The first-ever BMW X4. Teaser.

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The first-ever BMW X4 will be unveiled on March 6th. Here you can get a glimpse of the car.

BMW F26 X4 teaser

Abubakar Si
No money, no bmw!
Alessandro Blajovan
Finally, it came this great moment to see this little brother of X6.
Amon Amarth Rules
If this is FWD I am selling my current BMW this instant and going to MB.
Andy Wilson
I cam here for a BMX teaser
Aurel Rusanda
OK here we go:\na) 4 series Gran Coupe wasn't necessary.\nb) x1 wasn't necessary.\nc) 3 series gt wasn't necessary.\nd) where is z3?\ne) where is the e30/e36 feeling?\nf) why most of us would pick an older moder over the new ones?\ng) where is the design that we love?\nh)bmw must be aggressive,sexy,faster,pure,original.Deliver that.  
Auto Win
Great Look!!!
The first-ever BMW X4. Unveiling March 6th.
Bassam Radi
so whats next\n\nx7 x8 x9 x10 x11 x12 ..............
Bogdan Dimitriu
Can somebody help me with the song? Sounds great!
Chuck Norris
Always prefer smaller things over bigger, therefore this will be better than x6:-)
Nö. Wann kommt den der neue x6? Obwohl ich den jetzigen x5 am gelungsten finde.
Hermann TheGerman
BMW x4 that looks like the x6 is gonna be revealed on the 6th? talk about irony
Isaias dos Santos
X6 Mini
Small X6 )))
Mark Weber
2/3 of the X6
Who see's an BMW X6?
Nich El Rico
Someone at BMW: \
Nikolay Karpuzov
Are you sure you meen January 6 2014 ? 
Rick Roushey
Please stop trying to fill niches that don't exist.
S Miller
'The new X4, the even shitter and more unless version of the X6'
Samuel Campana
Just stop video @0:10 to see it guys :-) now 3 more days of suffering wait...
Wow ! Wie \
Stefan Lindblom
Generally I really like BMW (own an E46 and E30), but what's up with introducing such a vast amount of different new series? Not sure if this video is about some guy or a car.
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Tino Miller
Nice !!
Yvan C.
Zhang daybreak
Nice car I like it.
Looks like a X6
Ok BMW has too many models now.
Let me guess, you will introduce the X2 in 2016?
mr m
hey there's a mistake in the description in the date you should write march not  January !
Please produce less different models, instead make the base models a bit cheaper. Not everybody wants to rent them...