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AB3/Alan bright 3
sorry to both Milf and milk but I prefer Clorox bleach .
Personally I prefere clorox bleach
Adela Borkowska
Agatha Christina
from this to national anthem
Alexander Trindade
why waste all that milk girl/ Aint ya white enough?
Alexus Russell
❤❤❤😂😂😂😂Corny asf but I'm crunk 😂😂going to church gd
Andres Eduardo Orejarena
Para los españoletes que estaban mendigando, aquí mismo alguien hispano
Andrew k Adams
The scenery is nice but the music is pretty horrible
Ankush Kumar
Time for a pornhub break
Annihilation Mame
Ill never look at milk the same way again
Ant Bar
I dont think all of this is just milk what if its other white sticky subtence ??? Hmmm..??🤔🤔
Ava Zuccalo
Last time I listen to this song was about 2 years ago so longer and I was a lot younger I have no clue what that meant and I thought she was singing Milk Money I'm still confused and then I understood my brother told me not to watch that video
Ayu Brazil
Sorry, I'm kinda lactose intolerant...
CPF Juan manuel
I prefer the bible.
Caleb Licwinko
I wonder how the milk man drive the car with one hand we might not ever know
I just realized that the women in the video are all celebrities...
Clorox Bleach
Na people prefer me more than milk
they all look like transgenders to me
its hard for me writing a comment with only one hand
Daisy Welsh
I can’t be the only one that was thinking: that will smell for a couple of days-
Brazzers girls confirmed
What suki does here ?
People said it was \
F-B-E- L-G
No offense but like if u would tap that🤔🤔🤔
Fergie is having a midlife crisis LOL.
Grimm Factory
This porn movie has a very good soundtrack.
Groomy TV
Youtube has trun into second version of pornhub
Hananh Jackson
I'm not old enough to be a milf, nor am I a mother but I still dance to this song like I can relate when I'm stoned and brushing my teeth at 4am in the mirror
Help me reach 69696 subs with 3 videos
Props to camera man for filming with one hand
Hi Sister!
As long as it’s almond milk we’re good
Initial R
They forgot the brazzer logo again...
Jalen Hill
How did the camera man do this with one hand?
Jennie Park
Sorry, I prefer bleaching my eyes with clorox bleach.
Johanna 03
Is that you Kim?
Juju Bean
There's something sad about this video. Something about it just makes me sad, which I think is the opposite effect it's supposed to have.
Just Top
Hello Kim Kardashian
Came here after her national anthem 😂😂
Kitten mittens
Hannah Stocking from Lele Pons🤔on 2:28 with a pink dress👗 🤔
Lenny Face Joe
the song to start milf fetishes
Internet dark side
Luana Rebelo
Luis Alfredo
Am I'm the only person, that thinks this is a waste of milk? \nLike you know how much cereal, milkshakes and Tres Leches I could have made.\n\nEdit: can't believe this got almost 200 likes.\nI too can make funny joke!!
Luxa Bork
*I’m g a y*
Lyrical Myracle
Lol why am I here
Looks like they had so much fun on the video set
MC Rapcot
This is a meme 😂
Marjorie Chipwende
Kim Kardashian was in here my favorite actor And Jessie J omg
Masikana Mungulwa
its nice to see that Fergie is still turning most of her songs into a spelling bee
little kid watches*\nMom comes IN*\nkid: uh its not what it looks like
I don't get why ppl are hating on this... I mean look at how hot that *MILK* was!!!
pop music has become such a rich tapestry of deep philosophical insight. really powerful stuff.
Nathan Cavins
I am lactose and toleriant 2
Nightcore Maker
Can't wait for Bart Baker to make a parody out of this
Nikki Bella
Did anyone see Kim Kardashian at 1:08???
Noke David Faingaa
The fact that people think this was real milk in the video 💀 stipid.
Norma Tancošova NT
Ofek R
My song when I do Squats....
Oitavo Planeta
2018? I love it ❤️
Oliver Stupak
Na, i drink water
0:24 I would bury myself so deep in that woman that whoever pulled me out would be the next king of England.
Yo not gonna lie, Fergie tryin to hard
Paul McAllister
“Slippery when wet” iconic outfit and moment
there is so much wrong with this but damn it's catchy
Popuko ポプ子
Question Marc
Now kids can jerk their little dingdong on youtube ! gotta love 2018
Is this a milk ad or 4 minutes or quality masturbation material? I cannot decide
Rainbow Rabbit Ronin
Freddie Mercury is crying in heaven.
I'm lacthotse intolerant...
Roksolana Q
Кол росія
Sheldon B. Jackson, III
That milk guy was so hot
Sidney Knuckle
0:51 🎵 *I could whip it up Fix you up Straight away. Comin in the front door leaving out the back door Flip it I'M GAY* 🎵
Sinb’s Cow friend
Yo I just noticed that all the girls in this video have had children 😂
Stephen Ferrariz
You Mathafaka 😂😂😂😂
*“Slippery When Wet”* \nOMG I almost had the death experience 🤣🤣🤣
I think I'm kinda thirsty
Unknown 707
I can whip it up fix you up straight away,c'mon in the front door leaving out the backdoor whip it flip it *IM GAY*
Viz Anime Fan
0/10 no chocolate milk, which is my favorite
William Bolton
Half of the views on this video are just me wanking
Young Savage 19
I thought a black girl sung this until i looked it up and it said fergie i was shocked....YOU GOO GIRL 😂
Zap Rowsdower
Haven't fapped to YouTube since '07 until 3 minutes ago
She was 40 when she did this!
Ohhhhh my pants....
acid shark 32
Honestly drinking milk while watching this makes me want to spit it out
angelica jordan
1:12 it's kim kardashian on the left
farva S
I think this is just one intricate milk commercial :l
frogs are lit
nice to see fergie is promoting calcium intake and strong bones
iinky :T
I prefer holy water.
lapaho ok
that milkman tho, bruh 🤤
There's nothing sexy about milk, it's, like, 50% pus.
So this is what censored Porn looks like huh.
na chatana
This porn has loud music
Would have been nice to see some actual milfs instead of a bunch of skanks.
poetic andazz
soft adult videos now no premium required .. 😂
russel rodriguez
Who came here for Kim kardashian?😍
Well this reminds me of the nuketown map on black ops
syiera stuart
Lactose intolerance has left the chat
Ξ Эле- онора Ξ
3:12, 3:19 Kim?🌚
Маче 21
Are those Kim and Chloe? \nYep