Feeling Happy - Best Of Vocal Deep House Music Chill Out - Mix By Regard #3

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Birthday Chill-out Music (Musical Genre) Dance Dance Music (Musical ... Downtempo (Musical Genre) Happy Happy Birthday House Music (Musical Genre) Remix

Adam M
Great stuff .... thanks from Canada .
Adnan Yanak
18:50 can u repeat that a little more please
Alex Kim
Title is Feeling happy, someone needs to tell the girl on the picture that :D
Alexandra Manole
Love it!!! @\u003e
Anthony Pereira
What it is the music at the 21st minutes?
Antonio Arauz
me relaja mucho todas las músicas
Arda SiNAn
What is the name of the girl in the picture?
Arean Badri
DjRegard has some serious taste buds! Keep up the good work man
Artyom Ch
i like your job man,continue to do it!!With love from Israel
Boris Micel Registriert
Boris Micel (R), Eigentumswertabtretung, Clearingnummer XV3V45, 500,00 Euro, (BMM- Euro), Ceops5.3.
Brett Miller
What song is at 10 mins?
Carlos Ordonez
Love your Mixes!
Cengiz Onikiler
best house !!
Claudio Krčmar
32..45 ooooo my goooddd sooo gooodddd
Conan Breslin
Feeling Happy...looking grumpy?
Csilla Farkas
LOVE.. 😍😚✌🖒👄👅
DJ Alejandro Clavijo •
I love your mixes and your choise of titles. Thx from germany! \n\n39:40 min rockzzzzz!
Elena Manolii
Супер ✌
Emre Melik
:D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://jehejavayezosiyap.tk/?youtubeJ_vlzt_
Espen Abusdal
I Like Her,..
Etoile Dor
Force santé courage lourd la musique 👏 pour moi ⌛⌛ je suis fatiguée de me confirmer pour elle fin ⌛🎇🎆🎉🎉♥️🎉🎇♥️⌛ c'est la vie et la musique ♥️ force santé courage motivation pour moi ⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛
Fleur Wouters
Provision expect regime quietly stake fill catch psychology sustain.
Francisco Freitas
real great songs, Amazing.
TRACKLIST\n00:01 - Faul - Something New\n03:21 - Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Starmain Remix)\n07:21 - Filous feat. James Hersey - How Hard I Try (Gianni Kosta Remix)\n11:12 - Siha feat. Mister Bailar - Reality\n13:50 - Sia - Chandelier (Marcus Szabo Deep Remix)\n19:00 - Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Ben-E.dit)\n25:20 - Coldplay - Magic (FreakMe Visionary Re-Work)\n32:00 - Slightman feat. Carolyn McClusey - Read All About It (Cover) (Original mix)\n38:38 - Fugees - Ready or Not (Achtabahn Remix)\n42:34 - Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Comes Around (A.M. Authority Bootleg Remix)\n49:00 - Dmitri Saidi & John Louis - I Can't Sleep (Elegant Ape & Giovanni Russo Remix)\n54:50 - Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko - Stay (Mark Lower Unofficial Mix)\n59:23 - Sllash - Hey Girl!(Original Mix)\n1:03:50 - Federico Fleres - The Way Out (HIBIRD\u00adRemix)\n\nJust enjoy this sheet
deep house?? really?
awesome tracks. what is the song called that starts at 26 minutes
Jacko Carrero Artigas
Regard ! cada vez suenas mejor. Amazing Deep!
Jaco Luyke
thumbs up from South Africa
Jürgen Angermann
tracklist please
Karsten Voß
Kattegory Marketing
Photo Provided by: Dani Diamond
Kay Esche
Danke \u003c3
Keagan Paul
Good taste bud👌
Kinga Boros
OMG!! I am so in love with your mix`s!! can't stop listening to them..I was wondering ..this is copyright music? I would love to use some of the songs for my youtube channel :D \n\nthanks again for making my hours at work beautiful!
Kit Kit
Kotch Music
Just ear-gasm sounds inspires me to make better music
Kurt Hohl
Good Work. I like this variant of Music. Tanks you for this gift.
Lol Lil
Fajne xd
Muito bom, obrigado ;)
Maayan Ziv
My favorite part: 38:53
Magic Deephouse Tracks
love ur mixes, hate u for not putting up a simple tracklist so sry no more sub either
Mahogany bay Village
The Brooklyn duo
Marcos Sosa
Hi From Argentina D:
Matt Braun
she doesnt look to happy...
Mattia Pisu
Somebody can write the tracklist please?
Mauricio Singer
Tracklist (couldn't find #8 and #14. And I'm not sure about #7, if it's the right remix) \n01 - Faul - Something New\n02 - Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Starmain Remix)\n03 - Filous feat. James Hersey - How Hard I Try (Gianni Kosta Remix)\n04 - Siha feat. Mister Bailar - Reality\n05 - Sia - Chandelier (Marcus Szabo Deep Remix)\n06 - Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Ben-E.dit)\n07 - Coldplay - Magic (Mahmut Orhan Remix) *?\n08 - ?\n09 - Fugees - Ready or Not (Achtabahn Remix)\n10 - Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Comes Around (A.M. Authority Bootleg Remix)\n11 - Dmitri Saidi & John Louis - I Can't Sleep (Elegant Ape & Giovanni Russo Remix)\n12 - Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko - Stay (Mark Lower Unofficial Mix)\n13 - Sllash - Hey Girl!\n14 - ?
Mauro Costa
How can I download or buy this album.
Mol chi
Who's the model in the video?
Mr. Crop
Track at 40:00?
Name Less
Nouh Armada
Made my morning ! :)
Online Marketing Essentials
does dj regard make the music himself? cuz there's tons of songs like his outthere not sure if it's his already distributed or what's goin on
Oscar rene Chumberiza Manzo
Lo maximo esta musica para los Runners\nRelaja muchoooo
Paulo Moreno
Does anyone know the name of the song on minute 20:52???
I am feeling sad after I am playing this music. I like the music. The word “happy” got my attention but I am feeling more sad.
Rade Milovanovic
super mix
Rafa JaH
c eh loko q somzeira!! NICE NICE
Rob Heideman
💎💎💕. DJ Regard. 💕👍👍
Robbert van Meulem
01 - Faul - Something New 02 - Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Starmain Remix) 03 - Filous feat. James Hersey - How Hard I Try (Gianni Kosta Remix) 04 - Siha feat. Mister Bailar - Reality 05 - Sia - Chandelier (Marcus Szabo Deep Remix) 06 - Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Ben-E.dit) 07 - Coldplay - Magic (Mahmut Orhan Remix) 8.Slightman_feat.Carolyn_McClusey-Rea-d_All_About_It(Cover)_(Original_mix) 09 - Fugees - Ready or Not (Achtabahn Remix) 10 - Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Comes Around (A.M. Authority Bootleg Remix) 11 - Dmitri Saidi & John Louis - I Can't Sleep (Elegant Ape & Giovanni Russo Remix) 12 - Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko - Stay (Mark Lower Unofficial Mix) 13 - Sllash - Hey Girl! 14.Federico_Fleres_-The_Way_Out(HIBIRD-_Remix)
Secret Name
Simeon Manamela
what is the name of the track number 59:39
Sonney B.
Stuart Hog
💃face down arse up to this anyday
Succulents and Tiny Gardens
one of my favorite tracks to work to
Taiwan Chanel
非常感谢你这样美妙的音乐。 一个真正的休息与你的灵魂和身体。 我非常喜欢它。 周末愉快,心情愉快。\n\n订阅我的频道,看到最新和最伟大的视频!
Tanya Fortune
This mix is great
Tropical Vibes
Great! I love your mixes!
Vince D
Title states \
Vitra Holassie
This album was one of my favorite albums of this summer and kept me company after discovering it on my trip to Thailand at the Cove South of Phuket. A place where one could disappear and never return to reality thank you from NYC...
William pabst
20:50 awesome music is coming on :)
bocas del toro
living on the caribbean this is the perfect mix for anything!!!!
carlos ojeda diaz
hi from chile
It offens me
frederik bornebie
Hey dj regard...do your videos get deleted?i used to hear one i cant find anymore
giorgi modebadze
photo please
juan cam pro Angel
Allright, I know it must have being asked a dozen times but ... who´s the lady in the pic? :)
como se llama el tema del minuto 26??? gracias
ogi kahendra
i love this music, i play it all the time , my guest loved it and smiled at me\nthanks DjRegard\nfrom indonesia #Bumbu_Cafe #Lombok_Senggigi
skydiver jack
wissam rihani
it's the best ever I know , I love it ,so wonderful .thanks ......
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