Emotional Attyachar Full HD Video Song Brass Band Version Dev D Ft. Abhay Deol

Emosanal Attyachar- Brass Band Version, Film - Dev D, Singer - Band Master Rangeela, Rasila, Lyricist - Amitabh Bhattacharya, Music - Amit Trivedi, Artist - Abhay Deol, Kalki Koechlin, Mahi Gill, Parakh Madan

Artist - Abhay Deol Film - Dev D Kalki Koechlin Mahi Gill Music - Amit Trivedi Parakh Madan Rasila Singer - Band Master Rangeela bollywo... hindi song

Waah waah waah national film award for best music
Abhimanyu Roat
I come here whenever I am frustrated 😂😂
Abhishek Choudhary Khatkar
That moment when you realize just like you everyone else came here just for Nawaz and Gutthi :) \nSalute to their struggle :D
Abhishek Das
Modern version of \
Aditi Sharma
mast song h yr nd dulhan ki dancing gazab
Aishik Ashraf
Gutthi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are the two band masters lol
Akram Mohd
0:50 killer move man loved it thats Nawazuddin siddiqui for u..
Altamash Sayed
Did he use the word \
Anant Singh
Apart from Nawazuddin and Sunil grover we also have Binnu Dhillon a very famous comedy actor from Punjab, this video is really a video of strugglers, so watch out when you watch a music video next time,you might see a future actor.
Anirudh Sood
That's Binnu dhillon at @2:28 Dammnnnnn
Ankan Ray
who will believe this is sung by amit trivedi and amitabh bhattacharya?
Anshul Agrawal
damn just noticed today that the singers are naeazuddin and sunil grover, anurag kashyap has provided such talent
Ansul Singh
Legendary NAWAZUDIN..............................
Anurag Pandey
Who came here after reading that Quora answer?
I knew it was Sunil Grover ever since this song was released but today, after 8 years I realised that Nawaz was the other singer !!!
Ashish Verma
1:25. Hell I can't even drink cold drink like that.
Atul Phogat
Nawazudin @ :50 is my life and @1:10 he killed me......hahahaha.
Ayush Shaw
ek song pe perform karne wale junior artists ko dekho aaj aur is movie ke lead actor ko dekho\nsunil and nawaz
Bangali Babu
When My Crush Replies Me 0:50
Biswanath Mohapatra
Two legends who got recognized later times Nawaz & Guthi😀
Crank Stabheart
I fucking loved everything about this song and now realised that it was done by my favorite actors
Debmalya Sengupta
i came here after watching a post in fb about nawazuddin
DemiGod Amy
Nawaz and Sunil.. struggle is real.. #respect
Dev sahota
2018 anyone
Dhiraj debroy
Came to see this video when I came to know that the guys lip syncing are Nawazuddin and Sunil grover
Divyanshu Raj
Nawazuddin n Sunil as Rock Stars!!!
EN Dinesh
Abhay Deol's acting is top notch
Hanzo Hasashi
Is that nawazuddin siddique??
Harshita Kushwah
Now I feel happy I was frustrated 😊😊😊😁😂
Ikbal Hossain
who is here in 2017???
Kiran Gada
2018 ?
Kiran Raut
I never knew that Nawazuddin acted in movies before GOW. I came to know about his earlier movies when I saw Wikipedia.🙄
Kshitij Birdi
since everyone is so confused let me clarify something. one of the singers is nawazuddin siddiqui, the one with the slick hair pulled back. the other, with the curly hair, is nitin chainpuri, an assistant director on the film, not sunil grover.
Malhar Deshpande
where were they and where are now. ofcourse im talking about Nawaz and Sunil
Max Karmakar
Anyone listening in 2017?
Mk Sv
0:50 is my life
Mohit Lulla
One of the singer is Amit Trivedi \\m/.\nBand master rangeela :P
Muhammad Kazi
Nawaz straight killing it at 0:50 hahahah love it!
Nikita Roy
dulhaan ka aisa dance pehli baar dekha...
Nowalls Beatbeast
Dr Gulati in his college days.
Pooja Verma
The other guy is not sunil grover. Sunil is way taller than nawazuddin siddiqui. B/w I so love this video.
Pradyum Singh
Is the other one with Nawazuddin Sunil Grover..?? He is not that short-heighted..!!
Prateem Bhattacharjee
is that sunil grover dancing with nawaj ?
Prince Subhajit1998
😍 😍 😍
do u know that Band Master Rangeela consists of Amitabh Bhattacharya and Amit Trivedi!😂😂
Anyone noticed binnu dhillon ???
Raffy Sheikh
The Girl 😍😍😂 1:40 - 1:56 Ohh gOd 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ranjan kumar
Bhai anurag ka perfection ka limit dekho sala chota chota role bhi itne bade actor se krwta hai .
Reel Rolls
Dev D had many struggling actors , which are now big like Nawaz , Deepak Dobriyal (in Pardesi song , the dancer) , Sunil Grover , Binnu dhillon
Is the singer on the left Nawazuddin Siddique?\n\nMan!!!!!!
S6B Productions
nawazuddin and Sunil Grover😍😍😍
Sagar Bisht
Mahi Vij is electrifying
Sahib Preet
Killer move alert at 0:50
Sahil Sayyad
I always watch this song for seeing that girl dance 😜😆crazy
Saurav Saha
Nawazuddin Baba......I miss abhaydeol and mahi gill
Shakeel Mohammed
Shashank Nair
Ft naazudin and Sunil
Shivam Sharma
OMG! Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Faizal :D \n\nWho knew that these two will be most loved actors in the future !!!!!
Shreya Singh
everytime i come here to see that girl dancing , one of my biggest dreams is to do my wedding with full enjoy and dance........so that it becomes memorable for lifetime😍
Shubham Mittal
Work is must always
Souvik Sinha
Still watching this in 2017 .... this means this song was truly made in the future
Sudeshna Banerjee
Tregedy tregedy😂😂😂😂
Sumit Kapoor
Not only song but piece of art by nawazuddin siddqui and abhay!
Suraj patil
पाहिले दिन याद आते है
The Rail Trails
That moment you realise when you see SIngers are Nawazuddin and Sunil Grover...:D\nI also not noticed when i looked properly I was struck :D
The Revolutionaries Today
he is not sunil
Vedangi Mehrolia
All I want to watch in this video is Nawazuddin and Sunil Grover😂😂
Vivek Sharma
Vivek Singh
अभय देओल - वापिस आओ मित्र।
Yuvle/ZaiMin Ki Deewani
Zeeshan M. Raje
0.50 step even hritik con't do that step like nawaz did
abc xyz
Haha, didn't realise they were Nawazuddin and Sunil Grover till now. Anurag Kashyap always had an eye for talent
adrija chatterjee
is that nawazuddin singing in the stage... ??
akash mishra
Today is the day when i realised he was nawazudin suiddiqui!! Respect to his struggle!
aman shivhare
1 2 3 4 6 . Paanch is missing bcoz it was anurag's first film which never got released
amit jha
Today is the day when i realized the guys in stage are nawazudin suiddiqui and Sunil Grover ( Gutthi )! Respect to struggle!
Ek do teen chaar..........cheh....\nBcos Paanch never got released....
arjyajyoti goswami
I'm waiting for the day when that dancing guy from Gangs of Wasseypur makes it big... \n\nकसमों में सबसे बड़ी कसम है ..कसम पैदा करने वाले की.... \n\nHe was really good n that small role. Like Nawazuddin and Sunil Grover are good in this song. :D
Her dance from 1:41 onwards always cracked me up. Her groom is shocked that his demure bride suddenly goes bonkers.
darees george
hahaha.. I doubt its Sunil Grover..he looks similar but not him !!
demonraj RKM
whoreee .....
jack meHoff
these actors are most underrated actors of Bollywood. they deserve more films and money
joke memes clean
Who came after seen Sumit mehra video
king ank
No mentioning of Nawaaz Sir & Sunil Grover in the description.\nbut now Every Description want Nazaaw sir...Hatssoff Sir
mohammad imtiaz moinuddin
Abhay Deol is such a brilllliant actor, deserves more movies !!!
Faizal Khan's short lived career as a wedding singer, before becoming a successful gangsta that has to take budla
pran protim
Now both Nawajuddin and sunil grover is famous. One is a star actor other is a star comedian. Never underestimate anyone. Hatsoff to them.
prince Sameer
6 saal pahle suna tha ye song jab me chota tha thoda 😆😂😂
puneet N
Who has listened Adult version also?
Dont know why so many are saying it is Sunil Grover when its not.
richi cool
1 2 34666666666
rucha pujari
0:50 best shimmy 😂
sooraj trimal
any one 2017?!
sumit gunjan
Nawaz and Nitin Chainpuri
taran randhawa
Binnu Dhillon v hai ga c movie ch.. I didn't knew
thats Nawazudding Siddiqui and Sunil Grover (Gutthi)....
vinayak sher
People are idiots here... Only talking about nawazudding and sunil.. Yess i love both of them but here HaTS off to Amit trivedi sir... Outstanding music
Gr8 talent !! Not talking about Nawazuddin Siddiki and Sunil Grover, but the liquor gulping Abhay.. Can't gulp even water like that..