Deep Cover (1992) trailer

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Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Jeff Goldblum and Lira Angel.

angel cover deep fishburne goldblum jeff larry laurence lira trailer

Average Carpentry Skills
Dennis Schneider
Jon McKenzie
Name a [email protected] “Godess”, that bought me a pair of Nikes?! One ☝️! Hooker! Bentloo st: what! @nd?
Karpuffel Toffer
Good movie!
Kush L
Who came here because of the scene from \
Mehdi B
I can feeeel it
Metaluna Zombie
I see ya jay the ragtime
Wow - what a great movie!  Jeff Goldblum is friggin riveting in it!
Nate Jones
Whats the song at 1:10
Nicolas Torres
This Is 187 Undercover Cop
Raymonf Rose
Excellent movie. Very intense
Robert Singh
Finally had to watch this because of the song of the same name by Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg which I'd first heard in GTA:San Andreas originally. It was even better than I expected, just blown away and then the song plays in the end credits so I let it roll to the very end :)
Steve Zacharanda
Great film, fave film of my late teens - top soundtrack - Death Row's first
187 on an undercover cop
Supa Troopa
Anyone know the song that plays from 1:12 till the end?
Teddy in Japan
Larry? with age came sophistication I guess.
Thehiphopkid12 _
“Larry fishburne” 😂😂😂 WTF it’s Laurence fishburne
Tipping Toast Media
cowboy curtis! what are you doing man!?
one of the best movies ever
Vinny Berry
Vladimir Conception
Im 30 im watching this on Bounce tv for the first time right now 420 bday on the way u already!!!💽📼📆🎮🚪😄🍀🌿🌲🌳💻📺🎈🎊
i know its jus a movie, but if U didnt have a choice could U walk in another Indians moccasins?
Laurence Fishburne really does look uncannily like Charlie Brooker.
courtneyburton Wanda1966
Excellent movie
where s cyntia rothrock in this movie? hello !
hencca k
awesome movie :p
jondeezy 93
Never seen this movie but I remember my sisters came from the movies from a date one of my sister's had (religious father). I remember telling me this was the film they watched. I dunno why I feel compelled to tell that to the world. Lol
187 on an undercover cop
operação Android
cade os br ?
Yeah, when he was in Nightmare on Elm St. 2 and King of New York (playing Jimmy Jump which is arguably his greatest role ever) he was good ol' Larry.
tha nastyboy
These was tha dayz of good movies
What's the name of the song on the trailer
Евгений Антонов