee Jae-Yeong, Seo Tae-hui, Elton ChongEmperor Kun-Ryung of the Ching Dynasty torments the Chosun people. For no reason, a young girl Pak Ouk-hwa, father was murdered by the emperor's guard Oh Kol-ma, and nearly beats her to death. She decides to learn martial arts from the great Buddhist priest Wun-su. She's determined to protect weak women with her martial arts. Ouk-hwa takes on the name of 'Butterfly of Ching' and goes to Ching. Afterwards, the numerous Chosun women suffering at the hands of Ching unite around Ouk-hwa. Ouk-hwa and her gang of women rebel against and fight the vicious Oh Kol-ma. One by one, the women succumb to him, but Ouk-hwa fights to the end and destroys them all. She returns to Chosun victorious.Subscribe to the Wu Tang Collection now and enjoy the best in Martial Arts Action and Entertainment! Go to

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Gloria Garcia
no tienen esta movie en ingles😍
Miss Bain
any English version... movie is really good
Robert Presti SR
bad movie & bad ending. never made any since.
Verona Clarke
I enjoy watching you tubes
marc chesley
Now this a great movie its just not in English or have subtitles! This guy with the fan I put him on the class of the top tier fighters usong the fan like Meng Fei, Alexander Fusheng , another guy can't remember his name. He is awesome with a fan!
wuzei tianxai