Ultra Nate - Free (Official Video)

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Dance Free House Strictly Rhythm Ultra Nate free ultra nate ultra nate free you're free to do what you... your free your free to do what you want to do

Adam B. Smith
That guitar intro just takes me away. I wish I could dance to this in a club.
Alex Dalton
this is a classic vocal. can anyone suggest anymore 90s classics like this?
Alisson Avancini
I think Te video is se at a hospital because the name of the album is Situation: Critical, and the first songs' theme revolves around the analogy of love as an ailment, sometimes a good one. Other titles are:\n2.\t\
Andrew Chapman
1997 was such a great year! This awesome song came out!! But then again the 90s was the best decade for everything!
потрясающая  вещица 
Aniss Anissarabe
😍 2018 😍
Antonio Capocchia
quanti ricordi e che anni. Un tuffo al cuore. baci dall Italia
Antonio Sapienza
it remind me SUMMER 1997, 19 years old...The Best summer of my life!!!!!
Apple Mallari
OMG just Love This Song
Arjan van gemert
Great song and the Lyrics are very important make it a better World , Spread the Love
B Goode
Bill Clinton was president. We had jobs and money.
Bik-San Lee
Still listening 20yrs later
Carlotta Charlotte
bridge when you're down and you're\nfeeling bad\neverybody has left you sad\nfeels like no one will pull you through\nit's your life whatcha gonna do\nmake that change let's start today\nget outta bed get on your way\ndon't be scared your dream's right there\nyou want it reach for it
Caro BeartGood
GTA LCS que tiempos. :')
Chubby Chaser
If you like this song, please say your country
Crazy Bob
I love her voice and this song... Heard it when it first came out and still love it... I have to look her up.. See what other things she had done...
Daniel Camacho
Ultra nate- Free
David Frías Fernández
algún español escucha todavía esto?
Donna Mira
Such a powerful message! Love it...
EGOUY Michaël
Souvenir d'une époque où je me sentais tellement bien!
Emm Catherine
The words of this song are so uplifting at this time in my life. Light And Love to everyone along your path.
Eric Babu
I used to call her the First Lady of House...
Still not tired of it in 2017! ♥
Ezequiel Whitemore
Short hair, Nice dress all natural body, 90's golden era of house music 🆒
Fatal Music
Classic !!
Francis FonteGaston
I love this song
thanks you for your amazing video
Gabriela Martins
saudades de quando se faziam musica de qualidade!
Heinrich Promeisl
what a super track
Helen Arsenault
Love this song !!!!!
Ines Winter
Freeee ...most gift in the world,we have to live.
James Howard
I can't believe this is going to be 20 years old very soon.
Jay Pay
This song just makes me want to leave my family shit life right now and go somewhere by myself feel free and start freash even if I love them
Jean Paredes
God that beat tho!!!
Jessica Dawson
this song I great I love her voice
Jhodson Costa
I'm listening to in 2016!!!
John Edgar
I am re-watching this during a lunar eclipse... I'm free!
Jorge Barcelos
this brings back so many memories
Jose Oms
I love this f.... music
You'd never hear this positivity in today's music. What a classic!
My mom used to play this \
Katarina Brown
Love love love this !
Kevan Gosnell
This song will light up any dreary day. Play at full throttle getting that deep Base rhythm moving your mind... Magic!
Lexii -mae
This song makes me feel so positive, refreshed and energised after I've listened to it, every time! Love it.
Lloyd Braun
To do what you want do...Free....my life anthem....
Manuela Manusonica Spricigo
Il mio pezzo dance preferito di quegli anni. Scende una lacrima....
Marco Mallardo
ricordi straordinari...
Mario Ramirez
no entiendo lo que escriben pero sta buenoo
Martine Maes
Where did we go wrong\nWhere did we lose our faith\nMy brother is in need\nBut can he depend on me\nDo you think if one of you tried\nMaybe you could find\nA better friend than any other\nIf you gave more than you took\nLife could be so good\nCome on and try\nNow's the time\n\n[Chorus] \n'cause you're free\nTo do what you want to do\nYou've got to live your life\nDo what you want to do\n\nChant \nDo what you want\nDo what you want to do\n\nAre we all strangers\nDoes anyone really care \nDeep down we're all the same\nTrying to hide our pain\nYou think you can never trust another\n'cause they're all out to get ya\nWe have to live in this world together\nIf we open up our hearts\nLove can finally start\nCome on and try\nNow's the time\n\n[Chorus]\n\nBridge when you're down and you're\nFeeling bad\nEverybody has left you sad\nFeels like no one will pull you through\nIt's your life whatcha gonna do \nMake that change let's start today\nGet outta bed get on your way\nDon't be scared your dream's right there\nYou want it reach for it \n\n[Chorus]
Marty Mart
Number 1 ... It's recall when i met my boyfriend in 1992 ... still together :-)
Mauro Morello
this song remember me GTA liberty city stories!!
sacrée souvenir putain
Me Against The World
Nostalgia hits me like a blizzard
Moriah Treadwell
90's baby!!
Morrie The Creator
Im here from GTA liberty city stories anyone else?
Gta Liberty City Stories - Rise FM
Nathan McConnell
Class song, I'm 14 and I hate rap, but I love 90's and 80's music and some of the charts today 👍😀
Nelson G.
Nicolas Monti
No songs like this anymore in mainstream
Nige Appleby
Late 90's, just split from long term girlfriend, holiday to Ibiza, awesome
Normu pipita
¿Dónde nos equivocamos ?\n¿Dónde fue que perdimos nuestra fe ?\nMi hermano está en necesidad\nPero él puede depender de mí\nPensaste si uno de ustedes trató?\nQuizá tu podrías encontrar\nUn amigo mejor que cualquier otro\nSi dieras mas de lo que tomaste\nLa vida podría ser tan buena\nVen y prueba\nAhora es el momento\n\nporque eres libre\nPara hacer lo que quieres hacer\nTienes que vivir tu vida\nHaz lo que quieres hacer\n\nHaz lo que quieres\nHaz lo que quieres hacer\n\n Somos todos extraños?\nLe importa a alguien realmente?\nAbajo en lo profundo todos éramos lo mismo\nIntentando esconder nuestro dolor\nPiensas que nunca podrás confiar en otro\nporque todos ellos están afuera para conseguir ya\nNosotros tenemos que vivir juntos en este mundo\nSi abrimos nuestros corazones\nEl amor puede empezar finalmente\nVen y prueba\nAhora es el momento\n\nporque eres libre\nPara hacer lo que quieres hacer\nTienes que vivir tu vida\nHaz lo que quieres hacer\n\nCuando estás mal y estás\nSintiéndote mal\nTodos te hemos dejado triste\nSentimientos como ninguno te tirarán a través\nEs tu vida, que vas a hacer?\nHaz que ese cambio empiece hoy\nSaca la cama fuera de tu camino\nNo te asustes que tus sueños están allí\nTu los quieres, alcánzalos\n\nporque eres libre\nPara hacer lo que quieres hacer\nTienes que vivir tu vida\nHaz lo que quieres hacer.
Oancea Irina
That beat!!! killing
Obi Trump Kenobi
Ok folks this song is NOT from 2000. It was released in the late 90's (97?)
Ocam Ora-aleh
Nice Classic makes me wanna dance🎼🎼
Oscar .P.
I miss my childhood....Beautiful song
Otoniel Cardona
this brings a lot of memories, I wish I can turn back the time, really miss those days...
Paulo Santos
oh my god, i'm back in the past
Renato Sousa
Who listening in 2017?
Robert Rust
Oh the memories are so vivid, remember being at the Black \n& Blue in Montreal and Ultra Nate were the headliners, nothing like hearing thousands of people singing along :)
Robert Smith
In the 1990's the world WAS a lot more free. Now we are almost at total lock down . . with the the planned destruction of Europe, alien religions becoming the majority, anti-freedom laws and false flag terrorism to make you accept said laws.
Roger Williams
Now, this was definitely one of the anthems of the late 1990s. #memories
Temazoooo !!!!!!
Sasa2015 Parmosa 2015
Grande. ........
Silva 1893
this song makes me time travell to simpler times ...
Subidubidubi Du
Ebonies do know how to wear short hair I give them that
i have always been wondering why she's singing about freedom in a hospital... :P
Tem Cornish
October 2018????
The End Boss
Nas brought me here
gta liberty city stories anyone?
Tom Kuhbrügge
Einfach nur tanzbar bis zur Exxxxtassssse....
Tookie Jackson
my shit in high school
Vaughan Hamilton
Oh man, what memories. Me and the 90's were best friends
Gli ultimi scampoli di buona musica prima dello schianto disastroso di questo ultimo decennio...
antonio muscolino
QUANTI RICORDI ...ballata un milione di volte.....
This song gives hope. Love it
Back when house ruled the clubs !
jsmotts Mafa
The music is super and sounds like first classed music to my world huh!
one of the greatest club anthem ever!!!! 
mandruvá sangado
maravilha de musica!!
merle brant
Real House Grooves, anytime
Glad I was a teenager in the 90s. Got to experience all the awesome music, culture, tv and sports moments live.
mr cush 420
is amazing this song is 100 % GAY
My favorite classic right here! I also love the positive message of this song - you're free to live how you want to live and you're free to do what you want to do :-)
Nas used the strings in the intro for his song Film.
stefano coppola
era il 97, preparavo l'esame di maturità, e quella settimana questo pezzo era in disco della settimana di una radio dance, veniva passato ogni ora. Ogni ora accendevo la radio e la ascoltavo. Un pezzo bellissimo. Era un'altra musica. Penso a questo o Sing it back di Moloko e molti altri. La musica Dance era intrisa di buoni sentimenti.
stefano ferragina
intro più bello di tutti i tempi....le serate iniziavano con questo mitico pezzo........\nche serate...che ricordi....benvenutiiiiiiiiiii
Why's the video shot in a hospital? Is this to signify the juxtaposition of modern life a la 'you're free to do as we tell you', or cos the decor matched UN's dress??
I can't believe 20 years has past since the release of this song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
test drive
Guitar is amazing!  All round awesome song!
Данила Набоких
Gta liberty city stories!