The all-new BMW 7 Series. All you need to know.

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2015 7 Series 7er BMW BMW 7 Series (Automobile Model) G11 G12 details explanation features new stv7 technology test yt:cc=on

this car is very nice.
A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House
Nice only have to travel 500 miles to get to the nearest grocery store.
Aakash Narang
This place in the background is so beautiful, where is it? What's the name? Thanks :D
Abhi U
Disappointed that you spent the entire video boasting about the car's features (most of which seem rather useless, to be honest) and then spent less than 10 seconds talking about how green it is. I would have liked to get more information on this eDrive feature, provided it's a legitimate way to reduce CO2 emissions rather than more lip service being paid to environmentalist groups. Also, you didn't talk about the production process at all. How green is it? You talked about using carbon fibre to make the car more lightweight, but you entirely failed to mention that carbon fibre also helps to ensure that the production process remains environmentally friendly.\n\nOverall, it seems like the BMW 7 Series is just another premium gas guzzler for rich people who couldn't care less about the environment.
Ahmad Al Asiry
Too much technology = Too much money
Ahsan VII
Do these ones have turn signals?
Amit Gupta
It's much better than Audi... :)
Anil Budhiraja
Still Cant beat Tesla.......
Anirban Niyogi
@BMW The tech is great, the interior is great! but as always these days, I'm left wanting more with the BMW exterior design team. Where is the lineage from the timeless E38 7 series design? Even if you want to come with a 'revolutionary' new design, its just not as futuristic looking as the Porsche Panamera...
Avinash baghel
Inside It's the size of an Indian room😋😋😋
Baldwin Collins
Fashioned on the BMW 750 from the James Bond film '''Tomorrow never Dies '' (1997)
Barjith Pandian
My dream car
Bikash Ssharma
what is the price in india
Bjorn Clement
BMW just keep pushing the limits and definitely innovates. I hope to own one someday.
Buvan Pap
There is no much difference between BMW 7 and Audi A8. Who copied 🤔🤔🤔
The price of this car 😡😡😡😡
Calendar Mysteries 10 2016-17
Nice car!!!
Calico MortyCash
Oh crap..Hans, we forgot the cupholders...
Callahan Covington
meh, but can it drive itself? The best BMW can do is drive into and back out of a garage? Most people who can afford a 7 series have a door into their homes in their garages and prefer to enter this way instead of through the front door of their homes. Who would \
Cam Mims
then once electrical starts messing up, you going be asking yourself damn should I make my car payment, or fix my electric system.
This luxury car looks great! But in the future BMW can make a M7?
Daniel Garcia
What is the price of this in México?
Danny Porsche
I’ll stick with a Maybach
Jesus is that really necessary you guys hahahahaha
BMW 7 series \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e  .... Mercedes S-Class
Denis Vzapravdu
Жорик скажет, что это самая крутая тачка \nАнтон пожалуется на недостаток алькантары\nЭрик. встанет не с той ноги, и обосрет машину))
25 years from now it will be affordable. i cant wait
Oh look, another car ill never have.
Has the car got WiFi?
Foxtrot Felix
Has science gone too far
Great Games 2004
You know you spent too much money when your car has a \
If any of these fancy gadgets breakdown say hi to a 5 figured bill
Handsome Tech
BMW, why can't you make another legend like the e39 M5?
Harvinder Ghag
wow beautiful car \n i also buy this car
Hashaam zahid
+BMW You are also looking Like James Bond.
Hunar Aggarwal
My favourite luxury cars are panamera xjl a8 s class 7 series and rr ghost
Innocent Smoothie
Everything perfect but one thing that really stressed me when he slammed that door ... how can you talk about the flagship of luxury without using a softclose door model... that honestly killed the whole vibe of the video for me
Isaac C
Buy an S-Class. Almost every feature is taken from it, and its design. Gosh, the dashboard is ugly. Here's Why.\n1. The S-Class has two tables for its rear passenger, while this car has only one.\n2. Even Mercedes-Benz made a phone for its rear passengers to control the massage seats and other stuff. Also, it can be used to call people. Wait. That phone is made by Mercedes-Benz themselves, while BMW's tablet is made by SAMSUNG. Really?\n3. Gosh, the dashboard is ugly. The S-Class's dash looks like it could compete with Bentley, or Rolls-Royce.\n4. The door handles look alike. Can you think of something better? Even Lexus could.\n5. The footrest is taken from an Audi A8.\n6. BMW is well known for electrical problems.\n\nI swear to god, the front looks ugly, and it makes Chris Bangle's old E65 look miles better.
Iwan Tang
My uncle bought it, but there is a con, its being to good
J. C
Jagan Joseph
Where is this place? It's beautiful!
Janis Bingler
really nice car , you have made a very good job bmw
Jaydev Joshi
sunny deol have to be its ambassador
Jimmy Andazola
BMW's are the best.  Best looking, Best performing best overall everything.  This new 7 series is absolutely stunning.  I prefer and own 3 smaller BMW's but damn for a big family  luxury sedan the 7 series has always looked incredible and this new 7 series is gorgeous.  Why people like the Hercedes S-Class is beyond me because it is ugly and the front end looks exactly like a Lincoln and/or Chrysler.  hahaha but it does.   BMW keep it up!
José Mourinho
Much better looking than the leaks, and the technology in this car is amazing. One step ahead of the S class for me in terms of looks and technology, although no one thought the 7 series would compare but it has surpassed the S class in fact! Good job BMW!
K Yemen
Kayode moses
wow the best car
Kyoungshin Kim
should i get this car and pick up girls?
Lawrence Toh Zhen Yu
What an ugly car that i will never buy mercedes is still better
Lucifer Morningstar
How about the turn signal gesture?
I still need an explanation to how the hell that red taillight lens can flash in amber when the turn signal is activated. Can someone please explain this one?
Marvi Marv
Hey BMW, why is there subtitles on this video? The guy speaks perfect English. As a matter of fact, he has some of the best BMW review videos on YouTube.
Master Mind *AUDI A6* 😱
Mihai Bolog
To be honest you just added a phone or tablet functions to the car, so ingenious, but u added also $50k to the price. Cool.
BMW sucks Benz is much more reliable
Mojtaba Kahvand
hiI'm sorry, one more question, Who knows the background track of friends Whose is this clip?Please if anyone knows the song and composer who is or downloaded link. Thanks
I want this
Mr. Majani
Chris Brow, what an unfortunate name, can't even google the guy! :D
I hate driving cars with super luxury back seats. It makes me feel like a chauffeur.
Wish i can afford this😭😭😭
Oh sweet sweet luxury boats, I can't wait for you to depreciate so I can buy you at a reasonable price.
Nikhil Ingle
my favorate video from youtube
Pepijn V
Holy shit!
my god imagine the maitnance on this thing just 1 of those parking sensors is probly 5-10 thousand dollars..awsome car but just so much more problems
Roshan Patel
coming near a hood near you in 2028
Salman Afridi
Im a simple man. I see the simple man, i press like.
Sam Fsure
This is BMW that only few people can buy ;)
Scott BMW Smith
Amazing vehicle!
Simple Me
interesting: how many of the inventors was cheated by BMW to produce this model...
I rented one, had it for 3 weeks in Germany. It was brand new and fell more in love with it every day.
I wonder how BMW comes up with the same interior for so many years. FAIL
Sushmita Kulkarni
I am going to buy this lovely car in some months!!!!!!!!!
Technology harshit
Like a future car
The Truth
This is way better then the s class the s class looks nice but the 7 serise needs a bit of an update because i should see more of the 7 serise then the s class the 7 serise is a sexy car though still and always should be
Mercedes did it first
Tim Vanherck
Still the same interior = boring but outsider its look ok i still like mercedes more
Van Dam Žan
Good car, no doubt. But, i don't see any groundbreaking technologies , except Laser lights. Everything else is just cosmetics and good attempt to beat S class. S class still looks more luxurious. Mercedes is in the game with RR and Bentley, which is another story..
Vicenzo Dallazen
For who's wondering where it got filmed:\n\nJack's Point Clubhouse\nMcadam Dr\nKawarau Falls 9348\nNew Zealand\n\nNear Queensland, New Zeland
Victor Tan
Impressed by this video! The best video I've seen in a car commercial. Good job BMW on making this video and it makes me want to buy it one day when I do earn enough. The detail showed for the car can only be described in \
Walid M Hanna
it is much better than Ferrari
Wayne Warren
Wolfgang Lettau
This is State of the Art 😆☺
Yerry Diaz
Bruh How much Does It cost
agt usa
Super and amazing technology of india
don r
No one does a better review than this guy. He takes a car of 10/10 to beyond the rating scale!
Ich will den 7ner!!!! 😍😍
flickson j GOOD
oh my god on of the ever best cars in the world- B..M.......W.......!!!!!!!.
I am a sad owner of 740BMW(so called luxury car) for last one year. Have been struggling hard to get the features from BMW for which I had paid for. \nEvery advertisement/website of BMW shows that \
Awesome presentation and it also seems to be a great car.
mickey goodfella
the white light carpet thing was stupid and doing to much
muqbil hasimov
elaaa ..bunu mene neciye verersiz ???
srijan visen
tummalapenta manaswin
All I had to know... That I can't afford it
Владимир Скрынников
Remote Control Technology by BMW 750i was already featured in 90s in Tomorrow Never Dies movie
أفلام الأكشن HD action movies
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