The first-ever BMW X2. Official launchfilm.

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The first-ever BMW X2. Unmistakable design. Sporty. Urban genes.The bold, uncompromising nature of the first-ever BMW X2 is evident at first sight. This vehicle stands out from the crowd in any setting. Even next to its bigger brothers, the BMW X4 and X6, the BMW X2 makes a wholly distinctive impression. The main contributing factor here is the car’s exterior design, which essentially combines the fast-moving body language and low-slung proportions of a coupe with the robust construction of a BMW X model.The Sports Activity Coupe goes above and beyond any rival past or present in bringing joy and driving pleasure to the segment. Its inimitable character appeals most strongly to young, extrovert and active people who attach great value to individuality, genuine fun behind the wheel and lifestyle matters, without wanting to leave themselves short on functionality.The car’s chassis and xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system promise undiluted driving fun, and cutting-edge engines strike the ideal balance between sporting dynamics and exceptional efficiency. The digital services from BMW ConnectedDrive and BMW ConnectedDrive Services – both of which are now available in freshly updated form – add further intensity to the overall BMW X2 experience.The all-new BMW X2 will celebrate its market premiere in March 2018.BMW X2 fuel consumption combined: 6.3 – 4.5 l/100 km [44.8 –62.8 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 144 – 118 g/km. Fuel consumption figures are provisional (in some cases), based on the EU test cycle and may vary depending on the tyre format specified.

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Alex Rudaj
real exhausts, thanks BMW best cars in the market
Aloysius Sidauruk
that fog lamp position......why
Andärs v. Dummie
Schade sieht von hinten aus wie ne Paarung von Audi und Benz...Bischen mehr Mut im Design, wird alles zu nem Einheitsbrei, Windkanal sei Dank.
Ariel Zakwan
why iPhone?
Arifin Raj
I don't like this Car Design
Artem Yakovlev
Love it!
Ashok Rajagopal
@BMW Wie heißt das Lied? Und ist das die Darstellerin von 50 Shades of Grey? :D
Nice car! Very beautiful! But just one question: why FWD? HELLO, THIS IS BMW, NOT VW!
Bikini Bandit
I like the idea, but it just looks like a jacked-up VW Golf...\n(I don't like Golfs!)
Blender Wiki
My God the color of this car is terrible. And btw the ads to is very bad. Next time call a real Creative agency to do you communication. \nI am ashame to drive a BMW after this advertising.
Carlo Danese
Goodness gracious that’s a hideous BMW
Chris Steele
I just love the badges on the side! It reminds me of the M1! And it makes the X2 looks more exclusive and a special series!
Ctuwaytion 3rdGHL
Hyundai Tucson
Notification squad..............Fanboys where you at!
DOOM Slayer
cool design, great job BMW
Daniël Devadder
It's like the 1 series but on steroids.
Dimos K.
So, BMW made a spot for Apple's iPhone! hahahaha
Drive4Ü Transfer Executivo
*Esta na hora de renovar o design do interior dos BMW, estão ficando para trás dos concorrentes*
Someone have the name of that actress?
Elias Ihalainen
Am I the only one who doesn't like the way those new rear lights look?
Elvis Car Reviews
Wow that’s a beautiful looking crossover
Gad Va
lol, was this ad inspired by the movie THX 1138?
Game Boss
Bad design it’s not luxurious it’s like the kia plz bmw make it like the original concept
Gavin Woods
Whats the name of the actress in the second video?
Got memes?
the logos on the side just so everyone definitely would know it's a bmw
Hip hop with Flip flop
Why with the extra bmw badges on the side. It looks hideous
I'm a malayali
I just feel they are trying too hard to create new Audi and merc too......
Ibrahim Mazloum
First comment 😂 I need a car for free for that
Concept looked soo much better then this
JD DeBoer
At 1:22 the cubicles look like swastikas at a glance ....Not great looking from a German car company is it?
Javier Cruz
Me encanta
Jony De la cruz
Were is the X2 M?
Looks great. Can't wait to see this on the streets
A fwd based xdrive, mini/“BMW”?\nMmmmm.....\n\n\n\n\nNope😒💩
Bmw pls pls give the theme music of your launcg films plspls
Kira Ford
I like it . What color options do they have ?
Le Man's
Aussen Hui Innen Pfui !\nich verstehe die Designer vom BMW nicht, bei Innen Design lassen nichts mehr neues einfallen, total veraltetstes Design, schaut mal bei Mercedes und Audi !?\nich bin eine Sehr großer BMW fahn, und bin richtig Traurig was Innen Design angeht, habt ihr euch ab 2001 verschlechtert!
Lelouch Alzahrani
2:04\nBut I prefer truth
Leonardo Silva
Queria uma camiseta da BMW
Lord Ram
😍😍😍lookin cool x2!
Vaya pepino de 🚘 de BMW.\n👈 Pincha a MaroS_Oficial
Wait... I thought bmw made a different design X2
Matt Ill
Looks like a Hippopotamus with those nostrils .OO.
Max Dee
what for?
Miky Koon
something is wrong when the music doesnt match what your seeing
Miles Axelberd
Nice car but for me I must have the Tesla Model 3!!!
Nalini Kanth
I love the colour ..
Nonamus Gaming
Looks like a Hyundai Elantra Coupé
Omaris Bhumiriady
Small, but sporty, practical and fun to drive!\nGood job, BMW!
Paul Cherepnin
not impressed at all unfortunately...
Pepijn V
Fanboy Squad Where You At?!
R.L. H.
I liked the concept better
Racer Lex
I mean, I don't hate BMW. Never felt disappointed by anything they have done. But what IS this? This looks exactly like the X1. Im not mad, Im just curious if this is one of those \
Redline 997
Front end of the car will surely split opinions.\n#bmwfanboy
Rod Inatie
just what we needed...another stupid SAV!!!
Rolandas Miškunec
Nice job BMW, this first ever BMW X2 F39 looks and drives briliant. Continue in that way, you are the best automaker BMW.
Ron V
Give it a decent engine and don’t you dare cheap out on the materials, then I’ll consider this.
SJ410 Cars
My dream car!!!!!!!!!
Iiiiiii like it!!
Honestly looks like Hyundai to me.
Shaon Debnath
what's that advertisement??? what's the content??
Supreme Etnel
All BMWs have that design where you know it’s a bmw just from the side or the back. From the side this X2 doesn’t look like a bmw.
Syed Zulfiquar
Kwid dik rahi Hai
Tarik Oumera
The Pain
So BMW really built something like a X2... the future is dark.
Tony Montana
Looks quite nice. very sleek and modern yet can tell its a BMW. Love the aggressive modelling of the panels and the low roof makes it look much more sporty. Rear panel near the lights could have been a bit less protruding however doesn't ruin the look. All in all, very good. Rate it 7.44/10.
Tony Stafford
I really like this well done BMW. I really love this car brand my most favourite in the world
Vaibhav More
Oosam yar
Vasiliy Bets
Когда выйдет БМВ Х ZERO ?
Vice Nchodu
Not nice at all I'd rather go for x6
strange video =)
music? anyone?
Weird design and an absolutely ridiculous advertisement
chris D
Um is it me or at around 1:22 on the right side of the room it looks like a bunch of nazi symbols....?
Is there some secret competition to see which manufacturer has the largest range of models?
front wheel drive
Love the rear, it's gonna take some time for the kidney grilles to grow on me though
jordan sinambela
LOVE THAT SIDE EMBLEM! just like the M 1
We are paying for the extra badges pasted on the sides aren't we
I like it, but X models should be four wheel drive. I know it’s cheaper and you get a couple of extra centimetres, but BMW’s should really be RWD or four wheel drive (which is rear wheel bias 60/40) at least.
noob Perfect
Who are the actor in this video
BMW please make a Twin Turbo V6 M version for the X2 . Thank you
X2M c'mon
qu peter
this x2 is way too small. what is bmw thinking
Really cool Hyundai!👍
Forever bmw lover 😘😍👽
блять серьезно? значки бмв по бокам?
treester 999
I like bmw, drive one myself\nBut why does BMW an X version of every fucking car they have and not a Touring version of the M5?!\nI think this would sell better than another X car....\nAnd yes I know there's the M550 but can't they just make a real M5 Touring?
Александр Alex
BMW The Best!
Никита Квашенников
Значек на задней стойке не в тему
Song? Anyone? ;(