Cafe Music!!Jazz Bossa Nova instrumental Music!!お部屋に明るい音楽を!!

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A possessed poptart
This is aesthetic for me, idk about you.
Abner Portillo
suave y dulce que ricoooo jazz
Adagualberto dos santos
Bossa nova musica de primeira qualidade ....
Alan Soriano
Excelent.\nExcelent= Like.\n:)
This while reading a book... Unexplainable feeling... Good feeling... Hmm
Aliyah Higurashi
HOLY SMOKES! This music is by you? It's fantastic!\nIf I wanted to use it in a vlog, how do I get permission from you?
Anasia Stibbins
mt teacher plays this when we are doing a test
Andrew Tran
Anyone else here studying for their finals?
Arcanum Lemniscate
*_This gives me pure satisfaction_*
As Melhores Músicas Gospel Mais Tocadas
Looking at all these ‘stop scrolling, get back to work’ comments but still scrolling 😭
Astral Projection Music
Nice song to write my articles !
What is the song starting at 1:08:54? Can I purchase this song anywhere?
Bagas Fairusyah
Who also watching this while procrastinating pre-exam?
Benjamin Duthie
Sitting here with a cup of freshly ground coffee and a cigar!
Blue Lemonade
What's the first song's name?
Brasil dueño de la mejor música y mujeres, padre del futboll, medalla de oro 2016, hijos de PELE, Ufff nada más que decir.\nFelicitaciones totales por el ORO brasileños queridos desde Chile.
Carolyn Miller
Absolutely love this. It's so relaxing; however, it helped me get my housework done today (Saturday) that I've been putting off! Love this music. Instead of housework I'd rather have been sitting in a jazz club with a glass of wine listening, but it did the trick. Thanks!
Celia Tung
Coolkat321 Aj
I love this so much I can’t stop listening to it
Crete Greece
Who is watching this while drinking coffee?
Wow wow this is perfect, thanks, really my friend.
Crystal Flowers
Hey sis. Listen I Kno u wanna scroll and see these iconic comments but u needa get to wourk
Dancing in the 80s
I'm listening to this music high 😂
Davi Curcio Vlogs
Brazilian music 😃🇧🇷❤
Dead Soul
I don't even like jazz but I love this
Earl k
Lovely relaxing music.. good for any evening..feel good tunes for the Soul 😁
Eduardo Gavina-Horostecki
Fermín Pascual
Hola: 13-9-2016 control \n PALMA DE MALLORCA
Fernando Su
Glace Kim
Allthe comment sections comments says \
This time of music is good. Wen u want to relax or just hang out with ur girl friend of boy friend and wen u are in the shower right?
Life is a lot like Jazz, it's best when you Improvise.
Jack And Miller
Me: Imma listen to some cafe music 2 hours later....... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzZzzzz
James Lancaster
you are the only reason I can study this year. Thanks so much!
James Richard
Stop reading comments and start working!!!
Jean Carlos Chevarria Kopa
iI'm 13 years old, I love jazz and I'm a drummer.
Jemma Dijke
Omg this is so nice I even put it in my cafe
Jorge Luis Peña
Q buena música excelente
Júnior José Carlos Dos Santos
Bossa Nova!\nBrasil \\ :v /
Kate Pittman
Something about this is just so good for anything reading, homework, cooking, eating, dancing spontaneously, studying, driving in the car... ANYTHING!!!
whats is the first song title ?
Kima Parker
This kind of music helps me enjoy the now. It puts a smile on my face no worries of nothing ☺️
I wish one day, to open a little cafe, i'd play these musics all day for clients to enjoy ^o^
Lanisha B
i found myself lighting incense and making some coffee. i turned off the tv as well and i think that i'm having a hipster moment
Lauren Trinh
Who is here doing there homework but actually looking at the comment section. I hope everyone is having a great day 💝
Lelzo 515
Lexy Here
This one is my favorite thanks so much for making this!
Louis Brasil
From my point of view if there is a beverage that symbolize the most Jazz music, for sure it's Coffee.Anyone else agree with that?
Thanks so much for uploading this music!! This is truly a great song! !!!!! I ♡it!!!
I dream i in hotel 5 star
Machell Bhuiya
Loving this playlist. Great for listening to while cooking dinner, while cleaning up after dinner, while eating, while in the shower, while taking sime time out, just winding down after work... well... for any thing really😊
Mad Pariah
oatmeal, coffee, 2 slices of toast light cinnamon, and a tall glass of OJ... oh yea
Madeline Thompson
This slowed down one of the most severe anxiety attacks I've ever had, thank you so much.
Mandi Haase
I don't know why but when someone says a joke while this is playing, it's very ocward.....(#_#)
Brazil music!🇧🇷😍❤
Maria Bea Danica Castillo
So relaxing. I like playing this during weekend evenings..:)
Mateo Rodriguez
We are doing silent studying in my class, so I decide to put some music my phone with my headphones, but I forgot to plug in and this starts playing in class, I quickly move to shut it off but the teacher stopped me and tell me to let it play. It was a good day and a good class. Now I lke th teacher.
This makes me want to open my little cafe just so I can play this. And the rain outside right now is making me feel tooooo relaxed. All I need now is my black coffee.
Really good when your doing anything school related which doesnt requires you to learn anything. Doing math problems you already know, coding etc.
Michael Clark
this is great
Rain + This Song = Soul Orgasm
Noah Jimenez
Some people liked this music so much they turned their head upside down to give it another \
Noé Oliveira
Stop looking at the comments and get back to work!
Odair Marley
This + Rain + Cafe + NY = Soul Orgasm
Olivia Farro
Beautiful. Great for working and studying. Very relaxing for working for long periods of time.
Ray of the Spirit
Thank you for this music, it's never get old \u003c3
Rivanete Ferreira
Legal bom dia via YouTube bom café tbm yes 🍃🌻🍃🌻🍃🌻🍃🌻🍃eu gosto de Bossa nova radiante 🆗👍
Rosangela Nascimento
AmooD+++ Esse Son Gratidão Por Essa Vibe✌🏻💟💞😍
Saddiyah Armstrong
I'm just staring at my faucet while reevaluating my life
Sam Bradley
Anybody here from 2018
Shining Star it! 💘🌹
Shitlord 5369
New York City rain ☔️ a cigarette a cup of coffee ☕️ and no internet the way it used to be wow look at what we have become as human beings we're is the love.
Simão Leal
The ultimate musical expression! 😀👍🏼
Great background music for working, very pleasant and relaxing.
Srishti Rana
This is good for studying😘
Veronica Sabathania
i play this song for my baby girl in my womb..she starts relaxing and less kicking..
Viajar é Tudo
Bossa nova.. Brazilian sound!!!
Victor Ruan
Qual trabalho fica pronto em menos de 30 minutos com uma belezura dessas!
Victor Zutna
Hermosa musica, de verdad! la voz de la chica es preciosa! un deleite de track!\nMuchas gracias por hacer mi mi domingo algo que queria! Saludos
William Emmanuel
im glad there is no ads in here
I have the sudden urge to go to a country club and play billards.
a Cleopatra
anyone listening this before sleep?
clementina maria Pina
Uma bela companhia. Obrigada. Tudo flui melhor... pensamentos, ações...
dont look at me
who dislikes this
maria das graças vasconcelos
Neste exato momento estou no Brasil, RJ, em casa de amigos. Nós estamos tomando café brasileiro ouvindo bossa instrumental. Que delícia. Nesta tarde de outono. Ouvir música faz para saúde. I love  music.
mspweltunicorn MSP
olga contreras
It added good flair when I was playing shop. Good music!
We're doing silent study in my class so I decide to put some music on my headphones, forgot to plug in and this starts playing in class, I quickly move to shut it off but the teacher stops me and tells me to let it play. It was a good day
sharon conyers
For business nice clearifycation
There is an emojii of this song cover! ☕
Anima mas escuchando música (sin letra) el estudio, en silencio me agobia XD😄😜😍😙
Βασίλειος Πράππας
I'm sitting on my balcony after a hard working night drinking coffee and listening to this excellent music thanks for posting
Вера Кочеткова
Убрать эта музыку она не для меня убрать без вас не могу
This song gets me in a good mood 😄✨\nI draw picture while listening to it✍️\n大好きです。明るい曲のお陰で楽しく作業ができます。感謝!