Gina Carano - Fight in Thailand

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Short document, Gina Carano with Master Toddy in Thailand

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1Ronin 187
lmfao this was Ginas breakout role i'm guessing! herself?? lol this is the corniest shit i have ever seen!! 
Big Lou
Gina should play as a kickboxer movie as a female fighter.. That will be awesome and my collections hehe
Bojan Horvat
Can someone please explain to this guy that it's not \
Brian Shock
the added sound effects for the punches is the stupidest thing ive seen in a while!! how to make a decent video lame as hell! lol
Cpaz Musik
I don't believe in mismatch. It's like saying, a skinny kid can't fight a big fat bully... The only difference here is the experience. As you saw, Gina was the aggressor and the one who threw more strike combinations. The other lady was defending. It would have been different if the other person was also showing strike combinations.
such an obvious fake....her opponent should not have been in the ring.
Darryl Shabong
Muay Thai+ Gina Carano= Love!!!!
Dave F
rip off! look at the size difference, so unfair for her opponent
David Cole
Until she meet Cyborg she looked like the 1st Rhonda Rousey of UFC..
Derek Mc Goldrick
BBC sound effects on the fight.. duff duff duff-duff slap.
Dizzy Hips
carano was twice her size, how did they let that fight happen?
Dragon King
Damn, I want that.
Earthling B
this video will forever inspire me to become a muay thai fighter! gina\u003c3
She's so beautiful 
elbow! elbow!! ELBOW!!! elbow numba four! elbow numba four!! ELBOW!!! ELBOW NOW! lmfao
Fighting Arts of England
Master Toddy obviously thought this girl could beat Gina otherwise he wouldnt have put her in there. It just goes to show what happens when you underestimate your opponent, and overestimate yourself.
Freddie Rec
Terrible voice over, can't be her.
Gabriella Melegh
Is it just me or can i hear punch sound effects overlaid?? Sounds like an old episode of batman
George Tea
This fight was covered in a 2 hour TV show called \
Giano Oυδεις
amo Gina ma questo incontro è finto...!
Goonies Gook
Fighting malnourished hookers
4:00 That smile is to die for
Heugh Jassman
I thought the description said Documentary..... Then I looked down after 5 minutes in and saw that it was just a ''document''. You have raped my eyes and I demand you develop tech to go back and actually give me the 5 minutes you have stolen back. If you do not comply, then sometime in the eventual future.... I shall poop in your fridge. It's gonna be runny.\n\nYou have been warned.
Honky Tonk
Gina Carano will never be able to fight in the UFC because she has no ground game. Any UFC 135lb female fighter will beat her up.
Jane Smith
no disrespect, but that was a mismatch.
Jerry Rook
Fight seems to be one-sided. They probably picked the weakest SOB for her to fight and play with in the ring. Although, the other girl must have been paid handsomely to take the fall.
Jesse Velasquez
gina swallowed me twice\nture story, she loves her protein
John Berliner
Elbow! Elbow! Number 4 elbow! Cobra! COBRAAAA!
Jono at Roots
what a great movie well done Gina heart warming story, heart of the lion you have, great boxing skills. Jeremy and noteabaggers. very negative naive outlook of things guys,                first, Noteabags you heard her say 5 wins !!!! mis match??? she fought 5 girls to get to fight with that girl, for the trophy and award of champ of the ring, that is not easy at all for her, the training and discipline you have to do every day would make a man drop to his knees and say oh no more, also each morning up before the sun doing roadwork day in day out. That was the best  Thai girl/lady boxer the committee could come up with, Things have changed in Thailand girls/ladies have the opportunity to study and get good jobs in the city, so less and less girls/ladies want to get punched in the head for money or the need to be farmers or Thai boxers, Jeremy it seems you have never been inside a Muay Thai ring in Thailand (which i have many times)   YOU CAN'T HEAR SHIT !!!  especially from the other corner and 80% sure she wouldn't be able to understand English that well too. however what was funny, when he was over acting as Thais do under a camera, and when Master Toody was showing how to deliver the elbow strike, actions are more understood than words. Blowing on head, spiting, giving and motivating are all very old Thai traditions which are very misunderstood in modern times they build the brave heart, ever seen WAI KHRU DANCE (pay resept to your Master?) before a real Thai fight, that dance too has great history in getting you in the right fighting mood. It's all about the correct mind set to win and never give up take all the pain and run through it. It is easy to sit behind a computer and say negative things about other people and their achievements. but the truth is you both would NOT last a minute against HER or HIM in the ring, I dare you to challenge them in a fight in a Thai ring. as for MASTER WOODY Hes is a Thai legend, have some respect!!! first fight at 5 100 by 10 years old. so much like you RIGHT???
Carano what a great defeat against Cyborg, I remember Carano inflicted on the poor Thai woman badly trained, with little arms little muscled, but who resisted under the shock of Carano. Here, the little Thai girl had to visualize this video Cyborg / Carano, and I always say that we must remain humble and measured in this bloodthirsty sport, CARANO, there you took your magisterial spanking of which you will remember for a long time, think Thailand, whose personalities present that day in your fight, they were all by your side, and the Thai woman alone in her corner !! It touched me.
I'm a big MMA fan and I respect the sport. I also did a tour to Thailand and had the privilege of watching many hours of fights. I agree the narrative was cheesy and there's no doubt Gina is greater in size. I think the reason she feels she doesn't have to be embarrassed to fight the smaller girl is because of the importance Thailand places on fighting. And training is started at a VERY young age. So although she may have a size advantage she may have a decade less of experience. If u saw a country who lived for the sport and u went in as a foreigner and fought a native u may also feel a sense of pride. I love Gina. She's a respectful fighter, and I don't think she would take advantage of someone's size to make herself look good. She's a powerful fighter and (even as a girl myself) I can't help but mention her beauty.
Is it me or does Gina Carano Luks like Britney Spears at times??
Ko Tut
The girl in red is so small and thin. Not a fair fight. She (Gina) should fight with same weight class as her.
LT August
Damn this has to be my favourite vid on YouTube. Gina was the very person who made me start Muay Thai!
Lester Dela Cruz
Haha she seems so sweet and naive outside the ring but damn she is brutal inside the ring
gina! gina! elbow! gina! elbow! elbow! gina! elbow! gina! ELBOW!!!!
What kind of shet production is this?
Love the batman sound effects: Ka-Pow!
Michael Hammer
yes was a setup. the thai girl was not anywhere close to their best fighter. 
Mossy McSharry
How come I can't stop laughing? Toddy, the master showman. What happens if you lose the necklace? \
Wonder only that the Thai not went down.
This fight is awful.  What a mismatch!  An absolute disgrace.  Gina Carano should be embarrassed to have this on YouTube.  It should be taken down.
Horrible mismatch
Pen Surja
That's why she's not really follow her coach....elbow that tiny Thai girl? Gina is a great fighter with a great heart
Random Human
the sound effects where the real stars of this show.
Raymond Morales
Gina, elbow elbow gina elbow, GiNA ELLBoWWWW!!!!!!!!!
Richi GaeteLillo
damn she is hot !!
Liked the video, but really hated what you done to the audio.\nIn  the 70's it was fun to have fighting sounding that way.\nNow, I can't watch a movie from then because thee audio is ridiculous, I can only laugh, but cannot really watch the movie.\nI seriously advise you to re-do the video with natural audio, just music, or silent.\nThanks for all the work you had to make this possible, and my critics are only in a way to make a better job, ok?\nCheers
Santa R
go gina,..go...
Sean Huynh
For the f*kn 100th time Elbow number 4...Cobra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COB BRAHHHHH!
Sir C
That's a pretty flashy knife for a poor Thai mercenary to be hunting crocodiles with. Questioning the validity of that story...
I'm sure the Thai girl is tough, but this is not a fair fight. Gina outweighs the Thai girl by a lot I'm sure. They wouldn't allow such a fight in the states without weight classes.
Spiderjazz Parker
Gina's great but in my opinion there must be an airing limit and height also\nthat fight wasn't a little inequitable cause Gina had advantage at all parts\nwas taller and with double hand length,.... in my opinion of course without misunderstanding
Stephy López
Gina Carano esta mas pesada que la otra chica
Stet Tan
The secret to winning a fight is \
Gina just messed her face up more then it was lol! But that lady took a beatin!
Steve Greenberg
That was one serious Ass whup...! Love Gina..!!
Master Toddy = 100 Cheeseburgers
The Verbally Abusive Clown
Wow...Carano's opponent has noodle arms.  What a mismatch.
I love the sound effects - who broke the sticks for you?
Vernon Hampton
Who's voice is that?
Vincent Vinny
that fat man can talk some strange shit
I thought the opponent was a guy until they announced it was a female only fight 0_0
Waseem Zia
Why is gina fighting a kid half of her size...very brave :(
Wave Dancer
This tiny girl against this killermachine? That's not fair!
Poor other girl was like a foot shorter and 30 lbs lighter and she was getting her ass kicked. Tough little thai though.
Zeke Steel
Wtf bit of a weight difference. Looks like Gina has 25 sounds on her
that Tai girl is not the same  weight category as Carano. total miss match
adam a
looks like the girl in red had some heart, looks like the girl in yellow was much bigger, seems like a mismatch, props to the girl in red!!!
I love Thailand i live there for ten years and there hard people and love to fight . I think the fight is in pattaya ?
apoyu siken
12:00 - 12:15\n\nMasters elbow fetish *CONFIRMED*
Gina vs the Rice Farmer..
birdsnest #
Elbow for president :D (i dont do drugs if you wanted to ask me that)
Good stuff..its funny how haters will always find something to whine about, no matter what the situation they are in...the complainers in life are sad lol.
things that make this video stupid:\nthe sound effects during the fight\nthe music during the fight\nthe weight mis-match between the fighters
That's not even her real voice. Again?
Gina is one good boxer, I cant figure out how the Chinese gal took all those blows to the head. good fight
those punching sound effects. hahaahah!
ironman tooltime
Respect to the thai lady for staying on two feet :-)
kale wintermute
Fire the bozo who added the punch sound effects.
kevin torres
brazzers wait for you
koko pera
Fighting with a child, lighter and smaller, what glorious victory!
mang kanor
why's carano fighting an old lady?
That Thai woman is tough as nails.
Someone needs to give Gina 5 minutes alone with the person who made this video. C'mon? Video game sound effects during the fight? Had to watch it with the sound off!
Do that f*ing elbow already, so he shuts up!
That Thai girl is tough.
what is up with the sound effect for the punches
This is creepy.
oh my god, the sound effects, the narration, just awful.
tight tight
Great video! Though i must add that the sound effects in the fight make the video seem a little cheezy
tony Patton
20 minutes before this fight the woman in red was cleaning the toilets,this is her other job
wesley Snipes
A trained fighter VS a rice farmer.... Clearly, it was over match. I don't understand why the stupid referee couldn't see that the little Thai have had enough.
AT 6:20 I thought I was watching a
Евгений Бердников
She is a pure beauty