If You Leave Me Now - Jaya

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The Philippines' Soul Diva Jaya's hit US single "If You Leave Me Now" (original version) from her first album JAYA (1989). "The single entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart in October 1989. It eventually peaked at #44 in February 1990 and remained in the Top 100 pop singles chart for 26 weeks, an unusually long chart run for a single that peaked outside the Top 40. According to playlists submitted to Billboard magazine by American radio stations at the time, the song was a top 20 hit on dance-pop stations in various large markets, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco." Follow Jaya @jayasoul on Twitter: Lyrics:(Why you leaving me now boy?)We were not just loversWe were not just friends boyThe time we shared was not a simple love affair, noWe learned about each otherThe joys and pain of love boyThere is no one that could ever love me better, noTime and time again,I thought you were my friendSay you gotta goAnd I want you to know[CHORUS]If you leave me now boy[If you leave me now girl]I close my eyes and I just lay down and cryWhy would you leave me now boy?[Would you leave me now girl?]After all the things that we've been throughYou say you're leaving me now boy[Say you're leaving me now girl]And when you're gone, what am I suppose to do?And if you wanna come back to meI think you should know that I'll be loving you[I'll be loving you]No more changes for my lifeI pray to God that you'll come back to meWhen we're together, there's nothing better than loving youI wanna know why you leaving boyThe love we had was an open doorWhat happened to the dreams we shared together nowThere is no one that could ever love me better, noTime and time againI thought you were my friendSay you gotta goAnd I want you to knowWhy you leaving me now boy?After all the things that we've been through[Gonna love you]You know, I still love you,[You know I need you]Time and time again,I thought you were my friendSay you gotta goAnd I want you to know[Chorus Repeats]

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Funny how listening to freestyle can take you back in the days. Thanks
I was 11 when this came out damn I'm getting up there still feel young as hell though
Ac Acdc
Good classic
I thought it was a Latina lol
Alex Gonzalez
Steve b is part of this song
Andy Cano
I thought I heard Stevie B. in the chorus.
Angela Ulbrich
Favorite song of all time... what happened to our music! Freestyle was the best sound out there and still is!!!
Anthony Lopez
my girl sang this song to me in 1986 so I married her 4 years later
Batang Pembo 90's Makati squad
sept.23,2016.. D' powerful voice of a filipina singer name JAYA ;)
Bern O
I remember listening to this song when I was going through it with this one chik. it hella sucked but it totally related to us.we were in the elevator at school and I presed the emergency stop button so that we could talk. we talked and the whole time this song kept replaying in my ipod. I was so disturbed and I think she was also..?? I loved her so much.. she  swore shed never be with me...I hella loved her then.. this was about 12 years ago. well now we have a 9 yr old boy a 7 yr old girl and a crazy 4 yr old boy. I love u so much baby girl
I've always loved the acapella ending. :)
Bowser Ruler Of Koopas
Stevie B is the back up singer.
C. Kevni
They definitely don't make music like this anymore. \n\nBrings back memories!
Cailloux K
What a jam! I was preteen when the song came out.... still love it to this day.....
Carmen Penalora
I had gotten drunk at the clubs and my parents never found out because I told them I am staying at a friends and I when cluing every weekend since 9 th grade and 12 grade when I was in high school
The dreams we shared together
Celia Alvarez
Still Listening in 2016!
Chris Danzell
Love this song still 4/1/15...
Chris Pizzichetta
Fuckin Freestyle, ,This song is great .Growing up in New York !!
Christopher Bidua
first filipina singer in 100 billboard songs in the us(if you leave me now).....2nd charice(pyramid)....two great filipina singers......
One of the greatest freestyle songs ever.
Don Granizo
Damn, I still remember the nights at Paradise Beach in San Jose when Jaya would perform with special nights with Stevie B......Crazy times...
E. Jane Torres
80's music! The best era ever 🎤
ERICH at the beehive
Eliyahu Ben Noach
Much love from Miami...1989...i was....still am 16 yrs old lol
Erica Manzo
best songs!! when life seemed perfect no worries in life♡☆
Flor Galdamez
wow.... throws me back in time.... happy times.. IN LOVE!! :)
Forthose Whoslept
This is one of the best freestyle songs ever made...HANDS DOWN!!! I wonder who were the 120 idiots to dislike this song...smh this song was very well executed...
Garth Oliver
Absolutely cannot get over this song. It has a unique place in pop history... and my heart. Love, love love it.
Helen S.
80's the best music ever! I didn't know she is Filipino! 💕💕💕 One of my favorite freestyle! Miss going to the clubs!
Hoanh Ngo
Awesome song, didn't knew that Jaya was from Philippines. I used to hear this song on radio in California all the time back in the days.
Hung Lam
love tbis Jam. Bay Area SF radio and dancers coyldnt get enough of this Maganda Track. like Joceyln Enriquez. Freestyle Forever!!!
Reminds me of mom and dad when I was growing up . Late 80s early 90s was there good old days . Still play this music on sunday mornings \n-831 California
Iris Concept
I was celebrating New Year's Eve @ Emerald City Club in Manhattan with this gal right here. . En Vogue was also there that night.
Ironballs McGinty
miss this music
I will be 80''s till my last breath!!!
James Wilson
I was in the 1970s. I missed nothing :)
Joseph Novellino
to many memories with this song it is very sexy lady sing it to me,
Judy Melendez
aaaah forever one of the classics! ♡♡♡
Karim Woolfolk
She was one of my favorite artist along with Stevie BAnd she performed this at my high school (Independence ) in San Jose Cali I met her and she was a great dancer and she didn't speak without an accent . I don't think she expected such a turnout we were all turnt up! That was like 1989 !
Kelly Pirnie
An Oldie But STILL a Goody..Beautiful Memories to a Beautiful Song...Jaya and Stevie B., Showed Philly & Jersey Nothing But Love...🎤🎧🎶🎵❤👍✌
Keo Oudomvilay
Miss my freestyle music...love this song!
Kevin Rosado
The best decade 1980 where you just needed to express your self thru music
Kevin Sylvane
Love this song as many of the freestyle 80's and 90's. So what I maybe stuck in the 80's Era music that's b/c what's being heard in these days is garbage from rap to dance music. Its all garbage. 20 some what years later and still kicking ass. Planting the freestyle bug in my 3yr old and 12 year old ears. They love it!!! They both have their favorites and my 12 yr old mimics some of the beats on his casio. Unbelievable the ear he has for music.Wish freestyle came back baby!!!
Lettering By Laura
Jesus....in tears here! This was my entire juventud!!!!
Lex Kastreaux
When you grow up on the SouthSide of Chicago late 90s/early 2000s and everyone has those Discount Mall House/Freestyle mixtapes on, or your friends' older siblings have a ton of mixes on cassette recorded from the radio. Definitely miss those summer days jamming on the front steps to this.
Lia Padilla
Wow, I never knew she was Filipina. I am Puerto Rican and Filipina also. I absolutely love this song. Too bad thy don't make music like this anymore. Takes me back to the 80d.
Like A Bossk
This is actually a good song. Unfortunately, sometimes you tie in certain songs with bad moments or times in your life. This song and James Ingram \
Lilly Alvira Sánchez
Yonkers NY.. I Was 18 ...1989
Margaret Leach
Love this song.
Mario Kbron
Latino Always Loving This Filipina and Her Talents!
Maurizio Gerbasi
A blast from the past....love it
Michelle Delgado
I love this song my husband just passed away so listening to this music is really bring a lot of feedings out
The jam from back in the day! Anyone in the Bay Area listen to this on 106.1 KMEL back in the day??
Mr 617
Born in '87. Damn did i miss out...
This is still in my personal top 10 Freestyle jams to this day. Ahh... good times.
This is my Jammmmmmmm! The kinda song that no one can talk to you until its over!!! Lol
Pedro Gonzalez
there's nothing like the 80s
Ron Entropy
People forget that Stevie B is singing in the back ground of this track with Jaya... Now that's freakin cool as f... The Big Boss Man of Freestyle Music makes this song that much better... The kids today have no idea how much their club music SUCK today!
Ross Wilson
The song would have charted higher in the USA if all the radio stations played it at the same time... I was a hit in different areas at different times teats why the low chart number.. I remember it being a top 10 song where I lived...
Sal Hernandez
A floor filler 1989 Waikiki Beach, To much Fun!
Salome Maldonado
this music is memories from the heart, where our time was full of innocence and love
Samantha Schillaci
This shit brings me back to the old days
Sarita L.G
I still love this song! I remember it when i was younger this was my favorite!
Scott Zigner
This is real music IF WE did not have this music......Music would not be were it is Today. FREESTYLE FOREVER!!!!!
Some Day Dreamer
damn i found this through the Stevie B and Alexia one but the original one is a hot hot jam too!
Spacekat Tommy
This is my favorite song and its 2017.
Steven Lillford-Wildman
This song is the best I have heard... ever.
Teresa Valenzuela
many memories attached to this song, love. 😍
I was 18 when this came out. Now its the perfect song for when I drive my 80 450sl. I'm killin them.
TimeOut McColton
Does anyone know if that's Stevie B on back up vocals?
One of the first Asians to break into the US charts
Vladimir benitez
loves jaya from small country El Salvador
Walter White
Best music everr.👍💕
anthony williams
this was the fattest song simmer of 88 in NYC ..everybody played this shit
bobby champion
Damn I feel old!!!!!
I didn't know she was Filipina either. I think this song came out while I still lived in Guam. None of my Filipina friends ever said anything about it, but we all loved the song!!! I had a friend in school who sang just like her. :) LOL, the iPad keeps telling me that Filipina is incorrect. It's racist. HAHAHA. :)
d mendoza
this song brings back so many memories when i was a kid. i miss the 80's
omg i still have this on wax ! love this song .
That's Freestyle guru Stevie B on the backing vocals. He really adds that extra \
felipe duque
Lyrics by Stevie B.... And chorus...Yes it's Stevie B.
inez arrieta
I love it! All the old school music, an free style awesome
Before there was MANNY PACMAN PAQUIAO there was JAYA a freestyle star- Dig it
just heard this song on the radio and it made me miss freestyle! went on youtube to find the song, and DID NOT KNOW Jaya was Filipino!!
joseph stangl
I still have the cassette single!!!!  Just no where to play it!!!  LOL
Written, programmed, backing vocals and produced by Stevie B.
megaman X
and this is how you make music👍
modesto vargas
I use to love this song junior high school days...Stevie b made this song hotter..
nick gasper
great duet with the legend Stevie B ...
selenia cuesta
i remember when she came out with him (stevie B) & HE introduced her!!!
thomas basden
I've still got the 12inch single of this song
tony lay
This song is the best of all time
tristen Thompson
I love the sound of 80s synth background music
Jaya of course has a great voice, but hearing Stevie B made me love this song
Love this Song!!!!old school.,\n Chicago 80's,,,
this never gets old especially when new age music has no meaning
Sounds like Stevie B doing backup vocals.