Deep Cover - "Balls" - Laurence Fishburne Jeff Goldblum x Felix

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one of my favorite films. an original scene that has never had another rival in terms of tension. props to the writer & director...editor too

Bill Baldwin
LMAOOO. Look at dudes hands at 1:58 on the right when David slams the table
Ghetto Blasting
Dr Dre + Snoop + Jeff Goldblum = 👌
“You grew balls you’re gonna have to wear then now”
Karl Plummer
you wanna play to fooo _uuv
Marx brothers
Marcus Majors
Most underrated movie in history that and A Bronx Tale
Neal LaRoy
Thank you for posting this! This is what sent David to the dark side, and... David shot that a$$ at the end, LOL.
This movie is straight gangster. Classic.