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WHAT A F**CKIG GREAT SONG - THE BEATLES ARE THE BEATLES ARE THE BEATLES, no one comes even a bit close to them .... ;-) - and that Guitar played by GEORGE HARRISON, WONDERFUL, TIMELESS.....
Abbi Little
This song is absolutely timeless
All Over
whoever made this music video is a true genius
Andrew Hunt
Its like Lennon came down from the clouds and sang along side them
Andrew Pappas
Such an incredible song, The Beatles are without a doubt one of the greatest bands in music history. I really like all the subtle references to classic Beatles songs like A Day In The Life (Car crash), Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (“Flowers that grow so incredibly high”/“Newspaper taxis coming to take you away”), etc.
Armando Fernandez
This song makes me feel so sad, RIP Legendary John Lennon. You will be always loved by people from all over the world
John would've been proud of this.
Axel Rodriguez
Real music
Produced & Arranged by the Legendary Jeff Lynne ( E.L.O.)
Beatle Stories
Unspeakable perfection. John, Paul, George and Ringo!!! #iconic
Bill Mitchell
And who would have thought after 1980 that the original Beatles could release a new song? It was a blessing to all Beatles fans to have those cassette tapes available. Nothing but praise for Jeff Lynne to have been able to come up with a clean enough track of John’s voice and place it in the correct timing to record.Not a simple task by any means!
This song was recorded by John as an unreleased demo in 1977. In 1994 Yoko Ono gave it to Paul McCartney for him George and Ringo to work on it, and they released it as part of their 1995 Anthology Album/TV special. This is as close as we'll ever get to a Beatles reunion.
Canadian Studmuffin
The Beatles. The Best.
Chicken Plays
Free as a bird\nIt's the next best thing to be\nFree as a bird\n\nOh, oh, oh\nHome and dry\nLike a homing bird I fly\nAs a bird on wings\n\nWhatever happened to the life that we once knew\nCan we really live without each other?\nWhere did we lose the touch\nThat seemed to mean so much\nIt always made me feel so\n\nFree as a bird\nIt's the next best thing to be\nFree as a bird\n\nOh, oh, oh\nHome and dry\nLike a homing bird I fly\nAs a bird on wings\n\nWhatever happened to\nThe life that we once knew?\nAlways made me feel so free\n\nFree as a bird\nIt's the next best thing to be\nFree as a bird\n\nFree as a bird\nFree as a bird\nOoh, ooh, ooh\n\nFree\n\nHold on, nice again, he he he (at least that was what I heard)
Chun Sanada
This is beyond it Beatles four people that added so much to life
Cole Parker
Love this song. Although it is about Paul and the others thinking about the times they were the Beatles, it brings back memories to me when I was part of various groups that eventually had to break up.
Es una pena que esta canción, por el año en el que salió, quede tan apartada de la discografía original de The Beatles. No estaba John(físicamente), pero suena como si se hubiera grabado enteramente en los 60.
Dallas Brubaker
Dennis Rivenburg
If John wasn't murdered by that nut job I truly believe that the Fab four would have worked together again !!!!!!!
Eduardo Gonzalez
JOHN LENNON 😢\n\nIt was the best beatle in my opinion
Elijah Animations
My grandpa died on July 20 2018 from a peaceful heart attack. R.I.P. Grandpa. You Are Free As A Bird
Fabrizio Polli
If any beautiful pop song from 1970 until now can be seen as delicious dish, well The Beatles are the kitchen where it's been cooked
Frank Kolton
It's amazing that a seeming random confluence of events, call it a perfect alignment of the stars and planets, that put four young men together to form a band that would become cultural icons. No other band before or since has put together such a extensive catalog of memorable songs like the Beatles did in their 7 years of recording together.
I am crying 71 years old and crying.. The whole thing comes back in my mind. My childhood in Manchester England. So sad what is happening now.
Goon Squad Skateboarding
Damn this is hard to listen to/watch, sad to think of what happened to John.
Gui Porto
George really shines in this song. He sings his part in a powerful way, and his solo is just mesmerizing.
Herdi Man
Free (as a bird)\nIt's the next best thing to be\nFree as a bird\n\nHome, (home and dry)\nLike a homing bird I'll fly\nAs a bird on wings\n\nWhatever happened to\nThe life that we once knew?\nCan we really live without each other?\n\nWhere did we lose the touch\nThat seemed to mean so much?\nIt always made me feel so...\n\n(Free as a bird)\nLike the next best thing to be\nFree as a bird\n\nHome, [home] (home and dry)\nLike a homing (bird I'll fly)\nAs a bird on (wings)\n\nWhatever happened to\nThe life that we once knew?\nAlways made me feel so free\n\n(Ah...\nAh...\nAh...)\n\nTanpa putus..\n\n(Free as a bird)\nIt's the next best thing to be\nFree as a bird\n(Free as a bird\nFree as a bird)\nOooooo\n\nFree...
How does anyone dislike this
Inácio Marcelino
I watched this video so many times and only now I see the \
James Guy
Another Great Documentary is Called “The Winged Beatle” it’s one of the best films about The Beatles to date. . If you haven’t already seen it you ain’t a True Beatles Fan . . x x x *
James Oike Oike
As impressive as each individual Beatle is, there's something that happens when they become this force of four! The music sounds \
Jeff Lynne's ELO 2019 Tour
THANK YOU JEFF LYNNE (ELO GENIUS) for producing this beautiful song with so many challenges and reviving John Lennon's voice.
Jim Coleman
Paul's singing on the \
John Sumner
The director of this video knew how to capture the northern working class visuals very well.
My dog just died today now he is Free as bird.
Jose Ruiz
I miss John Lennon and George Harrison REST IN PEACE😢
Is it just me or does it seem to hurt at the end when the curtain falls...
Justin St. Pierre
A heartbreaking tease as to what could have been. What I wouldn't give to have John and George still with us today. I firmly believe had John not been killed, this incredible groundbreaking band would've settled their differences and reunited.
Kevin Brayon
Always get the feeling that this is the last song by the beatles like a farwell song and also every time I listen to this I always have a flashback of my life even tho I'm 15 like I don't understand why but I do and its is it this songs it's feels nostalgic for no reason
Kit A
I couldnt believe the Beatles came together to make this song in my lifetime. 1995. Just imagine the beatles if they continued to record together past 1970. To me, all of their solo albums put together makes it an endless Beatles hits collection beyond Let it Be.
Lennon Márquez
I'm so proud that my name is Lennon. Thank u.
Lew Freemann
Probably the best music video to date speechless
When given John's song, Paul added the \
Mango for kids
My grand aunt died... a week ago. This is for her! Fweeeeeee aaz uh bird
Marcia D
Mario GH
Free as a bird\nIt's the next best thing to be\nFree as a bird\nLa, la, la, la\nHome and dry\nLike a homing bird I fly\nAs a bird on wings\nWhatever happened to the life that we once knew\nCan we really live without each other?\nWhere did we lose the touch\nThat seemed to mean so much\nIt always made me feel so\nFree as a bird\nIt's the next best thing to be\nFree as a bird\nLa, la, la, la\nHome and dry\nLike a homing bird I fly\nAs a bird on wings\nWhatever happened to\nThe life that we once knew?\nAlways made me feel so free\nFree as a bird\nIt's the next best thing to be\nFree as a bird\nFree as a bird\nFree as a bird\nOoh, ooh, ooh\nFree
I'm crying because my life is bookmarked back to the 90's when this came on the radio 😢
Mark Lanzarotta
One of the best songs ever written. Beautiful lead by George.
Mark Schultz
Brilliant from the first notes to the last. Harrison's slide tears it up. Everything about this recording projects again to the world what made this band so good. Fabulous lyrics, gorgeous arrangements, seamless transitions, harmony vocals that capture one's attention, unsurpassed musicianship. I am so glad I lived on this earth when this band was with us. I am so glad I remember the Beatles when they were still a band. I am so glad that every lovely moment of life was accompanied by music by all or one of them. Here's to George, Paul, John and Ringo.
Martina Dejaquiz
where did this come from? it's damned good. hit liked.
Martyn Walker
This video is so clever.
Stuart Sutcliffe (1940-1962)\nBrian Epstein (1934-1967)\nJohn Lennon (1940-1980)\nGeorge Harrison (1943-2001)\nGeorge Martin (1926-2016)
Melkisedek cendana
for that year...........the editing video like this its just like masterpiece
Mitchell Smith
This morning precisely at 6 a.m. as it was still dark out I hear the very same sounds that we here at the beginning of this video. A bird flapping its wings inside my bedoom. . I thought am I dreaming about the Beatles video. Or am I going crazy. And then fully awake I still hear the sound of the bird flapping its wings and there is a bird in my room. And then I look over and it's sitting there by my bed. My cat had brought it in for me as a present. She seems fine. It's a female cardinal. I reached over to pick her up to let her go free and she won't go out the window. I hold her for a few more minutes and check to see if there's a broken wing or bleeding and there is nothing wrong with her . I continue to try to coax her to fly out the window but she wants no part of it and she's so calm. And then she starts to lower her head and lower and finally she starts to close her eyes and then collapses in my hand. And she just dies in my hand. No injuries... she just suddenly gave up. What a horrible morning. And then I just had to watch the video again. This morning I will give the bird a nice burial.
Music Man
George and John, free as a bird now, love The Beatles
Nathaniel Schwartz
1:06 Strawberry Fields Forever\n1:57 Posters of different Beatles albums\n2:05 Birthday\n2:15 Doctor Robert\n2:29 Reference to the section about a horrific car crash in the song \
Nerey Barreto
Amo amo amo sem palavras 2018 estou aqui parado e passando e refletindo nessa música
Ombudsman -
man I miss the beatles!! how can one band be so amazing!
Positive Comment
0:07 - portraits of Beatles as children on mantle (from left to right,\n John, George, Paul. Ringo in front)\n0:14 - more portraits (left to right, Paul, John, Ringo, George)\n0:38 - Beatles walk through dock workers\n0:48 - Cavern Club (club where Beatles played many shows before becoming\n famous)\n0:52 - Beatles performing at Cavern Club\n1:06 - Strawberry Field (\
Tears running down my face
John's voice was heaven
Renato Pianta
00:36 Rain\n1:07 Strawberry Fields Forever\n1:37 Penny Lane (\
Robert Coulton
My mum died today after a long battle with cancer. You're free as a bird now. Love you Mum xx
Robert Saul
Paul, George, and Ringo lock right in like the 25 years apart were instead 25 minutes. What undeniable chemistry they had.
Brilliant video..
Rudy Wilson
from the 1st sound...guitar...George......we remember they were/are the just meant so much to me...back in the 60's////////just did.....
Sandra Uhlein
I luv this video. If you look you can alot of there songs in the images of the characters from their songs
Am I the olny one who cried after seeing this video? It's just beautiful
Scott Reed
Unsung hero of this song is Ringo. His snare sound and rock solid tempo was perfect, as it was for all Beatle songs.
Sean Newhouse
With you then too. God bless you Paul, and all..
Sergio Abel Reginatto
From time to time I need to watch this video ...
Sinful Fork
Don’t mind me I’m just sobbing in the corner
Steffi Gavin
Hearing those ravishing harmonies, after all those years of longing to get lost in them, was just wonderful.  Masterful video.
Sy Goldman
I weep for John Lennon.
Thomas Becker
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobody can reach them!
Tim Burr
An Awesome grand piano in the bridge with headphones.
I miss those boys. I really do. Looking back now it was the best time of my life. Thank you Beatles. 2018 sucks!!!!!
Tyra walker
Always makes me cry. The Beatles will always be the band I love since i was 9. I'm 20 yrs old now and can't wait to show them to my own future kids!
Valerie Griffin
Pretty damn good software for 1995. I like the symbolism/references to some of their songs.
Will R
Of course it ain't a patch on their original material... but there is a real beauty to it. Not so much a Beatles song as it is a song celebrating the Beatles' existence. Which is of course a worthy cause.
YUPPY RadioChannel
I love how it sounds like Lennon-McCartney song.
The concept of the video. The production value involved. And what Paul, George and Ringo did with that scrap of a song John left.....I don't use the word a lot but, thought it then....think it now, pretty brilliant!
beach side
Every time I watch this, I see something different
char west
And I love Paul's \
john charles
I never got tired of watching this. It's full of symbols and references to the Beatles, only a real fan would identify them... The fool on the hill, the car crash, Eleanor, Martha, the recess during the photo shoot for Sgt. Pepper, etc, etc. etc.
johnLemon Pie
This made my cry, I don't know why it just did.
julio césar flores
In late November '95 when this song was first revealed to the world at the end of the first airing of Anthology on national TV, 25 years after the breakup, they had a countdown timer at the bottom of the screen that said \
George Harrison's guitar playing was sheer subtle Beauty! I feel when he plays guitar it touches my soul on this song or on any for that matter especially his later Beatles and solo work. Just LOVE his slide guitar! How can George not be in the top 10 guitarists of all time? it because he is does not dominate the song he just tends to make his point with sheer subtle beauty!!! I love how he ends this song with ukelele by George Formby!(his favorite)😍
No one, even Clapton, can play slide guitar like George. His unique style is unequalled. RIP GEORGE
I love being alive! I love being able to wake up in the morning, make some coffee and listen to the Beatles.
the first chord hits and i'm already riddled in goosebumps....epic epic tune. RIP George and John.
Paul's vocals are amazing considering they were recorded in the 90s. sounds like it could be 1969.
the king
Love this classic track.
2:27 He blew his mind out in a car\nHe didn't notice that the lights had changed. \n\n(Good reference)
It was early morning before school and my radio was playing whilst I brushed my teeth. Was always a fan of the Beatles, but vividly remember the excitement in the DJ's voice introducing this song for the first time. It was a special occasion. I will always love this song.
Özge Solmaz
the best music video ever,but only beatlemaniacs can understand it♡
Алёна Кузнецова
The whole story of the Beatles in this video.