DEV. D Theatrical Trailer

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Watch the Exclusive trailer for the much awaited movie DEV. D

9winds. Abhay Anurag DEV. Deol Entertainment Gangnam Gill Kalki Kashyap Mahi Style UTV bollywood dev.

Abdul Wahab
Cant wait for the movie.....the music looks amazing....really cant wait for the movie.
Nithin Chandran
This movie was.way ahead.of time
After seeing the trailier, I can safely say he might actually be the next stanley kubrick. But India isnt ready for that kinda shit yet, so anurag has to bring it to them slowly.
Rajiv Mehta
What's the dialogues? I couldn't understand, what she says behind the beep sound? After \
Sachin Singh
u donno know what is always behind a beep sound?\r\nF***\r\nA**H***\r\n\r\nhope its clear now!
Shashank Chauhan
'Paanch' is missing dear and I hope u understand why :)\n\nAnurag Kashyap is a genius, listen to him talking about NO SMOKING, but I guess we are just not good enough for a guy like him. \n\nBTW he writes from time to time on Passion for cinema blog, so chk it out and it will give u quite some insight abt the man's mind.
I absolutely love the trailer and the song, but this trailer was already posted by you guys. Why not post a high quality trailer? That would be awesome.
WOW !! LOVE = EMOTIONAL ATYACHHAR .... the best thing is putting the whole thing in today's perspective... \n\nI sincerely hope Anurag Kashyap becomes the Stanley Kubrick of India ( In a way he is already)
ya??? wats the message?
Awesome teaser man!!\nAwesome song too!!