Dr. Dre Feat. Snoop Dogg - Deep Cover - Deep Cover

Artist: Dr. Dre Feat. Snoop DoggAlbum: Deep Cover SoundtrackProducer: Dr. DreLyrics:Hit this motherfucker G,Naa man I can't fuck with it right nowAhh man iv'e been dealin with you fo 3 motherfuckin months, you aint hit the pipe infron'a me yet..So what you sayin man?I think you Five-O,Five-O, man I aint no motherfucking cop,Well hit this motherfucker then, [I can feel it]Tonight's the night I get in some shit, [Yeah]Deep cover on the incognito tip.Killin' motherfuckers if I have to, Peelin' caps too, cause you niggas know I'm comin' at you.I guess thats part of the game,But I feel for the nigger who thinks he just gonna come and chance thingsWith the swiftness, so get it right, with the quickness,And let me handle my business, yo.I'm on a mission and my mission won't stopUntil I get the nigger maxin at the top.I hope you get his ass before he drops.Kingpin kickin back while his workers sling his rocks.Coming up like a fat rat.Big money, big cars, big body guards on his back.So it's difficult to get him.But I got the hook up with somebody who knows how to get in contact with him.Hit him like this and like that, Let 'em know that I'll make it for a big fat dope sackWhat is this pen? so let's rush it.If you want to handle it tonight we'll discuss it On the nigga's time, in the nigga's place,Take a strap just in case one of his boys recognise my face.Cause he's a sheisty motherfucker,But I gives a fuck, cause I'm going deep cover.Yeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover copYeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover copCreep with me as I crawl through the hood,Maniac, lunatic, call 'em Snoop EastwoodKickin dust as I bust fuck peaceAnd, the mothafuckin drug policeYou already know I gives a fuck about a copSo why in the fuck would you think that it would stopPlot, yeah, that's what we's about to doTake your ass on a mission with the boys in blueDre, (whatup, Snoop) yo I got the feelinTonight's the night like Betty Wright, and I'm chillinKillin, feelin, no remorse, yeahSo lets go straight to the motherfuckin' sourceAnd see what we can findCrooked ass cops that be gettin niggaz a gang of timesAnd now they wanna make a deal with meScoop me up and put me on they team and chill with meAnd make my pockets biggerThey want to meet with me tonight at , so whassup nigger?What you wanna do? (What you wanna do?)I got the gauge, a uzi and the mothafuckin 22so if you wanna blast, nigga we can buck 'emIf we stick 'em then we stuck 'em so fuck 'em!"Yeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover copYeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover copSix fo' five was the time on the clock,When me and my homey bailed in the parking lot.The scene looked strange and it felt like a set upBetter not be, cause if it is, they're getting lit up.Oh here they come from the back in they 'lacs.I'm checkin for the gats they strap, so whats up black?Chill, lets hit a deal, if it aint up to what you feel then grab your steel.Right, so, what you motherfuckers gonna come at me with?Hope you ain't wantin' none of my grip.Cause you can save that shit. Guess what they told me?'We give you 20 G's if you snitch on your homey,We'll put you in a home, and make your life plush,Oh yeah, but you got to sell dope for us."Hmmm, let me think about itTurned my back and grabbed my gat and guess what I told him before I shot it:'If you don't quit, yeah, if you don't stop, yeah, I'm lettin' my gat pop'Cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover copYeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover copYeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover cop...

1991 Cover Deep Dogg Doggy Dr. Dre G-Funk Official Snoop Version

When I hear this i immediately think of gta san andreas
Amppa 04
When hip hop/rap was good😢
Aquarius Gooding
it's the beat it will not die
Aron G
One of the greatest beats of all time
gta san andreas :3
Baltazar 760
Who’s listening to this in 2018
Brando Cromwell
dis n hood took me under best songs on san an
Brooks STI
give it a like who agree with me that old school hip hop is, and will always be better then new hip hop.
By Any Means Necessary
Snoops 1st couple bars was so dope. Whole song dope
Anytime I hear this song, I automatically think \
Chris Perez
Still one of the nastiest beats u can hear
Christian Hartwell
This is one gangsta ass beat!
Christopher Davis
Dre and Snoop murked the f..k outta this.
Clark Kent
Come Back Snoop
Cody Coyote
Who's bumping this in 2016?
tupac if i die 2nite
Corrupted Angel mark of the beast66
2018 crippin
Cuthberto Ramos
Im telling you, that era (early 90’s) \nwas loaded with song after song like this, it was so common, we didn’t realize the genius at the time....
DSK 17743
Daniel Galvez
who's bumping this in 2017
David Hollamon
Raw beat that is real production
*Classic. All we're missin' on YT now is Stranded on Death Row...* 👊🔥🔥
Derek Leiva
Earth DragonXQ94
Dead in the middle \nof little Itlay\nlittle did we know\nwe riddled  2 men who didn't\ndo diddly
Eazy E
someone just driver by my house bumping this I was like yeeeeeeah that's wants up
Edgar Martínez
Esther Soderholm
far Tyga ruiend this song all rappers these days be ruining songs and old school real OG raps
this song sounds in my GTA San Andreas on the radio station Radio Los Santos XD
Gordon Freeman
heard this on gta sa lol.
Gregory Foster
The longer Dre and snoop have been in the game, the bigger OG's they've become
Harold Asugar
Just came back from listening to Tyga's song \
This track is almost 25 years old...and it still sounds fresh and Raw! Makes me miss the days was Hip-Hop as like that!
Irdi Doko
Radio LOS SANTOS\n\nGTA San Andreas ;)
Issic Bahena
Wack af that they don't have this one on iTunes smh have to download it then
Jason Zavala
2017 and still bumping this.
Johnny TheGreat
Dead in the middle of little Italy... shit wrong song
Joshua Stephens
Top 20 rap songs of all time! Classic!
What a classic to go back n listen too!
Kugd Gergor
This beat is raw
Kyle Virk
it feel like a set up\n\nit best not b cause if it is,they gettin lit up🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💀💀👻
Lety Pineda
who's listening in 2018?
Lil Jon
This beat so hard goodness gracious
Louis Woodard jr
2018!! ANYONE?❤️🖤💚🤗
Mark21 Lopez
Who's Bumping This In 2027?
Martin Blake
2017 or 2018 anyone?
Snoopy Dog !
Mufasa Trt
Who going to still listen to this in 2018?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Nate Norman
2017 this shit still bang
Negro Bala
Dammmnnn old ganxta muisic in 2018
OG Santos
gta sa radio los santos
Orlando Eeckhout
bib pun
Panda 24
Iam mexican and lisent deep cover
Pedro Gonzalez
I love how haunting and old school this song is 🔥
Nostalgia for GTA sanandres!
GTA SA vibes
Ricky Reynaldi
Playing GTA San Andreas, rides a lowrider around Los Santos while listening to this music. Now I'm gonna miss it.
Roger Dodger
Pretty unbelievable that Dre doesnt even like this track as much. Snoop was talking about that on the drink champs podcast. Speaks to how much of a perfectionist Dre is because this shit is sick
Also who's listening in 2017??\n\nThis is fire compared to any pop-hop out right now!
Scott Snow
the funny thing is that the beat is current sounding. meaning the beat was way ahead of its time. while the lyrics are somewhat bland. they were definitely for the time. speaks to how good dr. dre had been throughout his career
Sea of Arc.
you don't really have movies like this anymore and I don't think we ever will. Movie was stacked with musical and acting talent.
TDE - Lamar 7
So much fire
The Rated Rockstar™ Official Channel
Dope ass beat! & Good song also.
The Weakest Baldwin
Snoop has the smoothest flow ever in hip hop
The VERY first ever Dre & Snoop Dogg collaboration. Classic forever.
Thewarhunter 1234
2018 anyone?
Thomas Sacred Crow Howell
This was a damn good sound track...I remember the movie as well...Just as good...
Tresfaye Williams
I like this song
Vincent Price
this the era when rap was good the nineties the two thousands Hip Hop died
Wavy Baby
Still lava
alec polk
This ain't on Apple Music 😗😑
anthony taylor
if straight out of Compton brought you here.... smh
I never knew snoop smoked rocks
94 undercover cops dislike this song LMAO
black yoda
it looks like 83 people couldn't \
Dr Dre and dog 🎛️🎙️🔥🔥🔥
chase lane
Banger.. !!! 
2018 anyone?
you know your old when you remember when Laurence fishborn went by Larry
GTA SA anybody? Ok no just me...
jerardo pantaleon
Big Pun's go hard as well
jesse M
the beat gives me oregasm
jimmy kappler
Gta San it was the best game ever
If the Rap/ Hip-Hop music scene was as complex as it was when this was released I'd take it more seriously.
Snoop's debut had the rap world begging for more of that silky smooth delivery
m ottesen
first heard this track in SoC, thought the sample in Tyga's Dope was original. Boy was I wrong.
mommy make out day
Best Dr. Dre + Snoop song ever
2019 anybody?🔥🔥
Yo, CJ cap that fool!
hit em like this and like that
strong bear snoog
The regresado looks strange and is felt a as trap
This new generation will never understand #RealHipHop
therese fassie
This sounds so East coast
untitled 001
Dre hates this song now. Like why??? Lmao
Miss this back in my teenage years.  Wish I could go back in time and live freely and not worry about debts owed for gas, lights, water, etc.  Every dollar I earned back then went into my stereo system and do with as I pleased  :)
i don't know but this song just gives me a vibe of death row