Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

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4:55 Typical Kingsman ;)
Akbar Dwi April
Gta san andreas
Aldiansyah 29
Alex The Doggo
My mouse and keyboard brought me here.
Ana Clara Souza
Que solo fodaaaa!!! ❤️❤️❤️
April Robertson
Devils Rejects...
Axl Luke
Only true lovers are still hearing this
2\n 0\n 2\n 0 ????????????????
Brian Stewart
RIP Ed King - he's a Free Bird now!
Cabo Desce o rolo
If the police cant stop you,you must be on...\n...The dust
Carolina Cerqueira
Como ainda tem gente que \
Catherine Todd
If I leave here tomorrow\nWould you still remember me?\nFor I must be traveling on now\n'Cause there's too many places I've got to see.\n\n\nBut if I stayed here with you, girl,\nThings just couldn't be the same.\n'Cause I'm as free as a bird now,\nAnd this bird you cannot change.\nAnd this bird you cannot change.\nAnd this bird you cannot change.\nLord knows I can't change.\n\n\nBye, bye, baby, it's been a sweet love, yeah,\nThough this feeling I can't change.\nBut please don't take it so badly,\n'Cause Lord knows I'm to blame.\n\n\nBut if I stayed here with you, girl,\nThings just couldn't be the same.\n'Cause I'm as free as a bird now,\nAnd this bird you'll never change.\nAnd the bird you cannot change.\nAnd this bird you cannot change.\nLord knows, I can't change.\nLord, help me, I can't change.\n\n\nLord, I can't change.\nWon't you fly high, free bird, yeah?\n\n\nWriter(s): ALLEN COLLINS, RON VAN ZANT
Chip Bagge
The best part is 0:00 9:03
Conor McGregor
If you’re from kingsman \n4:38
Corey Thompson
Gotta love that guitar
Davi zaum
I Meet The Band In\nGTA San Andreas :)\nNo Words To The Best Radio Station Ever...K-DST
Edivaldo Rodriguês
GTA San Andreas 😘😘😘😍😍😍👍👍2018??
Emily Boo
How could 4K people dislike this?? 😱
Esra Dem
Madem ki benli hayat sana kafes kadar dar, uzaklaş ellerimden uçabildiğin kadar.
Fabrício Oliveira
que solo, não tem como se segurar
FraNVilla 11
Frank Castle
Frankie Ashey
This must be one of the best solos in history tbh
Freund Sitindaon
I have a good childhood :)\n\n\n\n\n\n\nTHX TO ROCKSTAR
Hay gta san andreas nunca te olvidare siempre ponian esta cancion en mi hydra
Who was here before Kingsman
Gabriel Felix
Gilang Ajul
Guitar hero 🔥
Goutham Doddi
I heard this song for the first time when I was stoned! HOLYYYYYYY SHIIITTTTT IS THAT REAL HUMAN PLAYED MUSIC?
Harold Kell
One of the most iconic tunes back in the day and it's stood the test of time it still makes me sing a long today
Harry Todhunter
Free Bird isn’t a song, its a journey. \n\nYou don’t listen to Free Bird, you experience it.
Idvie Alzeer
Indian 2080s
GTA San Andreas Radio Station K-DST.
JFields Dembogurski
Someone watching in 2017?
Lynyrd Snynyrd guitarrist Ed king has died at age 68. Rip man... This is one of the best solos ever in rock history :(
Jamila Andersson
Can't Find Words \nThere's No Words In This World which Can Explain How Amazing Brilliant Excellent This IS.LOOOOOOOOVE IT\n♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Jan R
Solo take my soul
Jayden Arias
My funeral song . Because you can't change me
Who listening in 1472 😍😍😍
Jon Floyd
R.I.P tigger price 'ride free' , gone but not forgotten cousin
João Vitor
Que nostalgia! Bons tempos quando eu jogava GTA San Andreas e dirigia por aquelas estradas do interior ouvindo a K-DST...
JvC Paints
King Cowfish
This song makes me want to actually do something.... But I'll wait till tomorrow
Laura Cristancho
Rest un peace man, gracias por tu buena música
Lisa Smiles
Actually met somebody who doesn't know this song!! WHAT?! They gotta be trolling..
Luis Martin Perez
One of the songs for my funeral!!!!!
Marcelo Carlos
Sempre sempre sempre linda
Marco Mazzotti
When your hear this song at 6 am and see the sun rise up, you will remember all of your old stories.
Mr. Bubblegum. jr
Manners, maketh, man. Do you know what that means?
Mu Zashi
gta san andreas epic memories
Mullet the hunter
First time I heard this I was just coming up on extacy... mind blowing!!
My Name Is Jeff
Best guitar solo of all time
Nicholas Sultana
I loved how the film Kingsman: The Secret Service uses this, in arguably one of the best scenes in the film
Pablo López
One of the best guitar solo in history!🔥🔥 Like if u agreee 😋👍👍
RIP Ed King. Thanks for being part of this magnificent album.
Party -
Am I the only one that likes the lyrics part better then the solo?
Paul Roupi
2028 anyone?
Pedro Alex
O solo e de matar... Aqui e Brazil!
Rafaela Khadijah
Guitar hero! Saudades!! Hahahah
Raja Raja
I wish I could revive the 70's 80s all over again, just for the music...
when this song plays right before your destination\n\
Redd Foxx
3 Things brought me here.\n\n1. Kingsman\n2. GTA SanAndreas\n3. Childhood Nostalgia.
Sabre check\nFull can of nitro check\nHooker sitting next to me check\nEmpty field check 4:40
Riski Wijaya
The best guitar melody ever
Rjgames Br
Brasil ?
Best part starts at 4:23
Rusty Cadillac
K-DST is the best radio station ever
I just bought my first car today. Its from 1973. Mercedes w115 diesel. The first thing i did was to turn on this song.
Sanga Khiangte
Nostalgia Nostalgia Nostalgia....😭😭😭😭😭😭
Seanie Mc
Me: hey babe, want to have the best 9 minute of your life ;-) \n\nGirl: ohhhh yeah \n\nMe: plays Free bird
Sebastian Verheyen
Flying over the mount Chilliad when this song pops up
Shelly Watson
One of the best songs ever, true classic!
Sheria Stallings
Love this song..
Rest In Peace Ed King ✌️ You’re as free as a Bird now.
When you have to start a brawl with religious radicals on a Sunday afternoon at a local church.
Stanila Catalin
No matter what the fuck brought everybody to this clip, be it love for the band, a movie, a game, a show. The only thing that matters is that we all get to enjoy this masterpiece and as long as it lasts (9 minutes sadly) we are all united in delight. Godspeed.
Steven Garcia118
Harry what the heck is going on?
Stew Pidazole
Easily one of the best and most influential songs in rock history....yet only 14 million views. I weep for the future.
Suzi Williamson
driving a flying car over bone county on san andreas to this song was just majestic
Sérgio Santana
That's 70 show! First season
The Equaliz3r
I remember sitting and playing this on Guitar Hero back in the days haha.\nSoooo good !
The Name is Gai, Jasta Gai
This song is good and all, but there’s just one problem\n\nIt ends.
To Wapens
Playing Red Dead Redemption while listening this...
Will Allen
Miss you Dad
Zozo Games
Rest in peace friend
achref yak
I came for the solo
altras96 team
Chi è qui dopo I Griffin?
arthur Deth
What can you say regarding this? I know. I'll leave it 4 the rest of you thousands 2 say your bit. Best ever version 4 me is the 1975 Old grey whistle test. UNBEATABLE! PERIOD.
david boix
R.I.P. Ed King...
flavio vinicius
Nunca fiquei com um carro inteiro no GTA San Andreas até acabar a música kkkkk
go commit uninstall life
all these kingman comments but no Forrest Gump :(
RIP Ed King.
came as a English man left a red neck
tony rock zeimpekakis
the best and longest guitar solo ever for me xxxx
Don't play this song at the church!