Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

“This is America” by Childish Gambino Director: Hiro MuraiProducer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothsteintour tickets and merchandise available at

Childish Gambino Rap This Is America mcDJ Recording/RCA Records

*Rayvaldi* Dragonus Gaming
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Ahmed Hk
How can this be the same guy from feels like summer !!!
Ainslee S
Of all the amazing visual choices made in this video, the one that gets me most is the treatment of the guns. Respectfully placed and carried away on red cloth while bodies are either dragged away or left where they fell. Incredibly powerful and poignant.
Alex-Ken Hirano
Yeah.... i think this is my favourite video now.
Barack O'Meme
Donald Glover is using hacks. How did he kill 10 people with 4 bullets! Oh yeah, I forgot...\n\nTHIS IS AMERICA!
Becky Jackson
I had to look up “black shirtless guy dancing” to find this meme.
Man, the director of this did a really nice job. I really liked the oddness of the video, adds a lot to the music.
Bruno Vitório
Simplesmente, uma letra com significado e mensagem bem pensada, com uma produção de vídeo e coreografia extraordinária, precisamos mais disso, pqp foda d+👏👏👏
He literally did the best shoot dance I’ve ever seen 😂
Canal zSpideer
*Vim do Futuro Falar que essa foi usada na Retrospetiva do CanalNostalgia (Felipe Castanhare) ksksksks*
Chole Uzumaki
I wish I did one thing as well as Donald Glover does everything.
508k dislikes… damn
Da Coco Nut Nut
FlyingKitty: ok, _I'll make a better version_
Dab Savage
Daddy Stalin
This is Soviet Russia
Damien Reamy
That moment when you try to let out a silent fart in class but it comes out loud, 0:39
Damon Thomas
Why do I love the intro??
Songs like these are made by geniuses! And they always makes me cry when I really get to hear and understand the meaning of it all!
E.C. R
Veo gringos come changos o brasileños pero ningun mexicano asi que aqui este comentario :v
This is mexico \u003c}:{v
Ebi :v
Eddy The Martian
Can we all take a moment to appreciate how well directed this music video is? Hiro Murai, The Director, made the music video in one shot, apart from 3 cuts which were seamless enough to almost look like it was taken in one shot. Also the talented dancers, including Donald Glover, who had to continuously dance and move around the set without making a mistake. All the dancers, and the people in background couldn’t mess up, or they’d have to restart shooting the entire sequence. Honestly this music video is not only incredible because of the meaning behind it, The song it’s self, but it’s also very beautifully shot, and directed. Fantastic song and video.
Edu Física
I hope this is what sounds on youtube rewind 2018\nOjala esto sea lo que suena en youtube rewind 2018\nЯ сподіваюсь, це те, що це звучить на перемотці YouTube 2018 року\n\rJ'espère que c'est ce qui sonne sur youtube rewind 2018\nEspero que isso é o que soa no youtube rebobinar 2018\n\rIch hoffe das klingt es auf Youtube-Rückspul 2018\n\r我希望这是在2018年youtube倒带时的声音\nآمل أن يكون هذا ما يبدو على youtube retwind 2018
Exquisite Engram
Tbh I don’t support black or white rights I think all humans should just die \n\n#AlienLives
Só eu que vim pelo castanhari só pra pra ver como era a musica\n\n\n\n\n\nEdit: PUTA MERDA 233 LIKES eu tô em busca de pegar 500 likes em algum comentário o máximo de like que eu consegui foi 233 que é esse agora que felicidade
He is clearly from Wakanda. Can’t you see he is the evil 👿 Black Panther 🐆. Also he clearly copied Hype from Fortnite.
Franky Fritzer
Is there anything this guy can't do? Drake needs to take some dance lessons from Mr. Glover.
Freddy Welbeck
Кто тут русский лойк
November, seriously?
Garrett Watts
I am floored. Thank you, everyone and anyone involved in bringing this video into existence 🙌🏻 devastatingly good.
Georgios LP
Gorgo the Orc
Everything wrong with the left in 4 minutes.
Greenalicious :3
I saw this today my teacher showed it to me.. and she didn't censor it..but she did say that the people who can't watch violence can go outside, but I stayed even tho my parents said I can't watch violence, savage.
GrimDeath 8
Great song but this comment section is literally \nr/iam14andthisisdeep
Ian Marin
Vaya forma de violar a el modelo de gobernacion y a los blancos
Amazing song but know bliming idea what happened
KaioGamer 007
Quem veio ae só pra ver como é essa música pra fazer a votação no *Canal Nostalgia* do *Felipe Castanha* ?? kkjjkjjkkjkkjjkjkjkkjk...
Kenai Michelan
Quem veio pelo post do castanhari?
Kimberly Rivera
0:40 when there is shampoo in your eye but you still have to look out for the monster of the restroom.
Kristofer I-S
Love how they have the guns in the video carefully taken away but the bodies just dragged, powerful messaging. Bino's a legend.
Laura Forrester
Watching this video should be a requirement for everyone. Such an important message, very moving.
Lazerking 725
it starts off good until the headshot tho and it just goes insane and lit.
Lol another mass shooting brought me here 🤣🤣🤣. Welcome to America
Lucas Soares
Algum BR aqui hahaha, nunca tinha ouvido, vim pelo Castanhari hauhsuahahauahu 🇧🇷
Luke Awabdy
Damn, is that the guy from Blackkklansman?
Luke James
The video really ties the song & concept together for me. There's chaos, violence & guns all-around, but everybody is on to the next thing so quickly - especially the dances, fads, headlines, trends, etc. At least that's how I took it!
Lyrical Myracle
I notice something new everytime I watch it.
Mabel Ochoa
Si se mamo :v HAHAHAHA xd
Matheus Vivan
*No, this is Patrick.*
Moisés Guitar Player
Quem veio pelo post do Castanhari ??
NanaMi Desu
Why do i keep coming back? 🤔🤔
Nancy BunnyBou
isit sad that the world is actually like this
Nick Taylor
wasn’t expecting this but I’m surely not disappointed
OE's Music Channel
I'm sitting here trying to analyze what the hell I just watched.. Wow.
Another shooting. Another watch
OliMelllo Kjartansson
Cadê os Brasileiros 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Oscar Paech
Some of the hidden shit in the background is insane
Panda Lover
Well I think he shot him because he’s showing what happens now in America
Paris Smith
I listen to this song everyday to remind myself of the fucked up world I live in.
*No, this is Patrick.*
Patrick Playing Piano
He’s smiling and dancing to distract you from the horrible stuff behind him, just like how entertainment distracts us from whats really happening in our societies.
Paulo secreto
Quem acha Mais legal que testemunha de Jeová da joinha. Rip Daniel.
PeakFire Central
Broke the internet with this one
PennyWise Dopubg
Só tem gringo nessa porra ou tem um BR pra ajudar o comentário a cresce!!!kkkkkkkkkkk...
Prajeet Bhatt
Thw Waehouse symbolises just how EMPTY AND MANUFACTURED AMERICA HAS BECOME.....
The fact that the people in the back round didn’t mess up and the camera angle didn’t screw up with any cuts for the first minute and a half is amazing
Red Fox
This is canada
I understood the symbolism in the video, now I might be able to watch Rick and Morty.
So Jogando
Oxe curte aí pra mostra que os BR manda
0:51 Fuzing the Hostage
Taryn payne
What part of America
ThatAnimatorDude Kyle
.... wha...... what the shit was that I just watched.... i liked it
The Llama
November 15 2018 I know I am not the only one ☝️
TheBadShaggys 123
Prayers to The 12 California victims
This song is interesting because without the video to pair I feel like it looses half of its message.
Up an๔ Comίng
A fire in California.
This song is trending everywhere around the world rn ! But its not trending in USA. lmaooooo
Victor Perez
Victoria Myers
Why does this have less views than Despactio?
*Como eu vim parar aki '-'*
cãuan crush da izza nao sou gay
Não sei fala ingles
erlino neto craft
Quem é o brasileiro da um like.
giorgos aek
Donald trump's America
jake turley
linh truong
okAYYY so “this is america” is literally trending in every other country besides america...the irony.
loudfan polandball/the legend 27
When you celebrate the Fourth of July as a black man
Viral dances, memes, mumble rappers to distract the youth and make them forget about the problem of violence in America.
palm princess
Imagine few hundred years from now kids in English class have to analyse this instead of poems from the 1800s.
shikha bais
00:21 let it go on why this
solange Maciel
Cade os brasileiros para almentar essa bagasa
wyatt miller
I don’t fell like America ohs money to any one because slavery ended a round the 1860 so almost 220 years a go when no one right now was a live
Ігор Доронюк
наставьте много лайков чтобы они подумали что я написал чтото смешное)
Олеся Сычёва
Лицемер лучше под клип подходит...
When you watch this for the first time, you go “wtf is this LOL” then you watch it again and again, it starts to scare you with all these shitts thats actually happening behind that you didnt notice on your first time watching