Blue Morpho Butterfly Emerges from Chrysalis

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Learn more! Butterfly emerges from chrysalis. I've added some facts to the video for those interested in the procedure. I am currently working on a butterfly life cycle video that will show the pupating process as well as emerging from the chrysalis for several butterflies, so stay tuned for that :) I am adding facts to that video as well, so it should be pretty cool!

Butterfly (Animal) Morpho Peleides (Organism Classification) blue morpho butterfly emerg... butterfly emerges from chrysalis butterfly emerges from coccoon

Kristen Zavar
Thank you for this video! I'm going to show my third graders this today--we read a book about Blue Morpho butterflies this week.
How often do you have to go and capture live specimen to keep the inbreeding down? Also, what do you end up doing with all of these butterflies?
Nadine Deserces
très intéressant vos vidéo j aime beaucoup les papillons en été j 'essaye de les prendre en photos et de les observé
Saskia Vanell
That's so cool!
Stephen Kim
Evacuation com...
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I wonder if pigmentation mutations could give a green morpho. I would love to see that.
annas zdw
wonderful video!
dan peres
omg, this is so amazing! life is incredible, isn't it? *-*
bonjour j'aimerais savoir, c'est vous qui vous vous occupez des papillons ? J'aimerais partir de France et venir en amérique du sud pour en apprendre plus