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Jason Dy Jay R Jaya Officially Missing You

AOV Jaze
Eargasmic. Eartastic. Earesistable. Perfect runs and blends lalo n c ms. Jaya goodjob. Yung falsetto dn ni j.dy out of this world. This deserves to be on wide stage. Gj guys
Adan Simbulan
All time favorite song ko to. And woahh... they killed it.. They gave justice to this song.. Sobrang ganda ng arrangement. Kudos for the arranger and those 3 great singers.
Alfie Bart
ANGGG GAAALING makapamalikas man sad ta sa kamaayo oi!!! WAaaah
Andrei Gomez
LYRICS THANKS TO ME\nAll I hear is raindrops\nFalling on the rooftop\nOh baby tell me why'd you have to go\nCause this pain I feel\nIt won't go away\nAnd today I'm officially missing you\n\nI thought that from this heartache\nI could escape\nBut I fronted long enough to know\nThere ain't no way\nAnd today\nI'm officially missing you\n\nOh can't nobody do it like you\nSaid every little thing you do\nHey baby say it stays on my mind\nAnd I, I'm officially\n\nAll I do is lay around\nTwo ears full tears\nFrom looking at your face on the wall\nJust a week ago you were my baby\nNow I don't even know you at all\nI don't know you at all\nWell I wish that you would call me right now\nSo that I could get through to you somehow\nBut I guess it's safe to say baby safe to say\nThat I'm officially missing you\n\nOh can't nobody do it like you\nSaid every little thing you do\nHey baby say it stays on my mind\nAnd I, I'm officially\n\nWell I thought I could just get over you baby\nBut I see that's something I just can't do\nFrom the way you would hold me\nTo the sweet things you told me\nI just can't find a way\nTo let go of you\n\nOh can't nobody do it like you\nSaid every little thing you do\nHey baby say it stays on my mind\nAnd I, I'm officially\n\nIt official\nYou know that I'm missing you\nYeah yes\nAll I hear is raindrops\nAnd I'm officially missing you
Angelo Dy
That 3:50-3:54 of Ms.Jaya woooh. So cool 😍
Anthony Miguel Endrada
Galing!!!!! Eargasm at its finest! Husay!
Arnold Amaro
I love you Jaya!!!!!!!!!!
Arturo Mercines
This is so fucking perfect! Oh my God!
Astro Vlog
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 superb omg galing!!!!
Big Girls dont cry
Oh my goodness! Sooo eargasmic!
Bryan Ed
Grabe ang galing, this deserves million of views.
Bull Jack
Ooooh! On point harmonies and ad-libs. Total eargasm. #SoulAndRnB #RIPReplayButton
Grabe ka Jason Dy 👏👏👏
Carl V
Wow...i'm a fan now of Jaya, Jason Dy and Jay-r. Galing. Sana more concert pa.
Christian Sumulat
I can pay for this performance!!! 💯👏🤷\u200d♂️
Christian Tria
Claudette Louis Victoria CLOVI
Wow!!! So smooth... 😊😍
Erly De Vera
Brilliant ang nag-isip na pagsamahin sila. I can’t wait to watch them perform together for SoulJa.
Ernest Choi Acupinpin Destor
Ang gling ng pagkakuha ni Jaya , idol! ❤️❤️😘
Faith Arintok
This is beyond amazing, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!
Francis Ilada
From 3:50, I got goosebumps.
I didn't know Jason could sing that high. Bravo!!!
Gelo Casapao
Watda . Jason 😱 ♥♥♥Jaya and Jay-r ibaa din . Why so malupet 🎵🎼🎤
Geof Lopez
Mura ako ng mura sa galing!!!!!!
Gian Lopez
Triple Js: Parang J-A, J-R and J-D. Hahaha\n\nSuper love Jason Dy. Pag ikakasal ako, kukunin ko syang kumanta sa wedding ko... 😍❤️😍❤️
Gillian Malamug
Graciano Mendoza
BEAUTIFULLLLL!!! Huuuuu! Sarap pakinggan.
Queen slay! Got my stank face on. So Good.
Jason Dyfenders Official
OMG! We just saved our soul watching this video. Can’t help but share this amazing collab and hit that repeat button! Thank you Cornerstone!
Jay-r Lugo
ipareact na to sa mga foreigners para humanga nanaman sila sa mga Pilipino. Nice one. Proud Filipino..
Jc 23
I like how they twick the song an not overdoing it... And Dayuuum.. Jay R. still so soft.. and Jaya.. U did it gurl.. Jason... Nice job..
Jed Asi
ang galing ni ms. jaya
Jefferson Valle
Prince of soul .. jason dong kagaling mo dong
Jelyn Carayugan
Walang kupas. Napakahusay. More collab please! 😊
Jem Danaree Cruz
Hello Jason, are you human po?
JhonLi Seven
Napakawalang hiya ng dalawang nag-dislike. Haha. Ano ba kasi ang napakagaling, eargasmic at amazing para sa tenga n'yo? Anyways, inyo rin iyan.
Joefer Blaza Daduyo
Ms. Jaya ❤️❤️
Johanndsome Fernandez
This. Is. Soul! Exquisite blending! RnB Royalties indeed! 👌
Jon Magboo
Wow... lahat stand out.. jason dy, pamentor... miss jaya, galing mo tlaga... jay-r, then and now grabe ka din.... more cover pa.... super ganda ng harmony, the runs and falsetto's of 2 boys, and the headtone miss jaya. Wow!!!!
Joveth Flores
Damn! This version made my day this trio is beyond craziness.. I so love Jaya & JayR and of course credit to Jason Dy for giving additional flavor to this song... #TrippleJ😘\n#MoreCoverPls
Jr Raymundo
That crazy note 3:40-3:42!!! 😱😱😱😍😍😍
Judie Monterde
Wow! I was just so amazed with how Ms. Jaya Nailed it. These guys nailed it. #Napakagaling
Kikoy Galang
Galing Ni Ms. Jaya dto!!! 🙌🙌🙌
LJ Irah Estrada
Ang gandaaaaaaa 💕 i love tamia and her songs and i love jay r jason and ms jaya. 😍
Thank you for blessing our ears with your anglic voices.
Lem Zialcita
So much soul and perfectly-executed runs in this collab. All 3 artists deserve a segment in ASAP.
Liberty Canlas
Gandaaahh!!! Grabbeeehh!!!
Lilibeth Santiago
Eargasm LVL 99999999 💕💕💕
Louie Baltazar
OMG!!! loving every riffs and runs from you guy. Awesome!!!
Lovely Ko
Swabe! Sobrang swabe lang! 👌💕
Marga Jayy
Grabe yung taste ni Jaya.
MarlonJames XD
Ang pogi ni Jason Dy uy boooseeeeet 🔥
Matteo Eissenheim
Galing ni Jaya.. sana maging coach sya sa The Voice, kapalit ni Sharon
Michelle Ira
Jaya proved that she's a diva when she sang like a pro pero hindi niya sinapawan yung dalawa.
Mickaellah Lanto
GRABE. SOBRANG. LUPIT. Lalo tuloy ako naexcite para sa SoulJa!!! 🙌💙
Misha Dreamer
Oh wait.. I thought there was a love button.
Narciso Dayrit
0:27 Jaya was amazed with Jason Dy ❤️
Nathaniel Jay Abella
Shocks!!! Ang tindi masyado, di ko kinaya,whahaha
Nathe Nicolai
jayr lupet sobrang natural at di siya sumasapaw pero pag pinakinggan mo mga adlib niya on the side swabe sobrang flawless
Neal Reggie Micabani
Ganda ng arrangement. Salute to these OPM artists.
Nephi Acaling
The vocal chops though! WOWWW! TRUEST SOUL in its ESSENCE! Much RESPECT to these artists. Thank you so much.
Norman Torremocha
Jaya, you should be at ASAP Soul Sessions! Goosebumps to all! Great Job Mr. Guitarist! 👍
PDL Hope
Good job guys especially Jaya you bring something new to the table👏👏👏
Paolo Alberto Martinez
Patricia Montojo
Shit... best cover of this song! Daming ginamit na techinques ni jaya. Kalowka
Paul Carlo Ocampo
Paul Herbert
This gives me goosies! These artists slayed it!
Ren Corporal
THIS. IS. PURE. EARGASM! Listening to it on repeat!
Rency Consigna
Ang swabe lang. 👌
Renz Michael
Reymart Simpao
They deserve a segment on @asapofficial
River Spinach
Sheeeet!! Eargsm ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rizal R-Legaspi
Grabe si Jaya. Kahit new singers, wala pang nakakadaig sa deep-seated arsenal nya ng textures, runs. She's an understated treasure among Filipino vocalists. Maganda sana kapagka nabalik ang The Voice (adults) tapos she'd be among the coaches.
Ron Ivan
I'm amazed by Ms. Jaya's technique. I know that Jayson and Jr can do good this kind of cover great, but it's my first time seeing Ms. Jaya singing this way that she's trying to fit her voice to the two. Such a great collaboration! Looking forward for more! 👏👏👏
Shandle Dimaano
Wow n wow! Galing supeeeeeer! #soulja ❤️❤️❤️
Sus Mar Yosef
Jaya as one of TVOP's newest coaches. Brilliant, right?
Tim Bermudez
Please add this cover to Spotify :)
Tom Karev
RNB royalties. This is what you call artistic singing.. Their voices can move stars down the heavens. Eargasm. Yas, i hope Pinoys can move on with belter divas. lol But this is so loveable, honestly speaking.
Ton Suerte
Wala na finish na 👏👏👏👏\nFOR ME, BEST VERSION EVER 👏👏👏😱😱😱
Via Baroro
This cover deserve millions views! 💕😍💖
Vincent Mationg
ang galingggggggggggggg nilaaaaa pero yung jowa ko yung huhuhu jason dyyy 😍😍😍
Wah Tu Sy
Potek! Galing na galing ako kay Jaya
Xyrrene Custodio
jason dy and jay-r in a one collaboration, WOW. I'm dead. This song melts my heart. 💗☹
Yi Yu
There! Right there! That's what I've been waiting! Runs, soul, harmonies, cant say no more! 2:03 Jaya is heaven! Dang! Listen from 3:16 onwards oh GOSH!!!! Church!!! Grabe ang galing.
Yowel Riversz
This is just! OMG! My favorite song! In much better rendition! So full of soul.. lufet Ng harmonies! And those runs??? Deym! 😲 #Goosebumps
I can listen to this three wonderful singers all day. They are simply amazing! 😍Jason+Jay R+Jaya=❤️
dirk janz
I'n in awe!!! #Soulmazing 👏👏👏
ej marcos
I'm officially missing you too Dong Jason hehehe\n#DYfenderGensan
glory 1993
Forget about the techniques because I bet they have enough. What's surprising is the emotions they convey . Kudos.
jasmine mercado
😍😍😍 perfect 💛 the best version of \
junryl meking
WOW!!! the performances of the three were so perfect. they complement with each other. its so nice to hear, very sweet. Maam Jaya indeed your aamazing, kakaiba ka talaga. i think all the genres makakaya mo. again for the three of you WOW!!!
ken tatzuya
wtf! another versatility of jaya revealed.
krystan gardo martinez
Ganito dapat nirerequest nyo sa mga youtube reactors!!! Hindi yung mga kakornihan nyong taste sa music!! Punyeta!!! Hnd ako galit... ✌😁
mario mori
Iba din yung pinakawalan ni JAson Dy sa bandang huli ha, may pa falsetto chuchu..galing galing! nice one jason..
reyman meran
Jaya is truly a legend!!!! I LOVE YOU JAYA!!!!!
Ang galing ng pasok ni Jason waaahhh! Kainlove mga boses nila. 😍
steven sparks
I hope cornerstone will push jaya as a coach sa the voice..she will give a new flavor and will represent rnb and soul..sarah sa pop, bamboo sa rock, lea sa musical/theatre and jaya sa soul and rnb..swak na swak