Pepsi Commercial HD - We Will Rock You (feat. Britney Spears, Beyonce, Pink & Enrique Iglesias)

The commercial is set in the Roman Coliseum. A gladiatorial combat between 3 lady gladiators is about to occur. They come out to chants from the crowd but refuse to fight. They drink Pepsi instead and sing We will rock you by Queen. The challenge was to recreate the Coliseum and a crowd of 50,000 in the computer. The first 5 rows of the coliseum and associated people were shot for real and the rest is CG. What made this slightly more difficult than the usual crowd replication scenario was the fact that we were going to be relatively close, at film resolution and with a panning camera creating a fair degree of parallax. We shot about 50 extras against a green screen and with some inhouse software scattered them around the auditorium randomly with random offsets and colour correction. The auditorium itself was built conventionally in the computer with textures from the set and other pictures shot on location in Rome. Final Gathering was used in the rendering of it.Advertising Agency: BBDO Paris Production Co: Radical Media Director: Tarsem Compositor: Tom Sparks @ PlayGlassworks Team: 3D Lead: Alastair Hearsum 3D: Daniel Jahnel, James Mann, Mikko Martikkinen R&D: Robin Carlisle Producer: Jay Lichtman

Beyonce Britney Coliseum Enrique Gladiators Iglesias Pink Queen Roman Spears we will rock you Pepsi

Aimim fan
Leave Britney Aloooooone
Akaa Kehna
Britney spears was the best
Alani Gonzalez
i dont wanna die, but i liked pink way better. like beyonce was good, and smooth, but pinks raspy voice, and extreme vocal range and all that just killed it. she really rocked us
Amy Dartez
Still the most iconic soda commercial in the world
Ana Valeria Santamaría González
Alguien más entendió la referencia de Brian May en las gradas? :v \nBien Pepsi xd
Andrew Purvis
The Best Pepsi Commercial.♥👑Britney, 👑Beyonce, 👑Pink...
Anthony Sebastian Abrahamsen
The only Pepsi commercial that matters.
Asuka Sin
Avery Bui
2:13 Pink's voice was so amazing.
B Healthy بي هيلثي
Old nice days 😎
Biak Moi
Pink:) look just like Ronda Rousey 😂😂
Bianka gu
only pink 💪👍
Blackjack YGstan
Pink my Queen 😘😘😘
Budit Bliss Official
Beyoncè did great.. 😍
Charles Gabriel Velez
Beyonce had a good oitfit like a queen of atlantis
Costa Coffee
*I C O N I C*
Daniel Mitchell
PINK...nuff said
Daniel Rodriguez
When Pepsi commercials were actually good.
Dayna Goodchild
Why Britney? You were doing so well! A nod to Queen with Brian and Roger in the audience. Enrique, the Emperor...hilarious! Beyoncé, the diva...awesome! Pink, the Amazon...perfect! And then Britney, the poseur wannabe that can't pull it off without being auto tuned to death.\nSomewhere Freddie Mercury is crying and doesn't know why. Was Shakira busy?
Debora King
💕💕💕 Pink, I love you beautiful !!! 💕💕💕 Kisses from Brazil !!! ❤
Dedric Carey
The GREATEST Pepsi Commercial...
Deepak Kothari
oh my girl Britney looks so sexy.I just love her belly button.
Der Pilzmeister
P!nk is the only one not sounding like shit. Actually she sounds pretty good.
Dopejohn 9002
Pinks part was good
Emily Morris
Queen Bey ❤❤🔥
Eric Harris
1:45 Roger Taylor (Queen drummer) and Brian May(queen quitarist) the original queen member.
Esdras Guerra
After this commercial I want a Pepsi
Ester Santos
*I Wanna Beyoncé Feat. Britney Spears in 2018!*
Gabi Mdrs
Isso sim era um comercial porra!!
Garima Prashar
I feel like song was made for voices like pink's
George Martinez
Wow man three of the sexiest female performers ever rockin, Beyonce, Brittany, and Pink doing a Pepsi commercial great entertainment sure to be a classic!
They had Pepsi back then I'm GOD and I didn't know about this
Hasmik Voskanyan
Pink hat voll die gaile stimme! 👍👍👍
Hermine Granger
Britney is the Queen❤❤❤
Is Enrique Iglesias the emperor?
Joe Ramos
Damn awesome commercial, but Pink,....tore the house UP !!!! Her voice is shards of glass dipped in honey and velvet......
Johnny Digital
*This expensive commercial makes me want to have a COKE*
Juli Julianez
pink is the only one who hits singing it with his vocal tone. The other two seem to be singing a lullaby.
Kawaii _never_dies
Yo P!nk was the best. They we're all amazing, but this was what P!nk was made for. You hear her singing?😍😍😍😍
P!NK totally killed it!!! 😍😍
Kenneth Mabborang
We must admit folks! Pink slayed!!!!
Kevin Michael
*Let’s be honest if they actually had to fight, Pink would’ve won*
Kimberly Rodriguez
I'm just disappointed that Enrique Iglesias didn't start singing too 😂
Today I saw a slave become more powerful than the emperor of Rome.
My favorite is P!NK.
Legend, Icon, and Star Tracy Martel
Pink has the perfect voice for this song
Leomared Campos
Now Enrique Iglesias is totally the new idol.
Luciano Guarnieri
Pink the best one!!!!
M. Colby
Who wants Pink only version?
Their bewbs were sweaty and it jiggles
Marissa Lousia
Are we not gonna talk about when Brian and Roger made a cameo in here??? 1:46
Martín Frias
Pink still the show
I'm guessing they cut out the giant crucifix with Freddie Mercury nailed to it in the middle of the arena, cuz they crucifying Queen.
Mert Can E.
Mia phoenix
*PINK* 🤗😍😎
Mike Don Ho
Miley Cyrus Lyrics
1:45 true legends
Beyoncé: looks like a Queen.\nBritney: looks like a Princess.\nPink: Actually looks like a warrior.
Mohanad GYM
Love that wild voice ! Pink
Mystéry Gold Star
so why isn’t Brittany holding a Spear 🤔
Nachyra S.
They all killed it.
Nelly Rosario
Dear Pepsi,\n\n\nThis is your best commercial yet
Nikolett Slowhope
Papi Sorrels
OMG Pink has a killer voice! Thats my Gladiator!
Pozitiv MC
I can't imagine HOW MUCH did they pay to them for making this commercial😵
Rihanna Stan
Imagine if Beyoncé's voice was deep here. She would growl her ass off
Rokhyatou Toure
Rosie Beau
Pink looks amazing 😱💕
Sajjad Khajeh
Britney spears😍
Sam S
Pink/Beyonce are power houses! I LOVE Pink!!! XD
Sara Almutairi
Beyoncé look so pretty omg😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💗
Shirley's Temple
They should have had Cristina Aguilera instead of pink that would have been legendary...
Pinks so freaking hot
Sky Warp
Pink vocals suits this song best
Social Experiment
2018 someone still watching?
Spen trav
Yes, because chain mail bikinis offer SO MUCH protection in battle! 😂
Swagata D
Pink's vocals are everything!
Tahta Rizky
Pink's voice is the best in here. And britney is really hot.. the way she walked, and her eyes..
The Celtic Crusader
Battle of the hottest bellies
Why did they add anoying Hip Hop beats while Beyonce was singing? 🙄
Theodore Roosevelt
Pinks voice and Britney’s beauty all in bey
Thomopolus Rex
Long live Freddie.
Vanessa Louis
Ohh Pepsi you really won the best adverb, don't you
Vinícius plays
Prefiro Coca cola
Yossef ElFendor
Songs starts at 2:13
bir ponçik ARMY
PINK My idol
blossom 30
pink part was always my favourite part
3 amazing singers none got close to Freddie.
ernesto lagumen
Well i go for pink
glane ash
Pink voice though 😍
We all got to admit, Pink slayed it with her amaxing voice and high note
lea rodriguez
Wow pinks voice...
Even the three of them can't equal Freddie Mercury by himself.
Funny how Beyonce is the only really relevant one nowadays.
Freddy Mercury \u003e Every singer that tries to hold a match to a Queen Song
P!nk slayed it!!!!
tommy K
Pink umm ok she sing this music like a god
william cantrell
HOTTEST Pepsi commercial like ever..Lol