Birth (2004) - Will You Believe Me?

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After an uptown lunch with her mother-in-law (Lauren Bacall), Anna (Nicole Kidman) is summoned to Central Park by a young boy who may or may not be the reincarnation of her beloved dead husband.

Alexandre Bacall; Bright; Cameron Desplat Glazer; Jonathan Kidman; Lauren Nicole

Jackson Ramos
Who played the part of the lady that told the boy that she had an affair with Sean?
Queenie Flores
Cameron! ♥
dian diani
full film pliss...?
g Jusino
OUTSTANDING   NORTH   AMERICAN \n    Anna     (    Nicole   kidman                                 kids   in   School    2014   -    2015 
joshua ashley
What is birth about with nicole kidman
A very underrated film
One of best movies ever....
parveez zeevrap
Good movie
ديمبلي ديمبلي
هل يمكن اخباري اين يمكن مشاهدة هذا الفيلم على النت اقصد كامل ومترجم للعربية