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Immerse yourself in the experience of free solo climbing Yosemite’s famous El Capitan alongside Alex Honnold in this breathtaking 360 video.➡ Subscribe:

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How could anyone dislike this!? This guy has a mind of steel!
Alejandro Aquino
Anyone know what song is in the video? I can't find it anywhere
Are Dub
yeah now i have to sit down in my shower.
ArkSoul Wake YaShone
Not only being the best athlete in his sport,he also good on motivational speech,I guess learning to control his mind are making him a great philosopher also,i am so amazed by him
Amazing and thanks for the 360 made it even more amazing..
Average Alien
360 technology on youtube is fascinating technological progress
Azliana Lyana
Absolutely breathtaking and jaw-dropping video. Nice addition with the 360 view. Hope he finds what ever it is he's looking for. 🙂
Ben Lawrence
Alex is a once in a lifetime athlete and soul he truly is an amazing person and i hope he dies of old age.
Billy Simmons
My hands are soaked just watching
Brad H.
I've watched a lot of climbing videos and this is the most intense thing I've ever watched!! Amazing job, Nat. Geo.!! I can't wait to watch the movie on Imax!!
Brian M
Love this, technology lets you be there in a crazy way
Callan Whitney
Sound designer did a great job
Chester Sykes
I free soloed El Cap last year - inspired by Alex. I used a slightly different route that was a little tougher than Alex's.
Coreen Mazzocchi
Wow, this is INSANE in 360!!
Danny Hays
The most amazing video I have ever seen. Breath taking.
Elliot Blackwell the rock climber
I reckon I’d climb up to about where he is at 3:00 then realise I’m too high and this is a bad idea
Eloy PJ
De los mejores videos de youtube, hasta la musica queda increible
what would happen if he had intense diahrrea
Eric Bombardier
I'm gonna be sick
Experience More
Too short video i you ask me, wanted to explore more with my phone, see his route and actually feel like i’m there.
Genesis Abel
Mind blowing, crazy act and that 360 view just took it to a whole new bizarre level, almost felt at times like I’m slipping off the wall (we get a real perspective of how the valley looks and feels from top up there) and I can’t wait for him to get to the top quick....sincerely pray he doesn’t risk his life again this way.....
Hall Boylston
The way I see it, basically there are only two classes of athletes in this world. In one class you have every athlete that engages in or plays any and every sport that has ever been engaged in or played. And in the other class you have Alex Honnold. The word ‘unique’ doesn’t begin to describe what he just accomplished in free soloing El Capitan. I wonder if anyone will ever successfully repeat Honnold’s feat? There are probably a few climbers that are just as capable physically as Honnold is to do it butchallenge is the thing
Alex Honnold a Legend
Hunter Films
Truly inspiring and grade A story telling by all involved. Love these guys
Ian Williams
Go and see this film. Brilliant.
Ibrahim jou
this is one of the best videos i have seen on youtube
Isaac Dority
I normally am annoyed by 360 video, but this seemed like the ideal environment and situation where that completeness of view and freedom did bring more to watching. Spot on music, editing, and voice. Good job.
Just returned from seeing it on large screen. There is a huge amount compressed into a short 1.5 hour. Given that limit, the editing was superlative. The Google contribution made a huge impact. What was not shown and probably was not possible is the smoothness of the granite at the point where his first attempt stopped. That surface is like glass, according to many climbers. Thanks Nat Geo for supporting this film for all to see. I do not think any team other than Chai and Jimmy could have \
Jackal I
I love him, what a legend. Has been following for many years now. I always pray to god to keep him safe
James McKay
can we also take a moment of appreciation for how sick that van is. such an awesome lifestyle cruising around in that thing!
Jeffery Scott
The movie was absolutely epic and mind-blowing. Life changing movie.
Jirka B
Where can i get the music please?
Smaegol would have done it in half the time
John O'Neill
He is a professional rock climber. What ever he's getting paid, it's not enough.
Jon Krause
Amazing 360 vid. I was laying down looking up and got lost in the bushes and rocks, but found Alex hiking and climbing. 🤣 BEST EVER vid! Saw the movie, too. EPIC!!!! Also saw him at USC lecture end of January, 2018. So cool. 👏🤙
Koen Franssen
Can somebody please tell me what is the artists name / music at the end of this video? Its amazing...
Kyle Schmidt
Impressive, just Impressive. The way he handles himself, his fame and his skill. I wish this was playing near me, I'd love to pay for a big screen ticket! I'll wait until it's available online I guess.
Wow, the best climber of all time, and an amazing guy. Can't wait to see this movie
Leonardo Lattanzi
There are Legends in Rock climbing Royal Robbins, Warren Harding, Jim Bridwell to name a few there would be no Alex Honnold if it weren't for these pioneers of the sport, that being said Alex has taken it to a whole nother relm no doubt about it...if anyone is more curious about this sport, you need to watch the documentry VALLEY UPRISING you can find it on NetFlix it is hands down one of thee best documentries i've ever watched right up there with DOG TOWN & Z- BOYS cronicles the birth & progression of rock climbing Super Awsome doc & a great sound track to boot , you DO NOT have to be a fan of climbing to watch this doc ....but it will definatly make you one ...100% ....& yes Alex Honnold is in it too ( ;
Lorean Nigg
I needed a bag of chalk just to watch this video..
Martin Isaksson
Look at that dude! Respect
Matthew Williams
I cried watching this. It wasn't the danger. It was the perfection. It's the same feeling I got watching Secretariat race against history in the Belmont. Like watching Jordan in the playoffs. Just perfection. I hope Honnold walks away from free soloing. He has nothing left to prove.
Mikey D
I fell 20 times just while watching this
Mister GG
One of the few movies where u see Alex and The Rock.
Music is Life
5:16 my goodness - how can he stay so incredibly calm? Even with rope and harness I would be shaking!
National Geographic
What are your thoughts on this breaktaking look into Alex Honnold's life?
Nick Ang
I think I've just experienced the perfect application for 360 videos, ever.
Nina Yanthi Simatupang
Whoaaa that's wonderful.
Noah Worley
Scary but cool
Noble Global
Hands down one of the best if not the best video I’ve seen.
the human mind is amazing.
Patrick Griggs
Just one broken hold.........
Paul McGorian
On earth Humans are at the apex . All the other animals are subject to us . That is why we must care and treat all of them with respect . We have a responsibilities .
Peter Park
This is the coolest YouTube video I have ever seen. Incredible.
By far the best 360 video I’ve ever seen. Possibly the most amazing YouTube video I’ve seen. Seriously. Watching this outside is like you’re on that wall.
RK Newell
Alex \
Thank you - thank you for this amazing documentary National Geographic and for Alex and Jimmy.
The first 30 seconds I was like this video is boring and when I figured that i can \
Anyone know the artist that made the music in this video?
Revolt Fitness
I just want to understand how he is able to walk, let alone climb with the massive balls he has. Insane.
Humans aren't particularly special, he said, while risking death to overcome a physical and mental barrier. Yep, that's exactly what my dog does every morning before having its breakfast.
Absolutely best use of 360 camera I have ever seen...AMAZING!!!😄
Sergio Martinez
I'm mind was just blown away. I'm tripping balls right now
Shyena Venice
Brillant! & Beauty
I'm guessing modern drones were instrumental in capturing some of this footage?
He might climb like this for 20, even 30 more years. There will eventually come a day when he has to realize that he has become too old to keep up this perfection. He will either ignore that and fall of a cliff, or he will slow down and see, that he has still many more years ahead, that he missed all the oppurtunities to become good at life (quoting him) and can't move on. I hope that won't be the case though. Life is not about perfection, perfection is only a story we tell.
Tech Connect
This is probably the best use of 360 cameras that I've ever seen. It actually made my stomach drop to watch Alex mid climb. The shots were incredible too. I think you must have got some of them with a drone right? I like how you took the drone out of the shot though. I'd love to see more videos like this. Great video!!
That Cookie
I could spend days watching Alex climb. It just looks so easy, almost like there's no gravity. That's perfection.
The B
Literally pools of sweat my hands and soles of my feet
Just watching this while sitting on my couch is making my heart race. Absolutely unimaginable how a person has the composure to undertake such an impossible-seeming feat.
First 360 video that I liked EVER. Great to see him climb like that
Titan Top List
Alex, you owe me a new pair of underwear.
Oh gosh, I didn't know you could literally move the video around to see all the views until 1/2 way through after reading comments! I'm so glad I found that! I did seethe video title, but I thought it just was a term meaning they go in depth on the topic. Yikes, great technology usage on this!
Tyler Sunn
what type of cretin dislikes this?
why does this only have half a million views. this is EPIC
William Delaney
I know I'm smoking some pretty good weed right now, but still, I teared up being able to see El Cap and the rest of the park in this way. I will bring my son there some day and live it for real.
Yoonsang Rhee
Amazing panorama view, don't get it wrong but I want to see you till I'm 80. I wonder if I can make it to 80:), keep up your inspiration and your meaning of everything.
Your Neighbor Amos
Woah. This is such a cool video. First one that I experienced 360!
I am French and what this person has just accomplished, because I doubt that he is human, is one of the most incredible achievements I have seen in my life, this documentary looks exceptional, I inquired everywhere but I did not find anything, do you know if we will be able to see it in europe one day, because it is only broadcast in cinemas in america for the moment; I was even ready to go to America just to see this masterpiece but the price of the flights cooled me down, so if you have information I'm interested, thank you so much.
b zanon
How can you let the fear of death outside your mind for every single steps and 4 h of climbing???\nJust not human.
I wonder how Alex feels now that he’s done this. It’s probably like the song landslide. Climb a mountain then turn around
I don’t know about anyone else. But watching this made me sweat profusely. I was beyond nervous watching. How he does this is beyond comprehension. One slip and gone. Wow. Wow wow
Heh, I had no idea this was a 360 vid at first and I was like \
deltaX NA
The movie free solo is amazing. please watch it.
eric moss
I've become weary of all the focus on risk and death, and I'd assume Honnold is, too. I'd be risking death on simple mountain biking routes good amateurs do and pros think nothing of. The same goes with piloting and hang gliding and sailing. When one has the talent, physique and experience of these guys, it's simply not the same as for less able people.
glenn marley
He is the Peaceful Warrior
Pro Tip: Use WSAD on keyboard to move around in 360
lucky mojo93
sports you can lose, you can get knocked out fighting, but this is just totally insane 😬😬😧😧
malibu 44
I saw this movie 2 weeks ago. Most intense documentary ever. Beyond words.
This is single handedly the film of the year (The 360 version), the only thing I would like to say is that since this is VR and not a traditional monoscopic film the cuts should not be as fast(I know they are not fast at all, but still). Every scene felt to quick and I had to pause to be able to experience it, the cuts seem to happen way to soon and it was sort of jarring. The audio on the other hand does not feel right. Almost feel like it's a stereo mix rather than a spatial mix. For example Alex will be on my right and I will turn my head around I will keep hearing his footsteps on the right. I find this breaks the immersion.\n\nNevertheless - I love this video! Thank you so much for making it \u003c3
steve sing
Only America can produce people like Alex
491 viewers didn't realize this is an interactive video.
Just watching this was so intense \nMy deepest admiration
What this guy has done remains incredible over a year later. Every time I think about this I’m just floored by the mental strength he’s managed to achieve. The only comparable thing I can think of is self immolating monks.
He even made an hangboard workout after finishing el capitan XD
I watched it over and over again. But I dont get it. Maybe Alex is an alien. He has the eyes of an alien.... I assume that most of the people cant imagine how RAD this was. He made himself imortal. Unbelievable performance!
One of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Seriously like the raddest thing ever.
I am a concert violinist and I learn a lot from Alex. How to prepare well and overcome stage fright.Practice and practice correctly and reach the perfection.