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I dream of a better world \nI dream of a better life\nI dream of peace\nOne day my dreams will be a reality\nThis song incapsulates the struggles that people face on a daily basis and maybe just maybe people will learn to treat each other will respect and love. \n🖖🏾
Alex Diaz
This song is sooo chill. Literally.
I need a 1 hour version or 3 hour seriously
If weed was legal, many people would have childhood memories of happy and hungry parents, instead of drunk and abusive ones.
Ari Mo
Asriel Aquino
As a military vet, this song really speaks to me, as it really reflects how i feel this government used my youth to push there power, and its something that will stick with me forever. It changed me completely, from a nerdy science geek to a hardened distrusting isolationist. Something that only after almost 15 years now im starting to get past. I listen to this song when i feel defeated and it helps me remember how far ive come from that dark place.
Here because of baywatch 2017 :p
I come here like 3 times in a week, love it!!
Charles Williams
I just wanna poop my pants on the bus while listening to this song
Clemens Pohl
i wonder what kind of person Major Lazer is to be around at...
Codi the Cutie
Generally like Newton Faulkner's cover better but this is such a good song, I love it ~
Look at me,I just can't believe what they've done to me
Diego Js
Doc Green
why does no other major lazer tune sound like this?
Look At me \nI just can`t believe \nWaht they`ve done to me \nWe could never get free\nI just wanna be \nI just wanna dream
The lyrics are really sad. It makes it hard for me to listen to the song now I've noticed what she's saying. :(
Eins Wo
habe ich vor ca. 2 Jahren im Radio WDR 2 gehört und seid dem Fan der Musik. 👌👍👌👍👌
Ernest Zeiser
Baywatch 2017 i Love it !
the lyrics makes me believe in a better tomorrow... guns dont kill people lasers do
Fran DC
me he creado otra cuenta para darle otro like
Giselle Maciel
best modern day protest song! and it's just beautiful
This song brings me to another dimension!
Jacob Forresthill
Still hearing this in 2017 :)
Jake Stones
I cannot believe how smooth this song is. I have literally listened to it non stop for a week while writing my dissertation and it has honestly saved me from insanity!
James Wade
I cant seem to get myself to stop smiling. OMG , I am singing my happy face off.
Joe Smith
I love this song so much its just outta this world its like a song from another planet another dimension, KUDOS to major LAZER, just mindblowing!
Johnna Oliver
This is golden! Perfect! My summer jam
Joseph Heron
Newton Faulkner brought me here.
Joseph Joestar
That moment when a song makes you cry
Kaleb Rojas
I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever seen this video but I always have dreams about these images, I must've seen it song time ago and forgot the music. weird
The song that made me fall in love with Major Lazer
Kris DeLeon
Who came here cause of Baywatch
Krystal Lucas
this song is my forever favourite... I just makes you feel free, releases your mind and just makes you smile, sober or not!x
Laleww !
my favourite song ever
Leon Malinka
wow, so simple but so intense..\n\nthank you Major Lazer
This song has the skype message noise in it i swear. Every time i listen i keep checking my skype icon thinking i have a message
Maciej Janocha
found this track 5 years after releasing date. What a shame. Awesome piece of music.
Majestic Gettry
Still my favourite song. Even made me feel good when I crashed with my car. Love it! ❤❤❤❤
*Lost to the Zone.*
Marie Horellou
i love this face of major lazer we need more songs like this from you
At first i hated this song...but I'm madly in love with it! So good❤️
Moesha Michelo
Song makes me sit back and reflect
Never heard of this song until I watched the Bay watch movie earlier today. This is such a beautiful song.
This song makes me feel like I ate a mushroom that transported me into a rainbow cloud dimension into the past. Where i turned into an unstoppable force of mirror armor that reflected off the brightest light. Which slayed all the demons in one blast scattered all across the land. Then i turned into a magical white rabbit and jumped down a hole to find all my friends waiting there for me the whole time. Waiting patiently, watching, and anticipating for me to come sit down with them at their table to share some tea.
This song is Weed song with chill
Myronne Langeveldt
reminds me of my girl... love her so much.. but i had to go my way:-(
this song's replay value is through the roof
Nicholas Hogg
Thumbs up when you listen this in 2017
Nik Ru
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Misery \u003c3
Nivram Smith
Hard to believe these are same people who did the song Bubble butt.....
Octávio Scapin
This song is my life! Describe what's I think about the world and the life...
I'd love it if Major Lazer's other stuff was similar to this but that is not the case.
Ozm0zes Joe
tripped on acid and was going through a dark spot than this song came on and all was bliss
That song is the jam! Not sure what all the carrabean sounds are but yes, quite a beautiful song that is composed and produced well.
Paige Tua-Akatea
This song makes me think about life...
Patrick Burke Clason
Peace is the mission!
Play and Win
the refrain always reminds me of my country, Bosnia and Hercegovina, i get the chills and feel sad and happy at the same time..
Pro Marketing
2:48 that's what happens when I have an eargasm everytime this song comes on
I miss Major Lazer's good music
The REAL major lazer
Ramon Diaz
I usually think that good vibrations and my soul are bullshit. But damn, this song makes me feel alive and makes me more human. Currently, this song is helping me overcome a lot issues, mostly about my country, which had turned into a warzone. Good job. EXCELLENT SONG.
Ray Davis
I can't get enough of this song....\nits so cool and so chill and so laid back....\nI can dance to this...ride with it...lay and the bed and fk to it!
It's not just about Africa. Imagine that this song also can be applied to North Korea, or Colombia or Ukraine or Syria.\nBeautifull lyrics.
I dedicate this song to my country Venezuela and to all countrys where the tyrant goverments rule, We must never lose our hope that on day we will get free. Peace is the Mision, God Bless
Samiul Chowdhury
Miss this era of major lazer. Hopefully diplo can bring the group back to this style.
Savage Sam
back here because of Baywatch
I love this song.
Shiro Harra
whoaaaaa, this song brings back soo many memories!
Shivam gupta
This one really powerful \nAnyone in 2018 ?
If bob Marley made a song on this beat:0
Skate Boards
After I heard this song I thought hmmm, maybe popular music hasn't gone to complete shit...I was soooo wrong..only good thing he ever put out.....
Slugger Maxman
Holy crap, this song is very powerful.
Best Major Lazer song ever
sad song about war, slave to the wage etc
Strawberry flavored Bleach
Baywatch brought me here
Sueli Souza
The Listener
I was expecting a drop but, HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING  !
Ah nuu, cheeki breeki iv damke
Thiago Grazioli
Still listening this song almost everyday!
Too Much Sus
Goddamn Beard plays some good music on the Skadovsk
Peace... Is... The Mission
Wandile Chamane
This song helps me stay alive
Zoltán Békési
The best, the most magical song from ML, with hard lyrics. For this reason it is underrated.
Zsolt Kőrösi
Why I can't like the video multiple times? :( :D
i remember playing stalker CoP with the misery Mod after a hard days artifact hunting would return to the barge ans this song would come onto the radio. it just made you forget about the hardships of the zone also took me ages to find who did the song
I NEED more music like this
daniel granja
war in colombia 😟😟
dj diskus
this song is actually deep as hell if you ask me
J Cole blessed this beat
This song feels like its opening hidden compartments in my brain o_o
Who's coming from Luna Darko?
key crum
every so often I remember that this beautiful song exists
nhoore algseby
man, 1:25 is beautiful. whole song is beautiful.
tahirah williams
perfect weed smoke tune if i did smoke weed
god tier song