Heres Why the Lamborghini LM002 Is Worth $400,000

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A Hasnath
LM zero zero 2 not oo2 Doug you imbecile
A Pimp Named Slickback
Here's why the LM002 is worth 400,000 dollars.\n\n\nThe Lamborghini emblem.
A n d r e w
That garage looked like a collection of die-cast cars, not real ones.
Abbas Fahmy
Doug,\nThere's a reason why Lambo only made 300 LM 002s .... They were a massive f.a.i.l.u.r.e. \nI totally understand why they appreciated in valued due to their rare factor and their quirky uber coolness. \nBut they were utterly and impossibly unreliable as offroad vehicles. I've had the chance of driving one in the early 90's in across the dunes of the Egyptian Sahara desert during the \
Adam Rolfs
This car is incredibly stupid, impractical and overpriced... That being said if I could afford to have one there is a 100% chance I would with all those stupid design quirks, I'm in love
Austin Ateek
You guys are crazy, I'd drive this car!...\n\n\nTo the nearest Lamborghini dealership and trade it for an Aventador.
Bepis Man
1:35 What every forza horizon noob does
Berry O
This is for the redneck hummer owner who wins the lottery.
Brady Collins
la lamborghini la lamborghini
Branon Fontaine
When you drive on sand, you're supposed to drop the air pressure in your tires so you have a nice flat patch of tire that comes in contact with the sand....
Buddhist (Anhänger des Dalai Lama)
290 Litre Tank is uncommon ! And very very large.
Camo B
You are reviewing this like it was designed by Lamborghini for the Rich public... Ahhhhh.. IT WAS A MILITARY CONCEPT VEHICLE adapted for the road because the military didn't want it.. Look up Cheetah and XR311 for where this came from. And look into the Humvee to see what the design became
Carp Carp
7:50 ancient South America battle horn
Man, the 80's were a hell of a time.
Most of the quirks etc. are understandable considering Lambo pitched this initially to the Italian/American etc. military as their version of a Hummer. Military truck first, coke-fueled celebrity runabout second. Like a Hummer.
Charlie Day
It looks like a dope sick hummer!
Chase McWilliams
Not putting in the effort to email you but if you're ever in Northern California you can review my 500HP evo 8
Chris Dealny
Actually,, the gas pedal being so hard to push makes lots of sense. When off-roading, the terrain effects the throttle control, and if a big bump or knock happens, the traction could be lost. As long as the throttle pull is consistent,, It make lots of sense.
Coen van Vugt
Damn, that’s one hideous looking car
That is a lambo
David Check
doug seems like the kinda person to eat yogurt without stirring it first
hummer before hummer
Dilfateh Shergill
It was the 80's... you know what they hid under those rear seats... **sniff* *sniff**
Dumme Kommentare FULL HD von Katz mit Hut oder Mops
My '85 Escort was crafted less \
Dwight Looi
LM002 is a Hummer with a V12. But, honestly, I think it's the wrong kind of over the top. An off road vehicle. An SUV with a real S and a real V should be something not just inordinately powerful, but something you'll take to Paris Dakar and actually finish worry free. Someone needs to do an LM002 like vehicle with not a finicky Italian V12 but a CUMMINS VTA-903T. Or, if you must insist on a V12, an air cooled Teledyne-Continental AVDS-1790.\n--\nIf you are not familiar with those the former is the 600hp V8 turbodisel in the M2 Bradley IFV. The latter is a little more dated. It's the air-cooled V12 in the M60 MBT making a paltry 700hp and 1400 lb-ft. Fuel economy? Fuck fuel economy. That's what that pair of 55 gallon oil drums in the back and the swimming pool under the glass deck are for.
Fabrizio Colandrea
1:58 that sounds like a minecraft iorn spamming down 😂
Flying Walrus
11:05 and pause, who likes the ferrari, if thats a ferrari, idk
rambo lambo
WHAT IS that * M U S I C * that Plays When He Fills Up the GAS Tank ?? — It Is in Almost Every Fifth YouTube Video I see Nowadays ??\n\nA N Y B O D Y — P L E A S E ? ?
Georg Andexler Andexler
Actually looks like a Jeep Wagoneer and VW Thing had an offspring.
George Soros Sleeper Agent
Yup this is a drug dealers SUV. Smuggling compartments, cig lighters all over, massive basses, white and panelling... Lambo in the 90s definitely had a demographic that they knew.
Rare crap is rare for a reason........its crap!
Hameed Altamy
I know a lot about Lamborghini but I’ve never seen this car!
What an eyesore.
Hector Jr
That laugh because of the ridiculous honk @8:32
Iamyoung Block
The interior is surprisingly nice considering the age of the vehicle.
Javier Bruno
This car is like the Italians saw a Humvee 5 years earlier. It was designed entirely by Horacio Pagani
Jax Nean
7:49 a sad violin
Jimmy Spin
I remember this was used by a couple of European Countries as costal patrol vehicles.
John McFadden
Boat owners will appreciate the way most of this car is laid out.. it was designed like a bad 80's boat.
Jonas H.
It looks awesome, but what the f*** is going on with that horrible and complicated design??? 😂\nI thought this was Lamborghini and not Ssangyong or Pontiac lmao
Just a User
Its impossible that those seats are from that time
Lamborghini LMAO
King_ harshil_
Best truck for zombie apocalypse......
lol market was to get some money from Pablo
And he called the Mercedes G wagon ugly!?
Lazy Mapping
I am one of those 2 people out of 7.4 billion people who actually like this RAMBOLAMBO. The second being my twin
Luke Pickle
Om 4 MPG
Luprez Tryson
The Lamborghini LAMOO?
Marcus J
It's basically a land Yacht
This was the perfect car for pablo escobar
But does it come with a removable mirror to do a line of coke?\nEdit: why does this have 470 likes\nSecond edit: Why
slow down Doug DeMuro
What a badly designed vehicle.
Rocket Man
Why didn't you say the most interesting piece of history about this car? \nIn the mid 80s, the US military launched a competition for an all terrain military vehicle that would be able to climb everywhere, carry 8 soldiers and tow a large gun. Ultimately, the competition was reduced to two manufacturers General Motors with HUMMER H1 and Lamborghini with LM002. The reason why the HUMMER won was because LM002 was way too expensive (mainly because of its Countach engine). So yes it was designed as a military vehicle!
Rusty Shackleford
Reveiw the URUS!!$
Many years ago, a customer brought one of these (also white) into a shop I worked at for service. He regaled us with the origin of the auto. He related that it was designed for the Israeli military, who ordered 300 of them. The \
It looks like someone took apart other cars and made this frankenstein of a car.. xD
Sir Brellin
I bet when that is filled up with fuel it weighs a lot
Spoke Fists
*_I would rather go for Mercedes G550_*
Squirtly Dude
Doug the kinda guy who opens his Fuel door with his credit card 8:47
Steve Dan
This is like a boat turned into a car
typical Lamborghini. Everything, EVERYTHING is an after-thought. It's an abomination.
Teddy's Lift World
That would be a good Nantucket status symbol.
The Crimson Fucker
I'm not quite sure if it's South American drug lords or Saudi Arabian oil barons that are to blame for this abomination, but I feel *someone* should be nuked for it.
The Truth is only Perspective
So am I the only one after this 16min video wondering why this IS worth $400k?
8:30 - Thank me later ;)
TheDiamondDefenders TheDiamondDefenders
Him: They replied which one?\nMe: 😶🔫
TheRealCarlos \\
7:02 Gas mielage
Thunder Gamer
that thing is a MONSTER
Tombo Sixer
This thing is ridiculous. Who would buy a vehicle like this for so much money?
When it’s your turn with the school thot \n11:48
Wes Hamstra
wow... im glad I didn't buy one of these last weekend lol
William MacDonald
The interior looks like it was stolen from a boat.
The worst Lamborghini I saw
Yonah Sefchovich
That interior is like the worst I’ve ever seen, and for $400,000? You’d expect it to know...good. Like everything looks cramped in and horribly placed in a vehicle that should feel massive inside.
Zachary Howard
Doug the type of guy to index the size of the rear view mirrors to a \
Despite all those mad quirks, the LM002 makes more sense as an SUV than the Bentley Bentayga.
atomic mama
the most horribly designed POS
any other maker: \
Another not possible dream car, driven, thank you dear Sir. PEACE.
dre day
And all the words this truck is not worth the money
fereydoon amini
I would call it Lamborghini LMAO2
My favorite part: the dogleg shifter. I'm sure it only has it because the Countach has it, but it's still ridiculous.
ima Astronaut
Thanks man saved me 400k
Did you happen to see the built in sand separator in the engine bay? One of the most unique features about this particular SUV. If you drive in the middle east, this is IMMENSELY important.
Lol even if I was the richest man on earth I wouldn't ever waste money on this thing.
No Score?? :(
Love you video. Just got a recommendation, would love to see more video with difference angle such as from middle console.
luka lukunic
Dat's a tenk
martin srabotnik
Doug, mirrors are obviously so small for better aerodynamics and therefore better fuel silly
muzie Ezzy ndlovu
This is not as good as I thought... waste of money # looks like a boat
ron simpson
Why does Doug always wear those very thin cheap looking T shirts?
When you hear it coming you are expecting to see a Lamborghini...but see a Lamborghini.
Should have been called the LMAO2 because I laugh when I see it.