The first-ever BMW X4. Official product substance film.

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This film explains the fist-ever BMW X4 in detail. Explore the design, listen to the sound of the car sprinting from 0 to 200 km/h (0 to 124 mph) and have a look at the powerful engines.

2014 BMW BMW X4 F26 Product substance

murica. why would you want to attract attention?
A. Nalbat
Nice Car
Ahmad Ihsan
i like the green concept car more than this.
Alex Baloch
Nice car, I love it
Alex N
The orange lights on the dashboard where crap, good that they changed it. This guy looks like Barack Obama :).
Alkis Delaz
i like this angry face
BMW Mỹ Đình
Liên hệ mua xe tại Việt Nam\n0944 444 212 \nBMW Euro Auto My Dinh
Next, we have the BMW X2
35d is 230kw, not 240.
Brian c
what sound
Burito Frito
There are many nice cars but BMW is BMW. 
Culchie Revived
It does look really really good, but am one if those dying breeds that still need off road capabilities and towing for farm work.
David Raba
Well i tried to go to the BMW site and look at pricing but it is not listed once i click my country, guess i will have to wait a bit.
BMW has lost his X6 was the worst model and they continue to create ugly and pointless models!1series,3series, 5series,7series,x5 and x3 seriers, are the only models that bmw should be building, but who i am to talk when a lot of fools buy x6 or other crappy models like 2 series?
Dries King
I think it's cool
Not a fan of the round lights.
Fast Er
Fantastic presenter. Use him for other BMW cars also.
Flavio Gomes
well done comercial!!
Absoluter Wahnsinn! M-Power mit M-Performance
Freethinking Влади́мир
Another car for douches by BMW. Also the centerstack is still cluttered. Too bad BMW can't move the design to a next level. It keeps lingering around the same setup. Looks like the Germans gave up on that, tough Merc has moved on actually. It's interesting to see Infinity (Q50) and Cadillac having moved on, redesigned. I wonder which brand will follow.
e46 330 ci sounds better
Gatis Ločmelis
Gotta agree, looks very agressive, i'd buy it, with the biggest engine ofc. And the tail gate, now that's genius, never would have thought of a option to open it like that.\n\nGood job BMW. 
Gay cha
A vulgar car for vulgar people. \n\nBMW have lost their way chasing ugly niches with ugly over lapping and derivative styling.\n\nI still love their 6 pot engines.
chris brow ! you remind me of chrisbrown lol!
Loving this car, like this guy.  So now even the 35i engine has the 2 pipes on one side? And they got rid of the orange dash? I kind of liked it. 
Nice. Got my M4 and X4 on order...
Kendall Harrison
It's the equivalent of the X5 to the X6. being that the X3 to x4 is the same type.
So ein schönes Auto und dann Schubkarrenräder montiert :-/
It just a smaller version of the x6 and its smaller than the x3 its supposed to be bigger
Kross Check
I have no much idea about the X4, X6 and those GT versions.... They are similar to me though.....
Wowwwwww bye bye benz. I'm going back 2 Bimma
Lucas Masola
isnt she soo beautiful!!
Mathieu Bouvier
and still has an old fashioned ICE engine, GO GO GO TESLA, SHOW THEM !!!!
Mehdi Abdullah
Robin sharma :o ???
Mustafa Sadiq
what do you think should I buy it or not
A Cheaper X6?
Paris Malaspinas
useless yet beautiful
Paul Forsunkov
Very good presenter!
Phumzile Tshabalala
When will the bmw x4 be available in South Africa? I like it.
Man I didn't think that the very awkward looking X6 would sell well enough to inspire BMW to build a smaller version...Are they really making that much money on these funny looking vehicles?? I don't see why one would get this over the X3. I recently just got an X3 Xdrive35i and would not even consider this an alternative. What is better about it versus the X3??
Salatiso Mdeni
Will it beat the Mecan on dynamics?
Sihle Mtshali
love this car
Sly Sensei
Headlighs on \
Awesome.\nBut please sell it in the concept blue color. Thats such an awesome color!
mix between 3er GT and X6
Tasos Stavrou
this car is perfect 😻😻😻 and they changed the dials to bright blue! really excited about it
Taylan Ceyhan
ThatGuyNamedScott. C
Another confusing model To add....
super products !!
So basically a smaller version of the ugly X6? Why?
This is AWESO///ME. It's very aggressive, very practical for what it is (a coupé) and lots if standard equipment. I want one.
i like how aggressive it looks
Vishwas Nagaraju
Such awesomeness 
Vladislav Beys
Ass 5 series GT, face - the new X5
Yazed Naser
Woooow very beautiful machine
Yuelin Fan
always better than mercedes benz.  that 35d engine is amazing.... diesel FTW!
X3 is a smaller X5. X4 is a smaller X6.
Great stuff.. And this guy really sells it. Nice to see you guys got a real presenter. 
Actually very cool looking. better than i expected
I'd rather a Macan.
fearless me
Love it. It looks like x6
francesco loschi
Get a lot of attention, I like the car but I don't want any of the attention... From car thieves !!!
shoulda put dual exhaust ports on the 35
k4mik4 K20
Chris Brown?  lol
BMW has to be red inside ! The speedometer for example. It looks like hell, fire and very aggressive.
è x6 in miniatura!
Love the Imola red but I like my interiors black!
Looks too much like the x6, and I never really liked the look of that one.. Maybe it will grow on me.
I think the wheels will be too small for the car's body. X6 has enormous wheels which make it look cool and tankish. X4 with smaller wheels might look like that ugly BMW GT.
tùng nguyễn
Cant they make a proper electric car? I know that the car manufacturers are slaves of the oil indrusty, but still....
Really like this thing!
dude does a good job, but his body sizes makes the car look pretty small. 
zaya boza
Looks like a X6
Sitting a bit too high..
Евгений Замелов
BMW Это Жизнь без сомнений не секунды на месте и только вперёд!!!
Михаил Николаев
крутая тачка бмв х4
판튜브 Vinyls On The Table
I like his hairless style.