Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Official) ft. Nicki Minaj

Get “Swish Swish” off Katy’s new album ‘Witness’:

katy perry music video nicki minaj official swish swish swish swish music video

*you’re welcom
*_*Fortnite dance intensifies_**
РУсские есть?\nЕсли да луцк
Quién habla en español ?
This more looks like a parody
Addicted to music Katykat
Alaan B
*1 Millón de Personas con mal gusto le dieron dislike \u003e:\
Alex PL23
it was recorded in Warsaw in Poland and it is a national stadium
Anna Wojcik
Arctic Wolfie
5:08... NO
Avril Gaming YT
Ben Phillipp
2019?\n(Well 2 weeks before 2019)?
*This is why Aliens will never come to earth*
Brie Tube
No one.👏 cares.👏what.👏the.👏date.👏IS.👏👏👏👏👏
Chad Reffner
Why u got horns coming out of ur head😈
Danil korol
2:10 ahahah really? xDDDD
Dek 19
0:37 that's not the guy from stranger things 🤔
Dissy- Арты,Игры :P
2:01 Look at the BP Kid
DogSukk Official
Wtf happened to Katy?
Dogsfunworld Ana Ramos
Backpack kid!
I thought this would be a better song and back pack kid just standing on a stage is more better.
Frodo H
i like katy perry music and i mean it... but this is not a music
Stranger Things :v\nGaten :v
Gabriel Alvarado
Hard to believe this is the same person in Firework and Unconditionally.
Gaurav Dubey
My God ! This song is so cringy 😫 and Bad😫 !!!\nHate😡 from INDIA🇮🇳 !!!
Giulia Brachetta
6:11 omg in the left bottom corner he fell I feel too bad!
Grayson Dolan is everything
0:15 can we get a big fat Roblox OoOff
Grzegorz Opęchowski
WHO is here in 2030?
How It Feels Like TR
December 9 Year 2018 Time 14:02
Isabel Maya Castillo
who is here in december 2018???'?????
Its Ali64xX
How high were they before shooting this? 😂
Who is here on December 2018🤔.?
Kasper De gamer
Dec 2018 ? 🥳🥳🦄🥳🥳🥳😄😀🤪🤪😛🥳😣😣🥶🥵☝️👩\u200d🦱👍👍👍👍👍👍
Kevin and Lill
is christine a part of the illuminati too???
Kira Chavis
Umm does anyone else recognize Gaten from Stranger Things???😆😆😆
Klára Jelínková
The clip looks like a parody of the lost original one...
Liam Payne
Have you noticed dustin from stranger things?
Luis santiago Arreola granados
Katy perry si estuvo bien el video pero como flotaron
Luke Probert
Who else came purely for Christine?
Magiya Vne Hogvartsa
Ору, есть кто из декабря 2018?
Marcy Bardales
Im confused 🤷🏻\u200d♀️
Milda Ūkelė
And I thought this was the parody...
I will miss her long black hair...
MooN NiGhT
2:10 meme joined the chat
Mr Victor Guy
Better than YouTube Rewind 2018
Naomi Talag
When your life becomes one huge meme
Nienke Van Den Burg
Was that (5:34) the Katy Perry from Last Friday Night? 😃😱🤔\n\nOooooooo my God!!! This is the first time that i get so many likes😱😱😱😱😱😃😃😃😃
Ninel Zuniga
Like si hablas inglés y español👍😎
Orion Brower
She really put a shooting stars meme in the video.
Ozkar Lombardi
No pienso mas que en Kati perri 😵😵😵
Paigeythepigeon _
I was about to roast this music vid, but then I watched it and realized its just a huge meme.
Phantom Freddy Fazbear's Freddy
The best time for me
Phuong Vu
Who just like for Nikki?
Pokémon Sarah
2:10 \nDid... did katy perry just be a meme?
What a meme.
Who is here on December 2018?
2:10 wtf!
Rati Chikobava
lol! at 2:10 that wwas funny! katy in the galaxy!
Rayna Butler
This was so weird
Roy Beros
2:10\n*This is why Katy Perry has many Subscribers.*
RyZXx Tala
*Who remembers Dark Horse and Tiger by Kate Perry?*
Sabiha Fale
Good job Katy!
Sejal Gajjar
Nicki is beautiful and can sing none the less, RAP
Selmim I.
Bro they who disliked this they dont have luck their hole life
Serafin Muguerza
nicki´s verse is iconic
Shahmeer Abbas Official
What the F*** i just watched??\nI really miss the old katy perry
Shawn Langford
Terry Crews couldn't even save this awful song and video.
Silka kalika
1:25 козёл и челка👽👽👽
That's enough internet for today.
Spencer, Max and Winston
That can not be Katy
Stephan Shearin
This space jam 2 looks dope af!!!
Strawberry Shortcake
Who else saw the kid from 'Stranger Things'?
Suhana Vikas
Why am i here again?
Swiftie All the way
Whatever demon was in Miley Cyrus safely exited and entered Katy Perry
Szalona Figa
Kto z Polski?
_Esto es lo único que me ha gustado sobre algo relacionado con Nicki Minaj :v_
Teh Alexino
5:07 xd
The se7en
Is math related to science 🤔
Did anyone else notice the guy holding the “When does football season start” sign was Gronk?
This is something I never expected anyone like Katy to do...
Yasmine Art
Well, this is the first time that I like Nicki's part more than the song.
Yusufm 01
Who miss the old katy perry ? ):
aaron vera
Nicki minaj i love you 😍😍😘😘
alondra rojas
I have never been so confused and worried about Katy Perry
bilal alaa
The real question is:\nIs math related to science?
dylan Sprouse
Tyger tyger is coming soon...\n\n2019
can someone plz explain to me wtf I just witnessed
the voice VE
Who's in 2019 watching!?!?
Song starts at 1:05 \n\nThank me later
unicorn yt
Kto z Polski?
Its like Katy want to become a meme
Ксюшка зайка тв
Русский? С Тебя лайк
Лика Калиунова
Кто решил посмотреть в 2018?
Мелоч Пузатая
Кто русский лайк и комент\n👇 👍☝
Настя Коби
Угараю над трын-тырынтрынXD
Полина Конькова
Как называется музыка на 2:10?
Таня Борцова
улыбнись если нашел комент русского под английской песней
ز ٌ
stream waking up in Vegas