REAL CS:GO butterfly Knife s Choice)

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You guys kept asking, and now it's finally here!The Real Life Cuts CS:Go Butterfly knife Trainer in 'Blue Steel' !Like the Knife? get yours here: Amazon:

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is it sharp?
Acid Frosty
Is it a trainer
Alex Petersen
do you think i can practice with a cutss knife for a year or more maybe, without the handles getting too far apart and makes squeaky noises.. i want a knife were both handles stays lined up.. Do you know what i mean :) ?
Ani A
Hey great vid maybe can you make a video on a balisong trick called the kiss goodbye
Ashlynn Preston
happy as hell because im gonna get the crimson web balisong, also, amazon link doesnt work at all, while with the cutss link, you just have to click category, then butterfly and you can get the upgraded blue steel that way.
Axel Hoel
Im happy to here all the positive things about this knife! I just bought this one👍😀
Axel Kyneb
What about the bokhammer fade? Ik its elemental knives but still pls do it :P
Black Ice
I ordered this design
Bought it with my own money guys just to let you know
Brandon Fischer
I love you a knife reviewer but I hate the knifes you review get a benchmade 51 or brs barebones
you can't get these in the UK even though their trainers :(
Build a Base
Wait it's not sharo
Can we get 1000 subs with no videos
Got a green one for my birthday I tried doing a trick and cut myself :c
do you think you can do a review on elemental knives' butterfly knife 2? I'm debating on ordering a balisong from either them or cutss
Chas Smith
This a bad Cs Go Replica in game they are never this light blue, but it is still really cool still.
Chris Hansen
I just ordered this one it looks so beast
Christopher Sabrsula
Have your thumbs been broken before... God bless they are inverted
Which do you like better this one or the rainbow looking one
Cm0nsters Gaming
i have this knife and i love it
I've been scammed by Cutss multiple times
Corey Franklin
Man you good with those, good video!
Dante Loparco
+BOBdotEXE Do you know how it would feel for a lefty to flip?
BOTdotEXE um can you please do a video about how the generations are different I really don't understand how they are different can you explain a little more thanks I really want to get one of these but I want to know the difference between generations between the colors you have
Eli Barzvi
are they sharp or are they trainers
Emazing extras
is it a real blade
Emma MacDonald
I got a couple tricks on my knife that I'd like to send you .
Eobard Thawne
If you sharpen knives like these with a simple pocket knife sharpener will it mess up the paint job?
Does the knife come sharp or blunt?
Gerald The sea lion
I was able to do all my tricks.\nOpen, close, open, close
Ghost Rampage
i wanted to buy 2 knives but it isnt letting me
do u have to put lock tight on it
How long does it take to get your knife after you order it?
how Long it does to ship to Germany? Please answer
Inscaveman 2
You deserve more subs man nice review
Isaac Price
Tried to buy that exact knife wouldn't let me complete the transaction. Kinda mad.
I mean of course it would wear off overtime, then you can say that is, fac new, field tested, min ware, or battle scarred ;)
Aww sick
Is it a Trainer?
Jay Lin
how long did it take to arive?
John Larsson
I think there 50 percent off right know so now the time to get them.
Jonathan Brown
Do these come with a sheath?
Katleden King
cok guzeel 😃
I ordered this a week ago cant wait
if u want cheap knives that are the same quality of cuts knives type in riorand on Amazon
Kökény Kristóf
Can you make all knives video?
Do they hurt you them knifes from cutss?
You pay 40$ for these and I got mine from the chinese for 5$ lol
Loading Name
Are real butterfly knives made of stainless steel ??
Can someone tell me that when you guys get the knife is their any problem like the latch, blade, or even the handle. I really want to buy one but I'm afraid that the knife is gonna break in 2 hours
Mammagutten Gaming
Are the knife real???
Marco roth
Hello Bobam looking for someone who would send a cuts cso butterfly to Germany.\nthe shop is not shipped to Germany but someone else could buy one there and then send to Germany.\na not sharpened is allowed in Germany Maybe you're so friendly and would do it?
Mr Orange
It is not shurp
Nick Sjöström
Make a video and test the flip cuality if it has alot of play and does the screws losen so the handle flygs when you flip
Nicolas Wiese
Amazon link dont work
how long does it take to get delivered to you?
Paranormal Bruh
Nice knife men like it :D
Pieter Visser
Is Cuts the same as Elemental Knifes?
just got mines today the Seller is blade.addict
Pulsefusion 2001
was quite upset after finding they don't ship this knife to the uk so I had to get a traditional trainer
Pybro Mechromancer
this knife, IS AMAZING! I can see y so many people requested u to show this knife. thx for leaving the link to amazon. right now is thanksgiving and the knife is $25, and I hope to see this under my tree this year.i fucking loved it when I saw it, and thx for showing it off. bob, stay awesome you legend, ill see you in the next video
Can u do a giveaway
If i was to get one would i be able to sharpen it?
I got this one
are these curved 'csgo' Bali SONGS any good for flipping because I found a good trainer on Amazon all the reviews are good but people are saying theyre inferior to classic balisongs
Shape Shifter
Can you get this out of the US?
Silly Jews Burn to a crisp
I'm asking for this for Christmas
Simona Chromčáková
Is it sharp _?
Skippa Da Dippa
I bought this off a friend for 35 dollars and it was good but I made it look battle worn by sharpening it it's a good cutter
hey I was wondering whether your cuts butterfly knives have loosened over time and if so how much have they? Thank you, Great content  btw :p
i got one but fade
Sugoi - Beyblade
Syahmi Gaming
nicce skill
Great video! I did a review on my slaughter butterfly knife myself ;)
The red Raiders
I have the Crimson web
WOAH!! It's beautiful. Thanks for listening to my comments...and even putting two of them in the video.
i have the black 1
Tobias ••••
if you are a serious flipper you shouldn't get this knife if you want a good one get a squid trainer
is there a difference in upgraded and not upgraded knives from cutss?
That knife is freaking sexy. Have you ever reviewed Elemental Knives? They have a Gen 2 called Butterfly 2, and they are a *lot* better than their predecessor.
William Stoneman
Just bot one of these for my friend's birthday and a tiger tooth for me. Im stoked to get them.
XXXxxxLUK3xxxX X
Hi if you have a spare knife lying about could I have one looking to get into knives but don’t got a load of money\nI can give you my Instagram I you want
XcLeonardoXc -
ainsley man
how long did it take you to get the knife how long was the shipping?
chhaya more
please make new
I have a fade one
nice man i have bought the red csgo knife but i get it in 4 weeks :)
mr night owl
hows the shipping on cuts knives ?
ps 4
Are these sharp?
randon watts
look at the riorand multicolored balisong
sebastian watroba
omg! i was going to buy this exact knife but they dont send it to the uk!!! fck uk im moving if they dont allow knifes like these to be send...
Does anybody know how long the blade is?
slick [brackets]
I dont plan on doing some insane super cool tricks with this, just some small tricks and wont flip it too often, will it get loose or anything like that?
sungey_ dee
check out the autotronic butterfly knife
tiger wolf
Why is there 666
already bought knife from site was high quiality realy recomend but it lasted me up till 200-300 hours until handel snaped in half .Way cheaper than elementalknives.Realy recomend.
These are illegal in Switzerland ;-; rip my flipping dreams
i have this knife
iam in love😍