Birth [2004] Bath tub scene HD?

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The controversial bath tub scene

birth disturbing nicole kidman sean and anna

Aj Lee
This is a perfect scene
ArmageddonGaming HL
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ummmm, tell the child to get the fudge out of the tub lol! he is physically an older child and this is not good at all! i get the premise of the movie, but still........he is a kid! It should have been written that her charactor should have kicked him out of the tub!
Das Berserker
Twelve seconds of intro (ding!).
Desirée Rodríguez
Yeah... This film is very hidden
Hello, Kayla
I don't get it
Neil Laming
Not one word was spoken in this scene
Philip Zamora
This film romanticizes the emotionally disturbed. Both characters need to see a therapist because obviously they are dealing with trauma in unhealthy ways.
Can you post full episodes of the fosters or no? And if you can, can you post the recent one that was aired on TV where Jude tells Connor what if he was gay.
you are the only one with this scene isolated. lmao you can really find whatever you are looking for, amazing. this scene was just twisted, cut in a way to make the viewer think the wrong things. Supposedly they were not even in the same tub. they shouldve left it like that. scene is too damn suggestive.
what is that move
Part of the paedophile agenda ; desensitising you into accepting the idea of adults having intimate relationships with children.
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