The Phantom of the Opera (1990 Charles Dance) Part 1/2 (EU Print) (HQ!)

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NOTE: This print is far better than the previous print, which I have marked as unlisted mostly for archival purposes, but honestly, you should probably be watching this instead. It is much better as it was from the master recording.Here's a comparison for reference: Original description: The two-part 1990 TV miniseries adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera starring Charles Dance was based on Arthur Kopit's then unproduced stage musical which had been in pre-production stages since before Andrew Lloyd Webber's iconic Phantom of the Opera musical had been in production. As an effort to cut losses, they made this TV miniseries, with the musical finally going into production a year later. The DVD has long since been out of print and bootlegs are the only affordable option.

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17:45 I love that! Yes, put powder on the one part of your face that shows. Also I think this the cutest phantom there is, out of all of them.Though I do wish he sang more. Of course Gared Butler is the sexy hot one. And then there's this really cute one who's got the cutest lil face with the mask on!!!
And E
This honestly has to be one of my favourite versions of Phantom, no other has made me cry as much as this did...\nAlso, Charles Dance, that guy is amazing.\nThanks for uploading these!
Anna Anna
Erik is so polite XDDD
Annie Rowan
This is the best print of the 1990 retelling of Phantom of the Opera...\nCharles Dance is superb and in my opinion is the second best \nPhantom ever!
C Unknown
This was the first version I ever saw a grew up watching it over and over. I think this version is the best!
Teri Polo has a fantastic voice unless that isn't really her it's someone else actually singing. And how could I let it fly over my head that this is Charles Dance he is such a great actor.
Chris Picon
Tywin was wild when he was younger
Czargei Alcaide
Why is Erick so sassy omg 😂😂😂💀💀💀\nFor the record I live for this 😂😂😂
Was Erik really wearing a mask in top of his regular mask?
Dave LaBelle
Filmed on-location at the Paris Opera House.
Diana Molina
This is completely different from other Phantom shows or movies but this is pretty good I love it 😃
Dino Skittles
Me once I see the mask:\nAHHHH HELP MEE
Ekco Andersen
Does anyone know the song from 1:09:08 - 1:10:30? I would love to learn it😍
Ella Fuller
Erik is a sassy little boi
Ellie Rourke
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this version Charles Dance is soooooo gooooodddddd💗 but I think Christine kinda killed Erik in this version 😭
Emily Beeman
Okay so does anyone understand why they decided to change Raoul's name too Phillip? Was there a point I'm missing?!
Esej Snake
23:45 This is poison. NOT SOUP!!! (well, at least the new director kinda knows what he's doing). And Mefisto has a perfect voice!\nEDIT: I now understand why Erik loved Christine. Her voice is truly remarkable.
Fangirl_ Lover01
12:42 gives me life 😂
Farya Rahman
To hell with that count
Frank Lee Steamed
The director of this movie was brilliant. Every time I watch it, I discover a new subtlety.
Ghostof Entity303
Me this entire thing:\n\nHeh? Im so confused! WHAT DOES MISYOR MEAN?! Hebleble! This makes no sense! Is this the real movie? Eeeeeeeeh! Why are they all so uglyug! I dont even know what i just said! Why is that guy going into a dark, creepy basement thing?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SKELETON MAN THING?!?! WHY IS THAT GUY SMOKEING?! OOOOOH! ITS WEIRD SKELETOM MAN!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! THE STATUE IS MOVING!!!!!!! AAAAAAH!! WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING!!! YOU BETTER BELIEVE HIM!!! YEAH YOU BETTER RUN!!!! Who’s Eric? WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE MAN?!?!?! Thats an ugly mask man! Wait. Isnt the Phantom’s hair black? THAT IS THE WORST SINGING EVER!!! DONT KILL THEM!!!! What? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MAN?! WHAT LAMBS?!?! STOP SMOKING!!! ITS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!! Oh my god, your hair!! YOU LOOK LIKE CRUELLA DE VIL!!! STOP TALKING YOUR MAKING MY EARS HURT ORANGE PUFF!!!!! AAAAAH!!! ITS THE CREEPY BASEMENT!!! WHY WOULD YOU SLEEP IN THERE?!?! NOT MORE SINGING!!!! WHAT IS ON YOUR FACE MAN?!?! What was that? Was that a monkey? DONT GO IN THERE LADY!!! YOU STUPID!!!! Why is it so quiet? Somebody talk!! PLEEEASE!! NO!! NOT SING!!! I SAID TALK!!! D- WHY ARE YOU SPYING ON HER MAN?! Why are we looking at a cutain? WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU CREEP!?!?!?! Etc.\n\nThats my basic reaction to the beginning of the movie.
Hailey Barnett
12:40 “ my god the place really is haunted what is that” 😂
Hannah Johnson
I really miss Cybertron...
A Lannister always pays his debts...
I take delight in cornbread
Izzy G
* Carlotta sings *\nErik: my god, this place really is haunted what is that\n\nThe Phantom is pure savage😂
Johnathan Houston
37:02 Never piss-off the phantom of the opera
10:50 - 14:20 made me laugh my ass off. Erik's saltiness is the best
Kary J.
I love that this phantom has the same sarcastic humor that the original phantom has in the book, but this phantom lacks the dark and dangerous side of the character, which made this portrayal of Erik less intriguing and mysterious overall. Entertaining however.
Katy Is123
This was my mother’s favorite movie and we watch it all the fucking time but now that I moved out it’s nice watching it reminds me of home
Kgv13 M
Thank you thank you so much for this, I can't tell you how grateful I am its just amazingly beautiful ❤❤❤
King Dice
The takes off the slicer mask to reveal A OTHER MASK DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!
How more iconic could this get? Erik introduced himself to Christine with the phrase angels use in the Bible when first talking to someone:\n\
Kyan Pepper
Ok great film and all but why does he wear a mask over his mask? And more importantly why does he keep taking it off and putting it on, just choose!
Lea Aphrodite
I must say Erik has a sexy voice
Lucretia Gross
I watched this on TV when I was 9 and became obsessed with all things Phantom. 27 years later and I'm still in love \u003c3
Madison Moore
“Since when do ghosts write?” IM WEAK 😂😂
17:42 *takes off mask* *has another mask underneath*
Melcyn ashley ann reyes
Poor Erick all he want is to love her and I want to kill Philip so much
I love this version! One of my all times favorites! Charles Dance does a phenomenal Phantom/Erik! Thank you for uploading this! The story is beautiful and just makes my heart ache and love for how well they did it!
Michael Edwards
I taped this movie when it aired on TV when I was 8 years old. I watched it over and over and over again. It taught me some of my first notions about love. The glitzy Andrew Lloyd-Webber version with its catchy pop-songs does nothing for me in comparison to the warmth and artistry of this little film. This, to me, is the real Phantom. Thank you for posting one of my cherished childhood memories.
Michelangelo Hamato
17:37 \n\ many masks does he wear at one time\n\nAND WHY
Millie M
first 5 minutes of hearing the accent : WHAT..WHY he talking like Siri\n6 minutes in: OH THANK GOODNESS.
Mina Wolf
I love Charles Dance he was a fascinating Phantom! \u003c3
I still can't believe is Charles Dance under that mask!!!!
MsAnne Trophy
I love how Carlotta is a sucker for punishment. I like her😂
Navid Namini
You can feel the love between Christine and Erik in this version
Nefe Qadir
Night Music
I was looking for an excuse to watch this again! I love your uploads; I’ve learned so much from them.
Noel Luna
This is such a beautiful version of phantom. Top 5 for me
O. liveil
I had an overwhelming sense of anxiety during this whole thing
Otherladyin Black
Thank you so much for posting this. Although I do not not appreciate a great improvement in the quality of the image. It is only a bit more clearer. What intrigues me is that the credits are in German, but the audio no. I must say that I have a DVD of this, which was the version that was available in Spain, and the quality of the image was similar to the previous one, so I do not know if the European version was really better.
PP Man
Raping Husky pup
1:24:46 ITS Sabotaged AND I FREAKING KNOW IT
Rebecca Pucci
I really like this version of Christine. She feels more like an underdog, and a good person.\n\nCarlotta and her husband are also hilarious.
Rosco Rose
Anyone else like Erik's saltiness in the first 14 minutes?
Tywin Lannister!
Sandy w.
I fell in love with Erik when he first meets Christine\nSuch a gentleman! \u003c3
Shady Kermit
Is it just me or is this phantom of the opera more hot then the 2004 one
In my opinion Erick and christine should have got together, I love the phantom portected her from the insults he loved her so much he brought down the shandalre I LOVE ERICK
Surreal Lane
I love Christine’s voice in this!
I must say, Erik in this version is both tragic...and hilarious
Wolf Ranger
12:40-13:39 HAHAHA IM DYING!!!!
Wuyang Wang
For me this is the best version ever. Such delicacy and elegance.
Wynonna Beckwith
Love this one and love the one with Gerade Butler
[YOLO Yogurt]
This is by far the most favorable movie of phantom in my opinion.
the Phantom is actually Tywin Lannister
14:00 I am a german, watching a german story, sung in frech, in a historical french setting, where everyone speaks english, although they are frech XD. This movie confuses on so many levels, but I really enjoy it
lol, that moment when Tywin Lannister says he's \
came for the movie, stayed for erik's saltiness
26:13 BEHOLD! My face!\n*DUN DUN DUN*
daee cosplay
Is it just me or did that red stick at 6:10 look like a lightsaber ?????
1:27:39 I love the scene where Erik protects Christine from the insults of the audience. HE REALLY LOVES HER! ❤
holly scoot
In this version they seemed to make Erik much more desirable than Phillipe (Raoul, basically, or Christine’s love interest). I mean, despite all the killing, he’s not as big of a douche as in the other versions. Actually a lot easier to sympathize with. Seeing all of Phillipe’s girls would immediately dry up any desire I’d have for him if I were Christine. Wouldn’t matter if we were best buds back in the day. Makes it all the more heartbreaking knowing she wants to be with him instead of Erik... 😞
jes nemo
00:44 that poor statue, covered in bird shit. that's why she is weeping.
just me Wood
I'm glad the phantom cut the rope to the Chandler! Those people don't need to be doing that!😡
kaitlin gower
He's Like a Prince to me and My Dream's. I Love him.
Philippe looks just like Ewan McGregor! A young one, of course.
myat Noe
He spoke a lot without even letting her say a lot in their first meeting😅😅
peruna perhe
She a 🐹
I love this version of Erik omg
rachel squire
Erick : I’ll kill them both \n\nThe old dude: oh come on now \n\nErick: I’m teasing \n\nMe : * sarcastic speak * yeah sure you are Erick
ragecage of Sneezing Dragon
I'm glad I got talked into watching this. I'm really liking this Phantom... not only is he a sarcastic shit (which I always like in characters) but he seems to be much less of a creeper.... or at least he's less manipulative and more genuine, it seems.
ryan jones
That moment at 17:49 when he takes of his mask to reveal another mask lol
I actually remember watching this on TV in 1990 at the age of 13 and my mom cackling at how funny Charles Dance's Phantom was. \u003c3
unknown Human
any one else through the thing go \
This was my first time seeing any version of the Phantom, way back when this movie first came out on TV. Excellent cast. All these years later and I still love seeing the Phantom. I've been to Paris too and the opera house is beautiful