Birth of Zombie | Inna Korobkina Giving Birth of infected Child | Dawn of the Dead (2004 film)

Luda (Inna Korobkina) is giving birth in secret. Only she dies before the term and returns in zombie. She still gives birth to a girl. It is at this moment that Norma (Jayne Eastwood) arrives in the shop and, horrified at seeing zombified Luda tied up on the bed, she kills him. Mad with rage, Andre (Mekhi Phifer) shoots Norma and the two survivors kill each other. The others arrive and notice that the baby has become zombie too: Ana kills him.

2004 movie Dawn of the Dead Giving Birth Inna Korobkina Jayne Eastwood Mekhi Phifer horrified infected Child zombified Birth of Zombie

Akuma Masterfist
0:58 Crazy Mia from resident evil 7.
Damn the zombie that bit this woman and infected her baby into being born a monster. Terrible way of being brought into the world only to die a horrible death as a zombie.
Fábio Palma
damn old lady. trying to kill his family
Its always the black people who are the dumbest ones..
What time she got bit
Senór Irish
This scene is different I’m pretty sure they shoot the baby immediately after seeing it
maricel li
sivioken Dang
Link movie
I don't remember if I was sick the first time I watched this movie but I certainly was after wards. It's good but it's just nauseating