Ronda Rousey vs Gina Carano ll Stay Strong!

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Give them weapons. Stanley knives
Addgol YT
are they familiar with each other persanally?
Ahmad Butt
Gina only lose 1 match and I’m very sad at that time bcz she tap at the End of round 1
Alejandro Martinez
Gina will always be number one.. with the exception of cyborg .. cyborg is number one of the world . .
Angus Stephens
So when am i gonna c gina and Ronda gonna fight each other
Anny Wolfgang
Gina all the way
B H The AbOriginal
Gina can beat Ronda
Gina good fast hands .rousey excellent grappler.go to kicks and ground pound,IMO Gina dominates!
Gina was a good kicker but lets be serious compared to todays's female fighters her boxing skills were not that great. She had really good Maui Tai but Ronda was a world class & Olympic medal winner in Judo. She learned some striking just not head movement & footwork. Ronda would beat Gina. One there was a clinch which you do in Maui Tai a lot. Ronda would destroy Gina. Now as far as Gina goes she was a bad ass, sexy & to me the classiest female fighter I have ever seen.
Musiquinha nojenta PODRE,😷
Bruno Salamon
Ronda Rousey could beat up more then 40% of male MMA fighters!
Caio Caldas
You guys know where's Gina lives ?
Chris Hood
I have to agree with you guys,I have always loved Ronda but i was not into MMA back when Gina was fighting or i would have been a huge fan,i love her in movies an awesome sexy ass tough chic.
Christopher Foreman
damn Gina is hot
Chubby Cheeks
this song what's it called
Daniel Right
Million Dollar Baby)
Dark Horse
Gina superwomen! I love you
De Bernard
Carano was far classier of a fighter
Denise Higson
Your one tough cookie Gina way to go girl respect to you
Dusty Terrell
That's a hard choice I literally love both of these Fighters I couldn't bet on either one
Edward White
id boff rousey first. gina looks butch
Enchongdc Official Akostik
like em both but Gina isire sexier
Giwrgos Mma
ronda rousey you are awesome BUT gina carano will always be my number one !!!!
Hadosh 98_10
Gina you are amazing 😻
Hydra 2016
Gina forever
Gina in her prime against Rhonda in her prime? \n Gina all day!! I love you Gina!
Jane Secret21
Gina Carano😍
Jay Lee
Holly Holm exposed Rhonda anyway and Rhonda offense is suspect.
John Etheridge
If it's a standing fight gina wins we all know ronda can't strike if ronda get the clinch and takes gina down it might end with an armbar if gina can't get free
JohnnyC Major
So who is going to beat Holly? I think she will retire undefeated.
Jonathan Jimenez
Gina Carano has poor striker tech their punches are not that good but i love that woman so sexy
Joshua Jones
Why does everyone like shit music like this
Julio Augusto
Background song sums up everything wrong with today's music
Gina should've had a entire video all for herself.
Karar ging 123
زمن روندا أنتهى وولا
King Mojo
Wow just realized something....if Dana had make that fight Carano vs Rousey....Ronda would have gotten knock out over a year ago.....
Kriz H.m
menos de gina ??? :(
Loknath 007
This is a fast and furious match!
worst music ever
Lucky Thirteen
thats Meisha
Luis Pollito Lopez
gina is better
Madison williams
as we all saw with rhondas fight /w/holly holm?..rhronda is more of a \
Malcolm Reynolds
And the fkn fight MTF !!!!!!
Mark Mckeown
Gina. Xx.\nKeep your guard a bit higher babe. You're wide open throwing that right!!
Marmiteiros Mulambus
Aí vem a Amanda e Cybirg e acabam com a brincadeira
Miguel tvid
gay song
Mike B Banner
Gina is more sexy than Ronda and she'd probably would whoop Rondas ass because Ronda has 0 hands
ну и где же бой ?
Morgan Sagmo
Rhonda's always been a joke
Nadinai Ivanova
Padishar Creel
carrano and rousey aren't even in this video...what a disappointment!
Pritam Singh
Ronda rousy would win
джина карано жена телохранитель вполне бы подошла
two very sexy women!
Roman Gurak
Gina Carano is face womens MMA.
Rudi Justin
Gina the best.
Safety Firtst
Symbolism elecro light
Sam Willis
Cl clickbait
Samer Abukhalaf
Ronda would destroy gina
Silki Studio
Whats that second song?
Sj sarfas Leonardo DiCaprio Sarfas
Gina carona super
Sport Line
Thanks for 500k)
Stalker Online STORM
ронда дура
my 2 fave women in the world .. awesome
Thomas L.S.
Ronda got knocked out by another woman. She has no place in the ring with a man. Now she has no reason to try to return to the ring. She's Done !
Tyson The Rand
Rhonda suck she is so boring literally just arm bars people
WK Lay
Carano Vs. Sexton brought me here
Wagner Brain
Fiquei fã desta gata, Gina Carano. Uma mulher de garra.
Walter De wit
This is not Gina Carano.
Walter Hemphill
Chris Cyborg Is the Best. If you dnt believe me .Ask Gina Carano 😂😂😂😂. Rousey will be no different.
El estilo de meisha tate es único para mi. Y la salvajada de ROusy es comparable con Cyborg ... Carano un punch de out. Pero para mi la Reina. Por elasticidad, fuerza... inteligencia maestría dedicación honestidad... Constancia.. sencillez , técnica,.. Amor al arte Marcial.. Es la Bella VALENTINA ...BULLET!!!!!
I’m going wit the girl from Fast and Furious 6 and Deadpool
Ronda isn't the Facebook mma because she's too agresssive and speaks her mind. I like that more in a woman than someone who doesn't speak their mind when they're mad at someone. Ronda's a better fighter. She just needs to work on her striking and distance. Being too agresssive is the main reason she lost to holly. Its probably the only reason. Ronda's the best female mma fighter yet. I've never seen a better female fighter.
carlos saldaña
Gina \
circle 7
nothing against ronda rousey, she is a soldier, but i always been on the gina carano wave. that's why i also have alot of respect for cyborg, cause i was betting against her twice when she faced off with gina. i will never bett against cyborg again
ronda needs to be plowed like an Iowa cornfield, i can do that and sje would become a woman again
dp slim
Gina will knock her out
ingridyaneth cisnerosvaldez
como se llama la primera canción ?
jose alejandro contreras
lexi Yar
Thank you ladies!!!
luisguillermo Gonzalez Del Cid
me enkanta ver ronda rousey en accion!!!
miguel pio
Ronda Rousey is #2 she came way after. Gina Carano is #1. she still remains \
morelli tech
Gina only lost 1 MMA fight and that was against a roided out Cyborg.
Hmmm... I would need to preform a taste test on both to decide the winner
tish M
Olivia Munn and Joel Kinnaman at 1:31 looool
ustumi art
you tube
zs Xie
Gina looks more like a women
Бекмамат Бектемиров
Gina,best of the best.
Дима Крутов
нахер их всех
просто красавицы
Роман Феденко
Мне симпатична Джина, но еслиб был бой между Джиной и Рондой победила Ронда Роузи, у неё борцовская техника.
Руслан Раджабов
And as the song called?\nPlease tell me
Султан Адилов
Ронда красотка , уникальная ну у всех сваи эпоха , она крутая боец .
таке79 ста ста
оба одно и тоже рожу херачить