Batman: Arkham Origins (The Movie)

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If you've never seen my movies before, what I do is try to tell the story of the game in movie format. The idea is to present the story in a way that feels complete and can be understood whether you've played the game or not.I capture the entire game's story, and edit together cutscenes and gameplay. The cutscenes obviously drive the story, but if you just show the cutscenes, you will be left confused as to what happened between cutscenes most of the time. So gameplay is necessary, but I do try to keep gameplay to only the minimum I need to tell the story. If I can find areas to cut down on that don't affect the story or the pacing of the movie, I will. I also try to keep the experience as close to a proper movie experience by removing anything that makes it super obvious that you're watching a game. Obviously, it includes gameplay, so that can only go so far, but I can remove HUD elements, button prompts, any on screen text or loading/saving indicators, etc. Thankfully, due to an ini file tweak in this game, I was able to entirely disable the HUD. For everything else that remained, I was able to either edit around them or use visual effects to remove them.For those of you wondering, I'm playing this game on PC, with the graphics at max settings, including the advanced PhysX and DX11 effects. The hardware I'm using is:AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 GHzNVIDIA GeForce GTX 4808 GB RAM1920x1080 @ 30fpsMax SettingsThe game does dip below 30fps in a few spots when a lot is happening on screen, especially when the more advanced effects are used, but for the most part it stayed at a pretty solid 30fps. I used a 30fps cap because I was recording at 30fps, but without the cap it often went up around 40-60fps.As for future movies, the next movie I'm going to be making is The Last of Us: Left Behind. I will be using the PS4 Remastered edition for that. That game is being released on July 29th, and I will start making the movie then. It's a fairly short story so it shouldn't take long.After that I'm not sure what will be next. I have a few ideas lined up, including Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry and Liberation. I may also do the Cold, Cold Heart DLC from Arkham Origins, but I'm not sure yet. At the end of the year I will be working on AC Unity, and next year I will do Arkham Knight, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4 (some of those may be released 2016).Feel free to recommend me some games to try out. The games I listed above will take priority, but if I have extra time, I may look at some of the recommendations as well, but no promises. For the most part, the games I make into movies are going to be third person, and they're probably going to have motion capture or at least very good animated cutscenes, and the gameplay itself should have an overall cinematic feeling to it.

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*Harter Stone*
Batman physics: He can kick Killer Croc's ass but cannot kick open a vent
How many times it took me to fight bosses.\nShiva: 1 \nCopperhead: 1\nFirefly: 1\nBane (1) 1\nBane (2) 1\nBane (3) 1\nDead shot 1\nElectritcutioner 1\nKiller Croc 1\nDeathstroke: 6 Freaking times!!
Andrae Coleman
This is one of the my favorite Batman gamez
ApexPredator 241
Awsom! The full video wasn't showing any shit!
Arjun murti
how did you play the whole game in one day
Arnav Malhotra
At what part does harleys origin come
Asam shazad
its 6 of December 2016 Happy chrismas Andy
Bat Man
Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot...
Batman The Dark Knight
This is the best game besides Arkham Knight but when is the Deathstroke Fight
Batman gamer 20076
LOL LMAO batman you are cooler tuen superman he is a idiot🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻 i am savege i am a hater of superman i am your bigeest fan bro you are a pro dang i love your coustume the coolest thing in your costume is your mask i hate joker he is a noob lol
Benjamin Klaassen
Has anyone else wondered how Bruce manages to get his hands on all his toys without raising suspicions?
Black belt
why they change batman voice?
Bray gaming 64
The game is amazing,but there are side missions in the game and you didn't do them.
Woahhhhh!!!! Suicide Squad easter egg after the credits????? :O
Clay Wandei
Is it just me or is batman a lot more talkative in this game
Colton Gatrell
My list \n1) Origins \n2) Knight \n3) city \n4) asylum
Comedy Floorboard
You edited this story together really well, Andy. Despite that this game was rated the lowest, it has more views than any of the other Arkham movie, thus proving that Arkham Origins has one of the best batman story lines ever.
The amount of effort in your Description made me subscribe.
Creepy Closet
Looking back at this game, aside from the glitches and bugs it was GOOD FILLER until arkham knight came out. Even though it was a carbon copy of arkham city and the plot about making joker the main villain instead of black mask was ehh, I still had fun and some of the character design's, especially for killer croc, bane, joker, and deadshot were the best in the series. \n1. City 10/10\n2. Asylum 9.5/10\n3. Knight 8/10\n4. Origins 7.5/10
Cyber Face
At 1:59:56 the thing on the floor looks like the explosive gel
Daphney Fenelon
watching this on Christmas eve is the best.
This game is better than Asylum IMO. Don't know why it gets the hate that it does.\n\n1. Knight\n2. City\n3. Origins\n4. Asylum
David Clinton
Oh wow! This Electrocutioner battle is gonna be awesome! look how pumped he is. I can't wait to see- oh. it's over.
DrWho Fan
troy bakers is an awesome joker
Is this game really all that bad as people point it out to be? It looks fun as hell i've played the first two and their fascinating so i don't see the big deal about this one
Eddie Roche
Does this count as a Christmas movie?
Ethan Does Things
Desthstroke's name is Slade marvel copied knew deadpool and deathstrokenwere similar, but shit! I searched up each of the days they were created and deadpool was creating nearly 20 hears after deathstroke.
Ezequiel Rangel
Andy Gilleand my brother really enjoys your videos
Furious Sherman
Joker's reveal is probably my favourite scene. It's got his textbook creepiness and sick humour written all over it.
I have to say\n1) Origins: best story \n2) Asylum: creepy/ best introduction game of the Batman series.\n3) city: people absolutely love this entry, I for the life of me don't know why? It's the weakest of all the games to to those who have a opinion on why this is the best title I want you to really listen to their answer, the answer is retarded no one understands why they like this game so much so people just keep it as the best game in the series meanwhile it's the sloppiness and unneeded a fail to the series. \n4) knight:... BATMOBILE... NUFF SAID
Gavin McPhie
1. City (Excels in most aspects, but has a sub-par story)\n2. Asylum (Best atmosphere and very innovative, but it shows its age)\n3. Origins (Best story, but unfortunately lacks polish in too many areas)\n4. Knight (Best presentation, but worst story by far and gameplay was surprisingly worse than City/Origins IMO)
Gaza _anna
okay I really don't understand is this a movie or game of video game because it looks like a cartoon game
People who say this game is bad only say that because they hate change and refuse it accept that other companies can make good batman games
All games are pretty tied for rating but if I have to say best to worst\n1. City\n2. Origins\n3. Knight\n4. Asylum\n\nAsylum was really good, so that should tell you
Home Away From Home
I love batman so much he is my favourite superhero
IRLcamille Pearson
41:28 oh , finally the joker is mentioned . It's only been 40 min . 😂👌🏻 good job it looks like a film !
J.D. Makaveli Official Channel
Arkham Origins - 20 Years Before Asylum\nArkham Asylum - 20 Years After Origins\nArkham City - 21 Years After Origins\nArkham Knight - 22 Years After Origins
Jack Watkins
Jacklyn Elizondo
amazing. just breathtaking!!!!!
Jesus Delgado
the best movie to watch during the Christmas season
Joel Hernandez
Joker is lowkey Gay for batman
Juan Sandoval
Thank you very much for this. I just got that free fall bug just as I was about to fight Firefly... I refused to start all over again from the very beginning after all the time and effort that I just put into it.
so what is the order of all the batman arkham games i want to go through and play them all and i heard there are like 1 or 2 you can skip is that true? pls help someone
Järèd Gåmër
So black mask was the Joker
Kedarrius Simpson
Shit man, this is the best arkham game (haven't played knight yet) I just love the story to the game....and just throwing this out there but in real life, if batman was black, the cops would hav gunned down batman...just saying lol
Kermit The Frog
does anyone know the music that plays at 52:00??? please!?
Kevin Villar
I played this game many times as I can remember. I bought back in 2013. It was cool. The story and controls were changed, but still a good plot. I will never forget this game. Batman still remains my favorite hero in DC.
Keyser Soze
Arkham Origins: Best Cinematics/ Feel \n\nArkham Asylum: Best Setting by far\n\nArkham City: Best story, coolest villains (Joker, Strange, Al Ghul) \n\nArkham Knight: Best gameplay ( BATMOBILE)
King Will
the story of joker doing all that..damn bats you are the worlds greatest detective..SHERLOCK HOLMES GOT NOTHING ON HIM
Kuba Franczuk
Ezio is not that bad Batman
LaQuan Reynolds
This game portrays batman alot better than the comics could ever had and the person who did the voice did an exceptional job\nwhy is people saying this is a bad game?
Lethargic Watermelon
I hate the way they designed Batman/Bruce Wayne is this game, he looks way better in Arkham Knight. The suit is awesome though.
Lidieth Barrantes
me gusta mucho la serie de batman
Malaki Quest
The description alone earned a subscription.
Michael Henri James. Etherton
1:28 \
Mr. Fedora
Baker was great but I still think they should have gone with Black Mask from beginning to end. They were doing SUCH  great job with him.
i find it funny how joker is talking how he feels related to batman and Harley thinks he's talking about her
best christmas movie EVER!!
Me when i want answers.... 11:27
Pabla Digital
Did you know batman voices ezio in AC as well?
Pap tot
1.Arkham Origins\n2.Arkham City\n3.Arkham Knight\n4.Arkham Asylum
i personally like Batman / Bruce Wayne's face in Origins than in another Arkham game, he's young and more badass in here
I love these videos man. And playing without any hud at all, must be super hard, and frustrating. But it pays off in the end. Well done!
Rabid Skull47
What is the number one viewed video?
Rohan Padiyar
I've played this before. This game depicts Gotham City as a police state.
Salty Coffee
I actually like Arkham Origins story above all series, but touche gameplay otherwise... .
Samm Robins
What a well made video, excellent editing.
Sebastian Joseph
The funny thing is that inspite all the criticism Arkham Origins got, it took Arkham Knight's forced tank battles and lack of boss battles for people to appreciate Arkham Origins. Not to mention how they handled Deathstroke in Arkham Knight.
30:12 \
Shawn Sharma
Hey Andy! Love ur videos and u r a great youtuber! Just one quick question for you and your subs: Which Batman game would you best prefer Knight, Origins, City, or Asylum? (Also I'm in the Xbox 360 still so yeah)😁
Andy, you make hard stealth modes look super easy
1. City\n2. Asylum\n3. Knight\n4. Origins
The arkham games you should play in order\n1. Batman Arkham Origins\n2. Batman Arkham Asylum\n3. Batman Arkham City\n4. Batman Arkham Knight
Steel Bear
Batman looks so much better here than in Asylum and City
IMO this game was underrated... its my favorite out of all of the series.
A lot of people don't like this game as much as the other games in the Arkham trilogy, but in this game, Batman has the best batsuit. (Besides the cool batman beyond-like suit that he gets toward the end of Knight)
The Cowboy
The Worst Channel Ever I was 8
Perfect game for chrismas
This game actually was actually pretty good. I only wish 1. Black mask was an actual character like he was in all of the trailers, and 2. You fought Deathstroke more than one time
I never fully understood the implications of Joker's psychiatric interrogation until now. I used to think Joker just got Harley to release him on eloquence and bad jokes alone, but now I see that Harley is confusing herself with Batman, seeing all of Joker's ramblings about destiny and a special person who's changed his life as being directed at her. Well written, WB Montreal. Well written.
anyone else wondering why all that cash was in the air vents at the police station?
Twiztid 133
They need to make this into a live film
Copperhead, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, why does Arkham make all of the females so hot?
Verred Gold
Yuuki Hakura
Promise me you won't delete these I love them and how you played through these games like a BAWSE!!!!
The battle with Deathstroke is fucking amazing. It's everything I could ever want out of a battle with them.
I didn't know Chris Redfield was batman!
bringingback themohawk
I love this game! to me all four arkham games are 10 out of 10
This Joker is way much better than Asylum and City :D
Thanks alot for this. After my save file got corrupted after the Firefly fight, I almost threw my 360 out of the window. At least now I don't have to complete the game. Still annoys me how little I had left!
I love Origins Story more than other Arkham Games ... Because the feel of the Story is more personal for Batman than in the other Games.
so whose drone is it?
memetic, i guess.
I really like how this Batman looks and sounds
the missing link
I freaking love this game. Love the soundtrack, the gameplay, the story. Definitely better than asylum and right up there with city. Trust me on this, I loved batman since I was born and watched nearly every series, films, and when I say this game is good then it is good. People are just being bitchy about it.
ʙʀᴀɴᴅᴏɴ ᴍɪʟʟᴇʀ
Troy Baker is underrated as Joker. Sure he's no Hamill, but he's not bad.
А. Brackmet
I am surprised how Joker didn't loose all his teeth in fights.