The all-new BMW 8 Series Coupé. Official launchfilm.

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The BMW 8 Series Coupé combines outstanding performance, emotion-stirring design, state-of-the-art luxury and exceptionally advanced equipment features when it comes to display and control technology, driver assistance and connectivity. The number 8 in the model name is indicative of the newcomer’s high- ranking status within BMW’s product range. As in the past with the BMW Z8 and also with the current BMW i8, it is reserved for exceptionally sporty cars that excite the emotions. The worldwide market launch of the new BMW 8 Series Coupe will commence in November 2018. More:

2018 8 Series G15 Launchfilm TVC design driving stv8 BMW

#craZY Wiki
Sponsored by Samsung lol..
doesn't have an usb C, wireless charging is outdated, the least kitschy one among the new bmw spots, the 8 body is beautiful,
from last 5 years in coupes bmw is continuously impressing me !!! only thing Mercedes considered better was the looks bmw snatched that to !!!
Abhijit Jadhav
Hey bmw please remove the logo from the front as with twin pattern design on front will look very good without that very very time ahead logo
Adam Anonymous
Harmon kardon seriously!
It has the back shape from a 2017 mustang...
Alex Smith
Finally an actual car, not a stupid crossover/suv
Alexander G
Great job BMW. You took a gorgeous, paradigm shifting concept and redacted it. Making it indistinguishable from the rest of your product line.\nThat way, middle-aged cement salesmen the world over won't feel intimidated. It's like putting a sweater on the Venus de Milo. What a waste.
Alsomiri MN
BMW is not a car.. BMW is the car
Ante Drmic
good BMW 😍😍😍😍🖒🖒🖒👌👌👏
this new 4 series looks amazing. wait, no its a mustang.. or a hyundai? oh... its the 8 series.. what happend to the beautiful concept?
BMW of Bridgeport
This thing is unreal!
B Pillar in an 120000 Euro Coupe... HAHAHAAA...GOOD JOB BMW 👍😂
yeaaaaah this is mine when i win eurojackpot = never gonna happend
Ben Smith
Does this mean you'll eventually add Android Auto into your cars? I see he unlocks and then wireless charges his Samsung phone. Samsung been Android, obviously. Such a smart guy who owns a BMW 8 wouldn't be satisfied with not having Android Auto.
Brian Gallagher
HOLY SHIT I fell hypnotised after watching this I WANT ONE all hail the m8
Car Crash
Why change bang and olufsen/ bowers and wilkins to Harman kardon?
Pls make a Z4M or another supercar, which will compete with the amg gt(r) or another 2-seater which will compete against the r8 !!!!\nI know Bmw can do that !!!
Chocolate Milkshake
Beginning of the video: (Mysterious music playing)...(Wind blowing noise)...(Continued playing mysterious music)... A middle aged man saying: “Life”
Chris Steele
ACTUALLY... THAT INTERIOR IS NOT BAD AT ALL, idc if it's not up their with Merc, it's good for me!
Can't wait to afford it after 20 years
CoMpLeX Zombie
By far the nicest looking BMW to ever release for me. The interior is beautiful
David Davidsonn
0:09 here comes the diversity...
David Sinn
Gorgeous car but it's not a true 8 in my opinion, the concept was worthy of the 8 badge, this is just a newer beefed up 6 with an 8 badge put on to justify a 10k price increase for the base model. Though i still might pick up a second hand one in a few years after i get rid of my current 6 series.
David Viner
I have owned 5 new Audi’s starting with 2 Audi 80s back in the 90s. I’ve also owned a new merc, new Volvo XC90, 3 new VW Passats and a few other cars I can’t be bothered to mention. My favourite of all though is my little BMW convertible. So you won me over to the brand. Maybe this new 8 is worth a look
Seriously that cutting edge style radiates pure rage, well done BMW. Can't wait to see the M8!!
Devansh Royal
That's pornography
Next up 2019 z5
Emil Stojanov
34 fuckheads
Fart Ing
A proper advertisement for a proper car. Not like the shit promos they did with the 3 muppets
Finn Williamson
Award democratic medium blind gasoline stroke cap anywhere
Hassan Ahmed
Nice car. \n\nBut concept looked nicer. This has many similarities to the 6 series
High lemur
“If you’re not living ANY life, do you drive ANY car....or the 8?” Dufaq kinda question is THAT? I think even the BMW have outsmarted themselves with this question.
Nice but bmw it’s TIME to build a SUPERCAR!
Jan Bartoň
Strong BMW🐂
Jason Fischetti
You headasses putting up that damn advertisement for other 8 series videos at 1:40 right when the perfect shot of the car comes up. I want to see the full car but can’t, thanks y’all
Julian Albert
Why are car ads so bad
Keli K.
The car looks great but who came up with that disturbing film?
Kevin Simmons
This is just a redesigned 6 series. The lines are so similar just more beefy. BMW stupid gimmicks like the phone opening the door. It's pointless you have keyless entry already why do I need to take out my phone. The interior is still way behind Mercedes and t came out after. They messed up with the 7 series that way.
What is the background music?
Koro Sensei
why they chose samsung as their exclusiv partner is rather questionable.... \n\nif i had the money i would not have bought the car because my i phone is pretty useless for this car in particular :/
Kozhin Ahmed
I’m buying a new bmw and it was such a hustle. The designers put useless feature like mp3, CD player, SiriuXM Satellite radio (wtf), dvd. These are all useless in 2018. I’m like why are these designers come up with a useful so the buyer like me willing to pay. I feel such a rip off for pay $500 for Siriux XM radio for a year. Most of the bmw car have it. If it is useful, I’m willing to pay. Please come up with useful features in the future and remove all the useless features.
i think Bmw should start production of an legendary E30 :D
MIck Chotsawang
Dont like console center🤦\u200d♂️
Maarten van den berge
Disappointed by the automatic since the add shows that it's a car that becomes intimate with the driver and an automatic doesn't give that feeling justice
Miloš Vasin
Quite possibly the best commercial ever made.
Mohammad Forghani
If you are planning on buying a bmw please read this:\nI purchased my bmw in 2017 and in only one year my car had a problem with its air condition 5 times and each time it took 2 weeks for it to be fixed and in only a little while it would have the same problem again. So if you value your time and money think twice about purchasing a bmw
So here you are again... my legend - same lyrics as in the concept car video :)
Mustafa Yıldırım
OMG! The Best!
Nathan Piper
beautiful car except for the fake exhausts tips/diffuser hiding the real exhausts, I think the designer of those were borrowed from Mercedes, wait for the m8 i think
Noor Bajwa
Luuuuuuuxiriouss car nd sporty. Toooo
Nouman Dandhala
S63 coupe got killed already
Nuttaporn Tayananuphut
Very Nice And Beautiful Car💜👌.
Oliver Phillips
I just want to know the feeling of switching gears with a crystal shift gear lever😍
Oliver Toronyi
Just imagine a revived new M1 with 6.6 V12 boosted up to 800hp & M x-drive
Omaris Bhumiriady
That 8 Series Coupe is super beautiful and sexy!
Quick!....wheres my Lotion!?....
Oskar Aagaard
My new dream car 🤩🤩
Pratik Payghode
The 8
Pure love ♥️
Doesn't come with support for _Android Auto_ , only _Apple CarPlay_ . Shows a *Samsung Galaxy S8+* in the ad ...\n🙄
Ramon Zarat
What's the battery range? Level 5 autonomous capability included? Free, over the air update? Smart phone app that let you take control of the car functionalities over internet? And of course, lets not forget the well known BMW vast fast charging network, right? \
Ray Nardi
I love the closing version for these videos, the \
Repair Center
Wow 😮
They always have these out of touch trailers
so this makes me wonder will m8 be a fast nimble and quick coupe like the m4(a proper sports car) or a luxurious slow coupe like m6(not so sporty sports car)
Shrey trivedi
Now BMW is superset sports\n car of all
Some one
Love the car but the voiceover is really bad... ho hate 😂
I don't usually watch commercials free willingly, but boy, that beauty looks like sex on wheels.
Trí Nguyễn Minh
I love it \u003c3
Uros Andric
Needs v10, more power, new xdrive system.. 🙂
Vettel is the best
I already love it 😍😍
Vio O
Im so sad I will never able to afford this :(
The girl sucks at singing this song and why focus so much on the people we wanna focus on the car!
For the price of 200k you could have the same bull shit bmw every year and the best part is maintenance give us 200k and you'll be happy with this high maintenance car
Yellow Malice
I'm sorry, I hate to be that one person, I'm so sorry, but I just don't like the way this new 8Series looks overall. It's not BMW's best styled or best looking coupe honestly, and they're notorious for coming up with some real lookers. First off, I just can't get over how much this car reminds me of the new Infiniti Q60, especially the roofline and the whole back-end; and I just downright DESPISE those fukken trendy-ass trapazoid tailpipes that BMW decided to fit it with. They're hideous and make it look like every other car out there, especially newer Lexus models. The only part of the car that actually works for me is the front end, since it's striking and authentically BMW. Overall, I personally find the recent 6-series and 4-series even, to be better looking coupes with more BMW sex appeal. Again, so sorry, but I just had to get that out there. -_-
Yellow Pine Apple
Woww this is amazing car in 2018
I’m reaaaally hoping they put the S85 V10 in the M8
alles t
My sella BMW
I normally don't connect with BMW ads, but this one I felt. Loved it actually, it's inspiring. I've been on a journey to reconnect with myself, this was fitting!\n\nLove the new 8.
Now revive the M1 ;D
The guy does look like he has Samsung Galaxy and not iPhone.
I love old 8 series but this one, noo. I am 27 but still prefer old ones their style.
hewlett packard
And I'm watchin this in my Rolls-Royce ...
That car is spectacular. I love when the woman says \
nvn jat
😍😍😍 giveway
What can i say the new 8 series its absoulty stunning and gorgeous👍 every video puts me a smile on my face thank you for that.
the warrior66 Jake
The dislikers are 100% Mercedes and Audi fans😂😂😆
Евгений Ш.
M-logo everywhere!! Just put m-logo on that guy's forehead! He will be godlike! M-power!!!