Blue Morpho Butterfly - Acrylic painting / Homemade Illustration (4k)

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Morpho butterflies are one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world, so I decided to draw it. Morpho butterflies are neotropical butterflies, found mainly in Central America, as well as in Mexico and South America, including Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela.Thank you for watching! If you want to help me, please subscribe and share video for your friends. It motivates me very much! With your support I will be able to use the best canvases, brushes, paint ... all the best for a great video! If you have idea or want suggest me topic for next video, please write in comments.For drawing this picture I used:- acrylic paints- pencil- 1 large brush- several small brushes №1,2,3- canvas 20 cm by 15 cmGoogle+:

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You are awesome
Allen Kennedy
This is a monarch butterfly rendered in blue instead of orange. It's not a morpho.
Andrea Campoverde
It's so beatiful I'm jealous because I can't paint like that
nice painting my new friend😃😀😊🙂😃😊😃
Ceyran Namazova
Chani Mo
Cherry Ann Aquino
Hi im venus i am wondering to your painting i have too much learn to your paintings
Daniélle Vermeulen
Hi I am Daniélle, you have an Amazing Talent!!!!! I can't even believe that you painted this beautiful Picture! I love your Art and you are Amazing!!!!!😍😍
Debby Huddleston
Wow, That is absolutely amazing; I love how you made it into a 3D beautiful butterfly. Very talented.
Emeline Belot
j'aime beaucoup ton dessin c'est chouette
Fernanda Beatris Medina Cañuleo
WoW beautiful
Hrishi Kochale
Superb yaar
Ismail Hossain
it's look like real
Ivan Pérez
Your pallet is cool I love ❤️ your painting!!!!
Jaspal Singh
Jessica Wawointana
Kalo f
So beautiful ❤
Lan Nguyen
Madshere inworld
awesome 😇😍😘\nloved it\nI can give 10000 ...likes👍👍👌👌👌👌
Marvin Second
that`s the coolest thing
Megha Dax
Super nice
Melody Kalita
OMG.....the colour pallette is so clean..!!🤣
Mike Nino
That's so kool Nice painting.
Muskan .s
butterfly painting was so beautiful
My Rangomania
Nandhini Venkatesan
Loving it😍
Nehhen R
can you share the name of the colors you used?
Nicoleta xx
Omg I loved it I especially 3d pop up ones 😍Just amazing like always
Nooh Hassan
mind blowing as always😁😁😁😁
Penelope Lopez
3 D ...awesome
Prakash Khairnar
what type of colour do you use?
Pratibha Gupta
So nice 3d painting
PriyA Art Gallery
Amazing work ... Which acrylic s colour r u using for this painting?
it amazing!it look like real!\nI love this😍
Raja Reddy Purushotham Reddy
super awesome
Rasha AB
What time you need to finished this drawing?💐💖
Rebeka Érdi
Very nice and beautiful butterfly
Rida Fatima
Roja Radhika
Tried this. It turned out very well.thank yu so much.
Roshni Dewangan
are u using water colour or other \n\ntell me plzzzzz
Your work is really amazing but it would have been very beneficial for us if you had explained all this process especially the mixing of colors...
Safa Safa
Vary vary nice
Salma Begum
Sangeeta Pareek
It is sooo pretty
Seema Agarwal
which paint do you use
Shruti Wagh
Awesome 😀👌
Sneha Nestham
Sultana Tasnim
Its really nice
Sunshine Series
I'm going to make it for sure
Svetlana Simic
Tapas Kammula
Amazing I drew it too thank you
Teodora Koleva
The Epic
thanks for it
UV Art's cool
Usha S
Valli ananth
Your paintings are really very nice. Can u paint a fierce lion in your next vedio. Thank u so much, I like your paintings a lot!
aliaa jafeer
So beautiful
amie does art
This is cool
andrea gonazlez
Beautiful painting with shades of colors very nature ir looks like it's flying
art and craft Tv
Nice I love this picture of butterfly 😇😇
Great originality\nPlease visit #AshaJacobb
its sunny outside
looks soooo realistic😍😍
jitendra sisodiya
I love your paintings but from where you bring these colour????
kaustubh kakde
I was thinking to make a butterfly but was not getting idea how to draw thanks so much for helping😉😉
my CostaRicaGuide
Wow great painting. If you are a fan of Blue Morpho butterflies, you may like the 360 video I published today. We had a chance to see some Blue Morpho butterflies recently.
piaoliang universe!
Wawo amazing
rahul Mishra
Really u r a great artist
ramya Mallavolu
ranjeet prajapati
i am also draw this butterfly
saroj sah
when u drew the shadow then I got the real picture..its just amazing..
silmares narciso
singar singar
Omg !!!👌👌👌
zain alzain
Wooooow it looks real ..I will try it ..! \n\nU r the best ..!
Школа Творчества
Beautiful 👌👍