DJ Antoine Timati feat. Grigory Leps - London (Official Video HD)

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your sound is very nice Severus Snape :D
Adam Straka
Good song. but dat Timati .... men is ussles on this song....
Albert Zimmermann
Der alte mann ist ein russischer sänger einer der besten !!!
richtig cooles Lied
Anastasia Mitrokhina
Really like it! I love Grigoriy Leps. Timati as well is cool. Can't wait for the next concert in London. Good job Russia!
Antonis Georgiou
timati is Russian?
Armandas Gricius
gera daina puikų😎🔊🎧
Artur Beat
Falls sich jemand fragt was das für ein bekloppter Opa ist.. Er kommt aus Russland und ist bekannt für seine Lieder(stimme) wie z.B. ya tebe ne veryu (auf deutsch=ich vertrau/glaub dir nicht). Ist eigentlich gar nicht sein Stil. Wahrscheinlich wollte er sich einfach finanziell unter die arme greifen.. diesen song gibt es mit timati auch in russisch.\n\nLG Artur
Bourget 004
dj antoine for top 100 again please
Brian Gomez
Buena musica Ufff\nDesde Veenezuela
Chris Aubin
Grigory rocks this song with his special voice! He makes this song unique and great! Still nice vocals from Timati and like most of the times good beats from Dj Antoine.
Danton swart
David López Colmenero
The Best music
Devid TV 99
London is the best place
Devil 99
Dominik Volák
epic song,brother.
Ein typischer Antoine Beat, aber Leps sprengt den Song richtig seine Stimme bangt alles weg...
drink lots of vodka and you will have a voice like this
Fearless Horizon
Ребята жгут!)
Fevered Rabbit
блять, может на русском ор лепса и звучит нормально, но на английском... это просто пиздец...добавьте к этому еще и акцент, нихуя не понятно, что он там поет...
!!!! BEST SONG EVER !!!! Grigory Leps !!!! DJ Antoine !!!! Timati !!!!
Anyone else came here because of the awesome voice? :)
Francieli Lima
Mo vlogs
Franziska D.
leider noch nicht im Radio angekommen, meega Song😍😍
Gefällt mir sehr!!!
Grazyna Evancio
LOVE IT:) Leps is amazing....
Greatest Ever
The beat is soft, the rap is garbage. The chorus however, with the raspy voice is uniquely appealing/ different. It deserves a better track behind it.
Grzegorz Bartnik
Good job Dj Antoine. Polacy przejmuja ta nute.
Herr Unbekannt
That was before Brexit
wow nice song nice voice of Grigory :D \u003c3 :o
Jakub kratochvíl
Best of song
Jan Althans
Wer kommt auch von Badeschlappen ? \n\n#badehype\n#badestream
Jennifer Haase
Ich hör es nur allein wegen dem Refrain! 😁
Jirka Jansky
moc dobrá hudba
Jonathan Morocho
Super Lied.
Justin Johannsen
Grigory Leps „Longdong\
alle die seine Stimme feiern \nin youtube \
Krzysio Agriculture
Są tu jacyś Polacy ?
да ну нахуй... Лепс теперь и тут
thats a english party version of an russian song of grigory leps... not that good as the original
M1kY28 ;x
I finally find this SONG !
Maja Gagarina
russian version without dj antoine is much better
Marcin E45
Marco Tessari
Grigory's voice is amazing. But lol, the girl in the video is useful like the lowest of the Black Eyed Peas
Mariana Culea
Leps it's the best just London 😂
Matteo vultaggio
0:11 \
Max Wreth
omg this voice, i think that old ruski just drank a lil bit too much vodka blyat
Melanie Frohn
Schönes Lied vor allem der Refrain. Ich hör es immer wieder gerne!!
Milan Kolář
si su per
Die Stimme ist ja mal richtig geil :D
Miriam Grigoletti
Grigory Leps reißt das Lied in die Höhe. Ohne ihn und seine Stimme wäre es wieder so ein unbedeutendes Antoine Lied. Ich meine der Beat ist ja mal zu 100% Antoines Style. Trotzdem geiles Lied ! ;)
Nikita Leps
Лепс молодец
Olanda Lazio
Amazing song, gregory is killing it ❤️🔥
Die russische version von dem Lied Song ist geiler
Patrik Mareček
Super hit
Patryk !
Dobre kurwa XD
Perla Morales
wow! grigory leps has amazing voice 😍♥
Phillipo Blake
Швейцарец делает ремикс на таджика и еврея, поют на английском, выпустили клип на немецком лейбле :)
Random Elite
Rottaler Enduro Rider
bestes Lied diggi
Schmitt Stefan
Das Lied ist voll cool \ndas ist mein Lieblingslied
Simča Limča
Sina Marie
Grigory Leps ist voll gut❤❤die anderen beiden müssen garnicht sein....
Bin nur wegen Grigory hier ;)..
bardzo fajne nagranie
Oh ... \nSchon wieder ein 08/15 INSTRUMENTAL von DJ Antoine :D
Grigory Leps \u003c3\n\u003c3 \nThis Voice \u003e.\u003e
Tushar Chandra
i liked soooooooo much {i love this song}
dobry kawalek pozdrawiam
Viktorie Urbanová
wow 😘😘😘
Repeat it in English please?
Weird Stuff
This voice... XD it's...\n...\n...\n...\n\n\nAMAZ1NG !
Yvonne Aichele
The only Problem is that Gregory don't speak very good english and i always unterstand something other, but his voice is very nice 👍 VERY NICE SONG❗
Zeta Bak
Grigory Leps awesome voice :O i love him \n\nNoHomo guyzz :D
blazing onyx
His voice is freaking sweet
1:34 his face haha
gabriele d'annunzio
The whole song is in that \
google nutzer
Die Russen sind alle gedopt \nSPAß😂
jordan max
Zajebiste jest
jurjen folkertsma
are there any other house songs with Grigory Leps ? 0.o his voice is amazingly raw
mega apple
Text of this song\nIt only happens here in London. \nDrive me happens in London. \nWhere the freaks come alive. \nWe are wreckless and wild. \nWe're the kings of the night. \nIt only happens here in London. \nWe got the fire burning red hot. \nAnd we never stop. \nGive it all you got. \nIn this city we go I do we drop. \nIt only happens here in London. \n\nThey say London Bridge is falling. \nI say the UK ballin. \nThe Arabs pulling them whips out. \nThey love to go all in. \nAbramovich bought Chelsea. \nRussia put them chips up. \nThe Pound is still the best currency. \nIf you really trying to live it up. \nI just touch down in Heathrow. \nIn that G6 fuck that G4. \nAin't worry about no jet lag. \nI came to party with my people. \n\nIt only happens here in London. \nDrive me happens in London. \nWhere the freaks come alive. \nWe are wreckless and wild. \nWe're the kings of the night. \nIt only happens here in London. \nWe got the fire burning red hot. \nAnd we never stop. \nGive it all you got. \nIn this city we go I do we drop. \nIt only happens here in London. \n\nThat London Eye keeps spinning. \nWatching all the beautiful women. \nThem imports from Milan. \nEuropean models still winning. \nAt tea time I pop champagne. \nWiling out like Soho. \nYou can find me in the Hyde Park. \nOne of those places I call home. \nI just shut down Harrods. \nHarry Winston for them carats. \nShout out to my killers in Brixton. \nAnd to my n*ggas in Paris. \n\nTonight is all we got. \nSo let's take the fast lane. \nIf we live let's see tomorrow. \nWe can do it again. \nThere's no place in the world. \nThat I'd rather be than here with you. \n\nIt only happens here in London \nDrive me happens in London. \nWhere the freaks come alive. \nWe are wreckless and wild. \nWe're the kings of the night.(x2) \n\nIt only happens here in London. \nWe got the fire burning red hot. \nAnd we never stop. \nGive it all you got. \nIn this city we go I do we drop. \nIt only happens here in London.
pasquale verdi
Is better Bergamo ❤️
succ my cookie
Dj Antoine spackt in seinen Videos immer voll ab
tasneem krity
wow.. I'm in love with this track :P Soon I'm traveling to London and I was searching London tour videos n suddenly this song pop up infront of my eyes :) I'm glad that I've listened this track :D it turns on the dancing mood :v
ƒυƈƙɣєєє | ᵗᵉᵃᵐ ђαȥαгժσยʂ | QUIT.
Also mir gefällt der ältere Mann am besten von dem Lied! xDDD
Дмитрий Рус
Какой приличный здесь Лепс) Отличная композиция)
Илья Муромец
Amazing track. 100% hit 2016!
Мария Козак
Что-то в этом определенно есть)👍
Никита play
кто знает русский кто не знает всем говорю лепс крутой хоть он старый молодой он всегда на первом месте
сергей малясов