All-New BMW X2 SUV 2018 - a proper baby X6? | Top 10s

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This is the BMW X2. The new compact SUV is BMW’s sporty take on the X1, with sharper styling and the potential to be even more fun to drive. But how will the X2 compare to the rivals like the Audi Q2 and Volvo XC40? Find out with carwow’s top 10 things you need to know about it.Subscribe to carwow on youtube –

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Why compare X2 with Q2? When you compare X1 with Q3...
3 T
BMWs are getting scary ugly
A Typical Moth
What’s next? BMW X7?
Audi q2 interior is better I guess
Ahmed Merchant
looks like a hatchback on steroids!
Aleixei Demirov
So there’s not gon be a X2M?
Alexander Franssén
I would take the volvo
Ali mahmoud
I'm getting bored of bmw's interior
Andrew Russo
I don't really understand how this fits into the BMW lineup. Isn't the \
Smaller than X1? should call it X0.5, X2 should be sloped-roof version of X1. weird!
Are all car manufacturers in a race to see who can make the smallest SUV?
Antonio Giuliani
Great mini suv but i prefer audi q2
A front wheel drive?? BMW have lost it
Benedek Szénási
It doesn't look like a proper BMW. More like a Hyundai hatchback
Chris Steele
A lot of people complain about the 2 BMW badges on the back ... i mean, why should it bother you so much? They put it on the back of the M1 so... ?
Dario Ravlić
2:03 Croatia😱
David Jones
These little suvs are pointless. Especially this thing starting at £32k
Denis B
Best car in its class , looks absolotely stunning from every corner to back and front and on the inside😍 im hooked
Easily the best looking in its class 😍😍 I want one!!
Donald Trump
No need for a hybrid. Climate change is a myth.
Dragon Cloud
Looks like Homer Simpson.
Edi Cosmin
The ugliest car, even juke is more beautiful
Exinsider 300
Ugly but still bmw . Actually still made in german
isn't the x4 a baby x6?
Giovanni Vattuone
SUV? Lol this pokemon is a hatchback
Gowtham Oleti
It's wierd that the X1 compares with the Q3 and the X2 compares with Q2...🤔🤔
Grahame Stroud
German cars are crap cars now \n... range rovers are the best and made in ENGLAND....... NUFF SAID
An X model with a choice of FWD from all the things? wtf bmw?
Hasan Al-habbobi
I like the design, its nice. Very similar to the concept.
Henry Tan
I quite disappointed for the design of the X2. It doesn't look like the other sporty looking sloping roof line Sport Activity Coupe like X4 or X6... It more like Jack up hatchback crossover for example Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class
This one supposed to b a coupe thats what even number represent in bmw otherwise this looks exactly like x1
Is this bmw engine emission tested on apes, along with Daimler's and VW's engines? Lot of talk about sustainability these days you know. Maybe its time to walk away from german cars?
Jack Waren
BMW look cheap feel cheap........crap dealerships and to many on road....wheels look cheap...
Styling is great, but front wheel drive is horrible. You just can’t put the power down in a good manner, compared to RWD.
James Filosa
I don't think the SUV craze originates in the customers, I think it came from the manufacturers. Here's why:\nLet's say BMW have a 20% profit margin with the 1-series. They then raise the suspension and tweak the styling (X1 and X2) and can now sell the same car at 140% the price. That means they make 3 times the profit with the X1 and X2. And once they become more popular than the 1-series, they will also become cheaper to build.
James Hetfield
When is the X3's review!
Jan de Rochefort
Is it just me or does it look like a Hyundai Tucson at certain angles? 🤔
Jim Beam
How boring...
Matt the type of guy to call police when his car doesn't open
I don't know about you but I like that grill. Ish
let's go to muddy adventures :D
Kino Zomby
XC40 still looks the best I’d say.
Kinyanjui Kamau
this is what you get when you half 4
Kirb ster
Anyone else feel his voice is a little quiet? Always find I have to turn the volume up for carwow videos
Kritin Prompongsri
I like it ... Unique and outstanding it's look very sport for \
Luiz Carlos
Luka 973
It look really good but the rear lights look like the lights from the Stelvio
MIck Chotsawang
Omg!! U have to create a new interior..very boring.
I hate these experiments of a car, there are only 5 BMWs and they are the 1 series, the 3, the 5, the 6, the7 series.
Marko M
Why is it not in comparison with GLA? Isn't X2 made to compete in that segment or you guys just try to passively hate on Mercedes for some reason...?
Miyuru Weerarathna
That's Sports Activity Vehicle Matt. BMW strangely doesn't use the SUV moniker...
Mohamed Yousry
X2 smaller than x1?! Weird
Mr. Perfect !
They have showcased X3 but haven't came on road\nAnd they are releasing X2.. Please BMW !!
Since we know nobody's ever going to bring a premium performance minivan or wagon to the USA and market it as such, is it possible that this will come to America with a third row option? I'd love whatever equivalent to the 2-series Gran Tourer BMW thinks this country will buy, it would be the Mazda MPV's true successor as a small, fun minivan in the US market. I'm still keeping my old MPV alive as long as I can: I tuned it for a bit of extra power, and got aftermarket ignition coils that don't fail every other week like the standard Ford ones do. But there's no denying that it's aging, and I can't make it last forever.\n\nWhen inevitably an essential part dies, and nobody makes replacements anymore, a 3-row midsize BMW MPV will be my next car if they have the balls to offer one. Even if BMW has to dress the 2-series Gran Tourer up as a \
Mystkal Diamond
That hat roof looking thing over the speedometer looks so uglu to high.
Nasty McJackass
Diesel is dead. That is all.
Piyush Parmar
Better than competition?
Quacking panda
X2 is the best in its class however the problem is the type of car is pretty useless.
have u guys heard about a car reviewer called doug demuro. wel if you do who do you think is better??
Sakk 1
A bmw without leather seats don’t look good
sniffs of the Jaguar E-Pace in this design
Shaishav Prajapati
Looks far better than Mercedes glc
There's absolutely nothing about this car that says \
Siddhant Sabharwal
I hate that silver cladding on the sides though,
Some Boi
Love the styling 😍
I'll pass on this and so should you !
Stephen Butler
Love the look of thoughs seats. But come on BM, design a new front dash. It's hardly changed since the 90s. Swap out that fake alloy for fake wood, and it will be like back to the future.\n\nStill the seats look the part. Not a fan of full leather, so I like it when the options are not just more leather.
All new BMW suv's look horrible
Tech 2007
Much more expensive as well!
Tom Bristow
just under £34k?? definitely not worth it! Around £10k more than an s line q2 and basically the same price as an x3 ahaha! Not to mention all the other SUV's with a similar price range that are much nicer
Utkarsh Kshirsagar
Interior is too outdated...please do something new...
This looks more like a slightly jacked up n more stylish version of the 1 series Hatchback..there is nothing coupeish in the design..its miles away from the coupe look of X6, X4 or GLE coupe or GLC coupe!
Vanessa Oelmann
the Q2 surely isn't the best looking car in the world but next to this X2 it is...also the Q2 is half the price
Viktor Benji
Looks like a certain Hyundai
Thank goodness it ISN'T a baby X6. The X2 actually looks good, whereas the X6 is perhaps the ugliest vehicle BMW has ever produced.
William Wallace
Dear jesus x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7..... will it never end
Looks so outdated from the inside...
I just dont like it
aniz saha
X2 should've been named X1, and X2 should be X1
FWD ?? oh come on BMW !!
What makes this sportier/better than the x1?🙃
Can I vote for none, I really dislike this mini suv which is basically a hatchback sitting too high class of cars... I really like the design of all other X cars but this one not at all
Not so sure about that BMW badge on the upper rear side panel
2:03 *Croatia* 🙄
johnny wires
buy the new mazda cx5 instead and save yourself a lot of money and get yourself a better and more reliable the hell can you make the x2 smaller than the x1,daaaaa.
The X2 is smaller than the X1? What the heck, BMW?\nThese naming schemes are totally worthless now, I guess...
khoo jyh
somehow look like Hyundai.
king lion
This is the GLA of BMW
What is this mess???
34k!!! Only the finance brigade will be buying this
luki may
The front is looking great, but what i dont like is the boring interieur... old fashion.
it looks fantastic
travel er
Super one👍👏
The interior looks sooo boring and dated, but the exterior is just hilarious...especially the bmw badge on the side panel \nP.S.: my opinion so don’t be toxic