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I would LOVE to just grow up in a Predator family and AFTERWARDS have me own Alien pet. I KNOW its stupid but come on, it would be awesome
A little bit of everything
That hair flip doe
I kind of liked this movie, my only problem is that I don't like I when the predator teams up with humans. Requiem was just bad, i only liked wolf and predalien but the main resin is that the movie was too dark and couldn't see anything and it went to far into the social lives of the humans.
It's a boy!
Alvaro Darker
0:33 when she says \
Antrell Wright
Ben Geiger
(Chief Predator gives the spear to the girl) \n\nPredator: ...For your coffee table.
if I had that spear ain't nobody breaking into my house
Blue the velociraptor
the black girl's hair looks like predators so it seems
Brendin Veness
so basically\nAliens vs Predator: Predator Wins\nFreddy vs Jason: Jason Wins\nNow all we needs is Jason vs Predator. Sure, Predator has Speed and all these Weapons, but Jason has a Freaken High Defense and Freaken High Power
Brian Cheng
Predator = Protoss. Alien = Zerg. Human = Terran
Sad at end cause she card about predator and so did predator 😫😪
Chief Jr The Gamer
When the Chestburster came out it was just like TO BE CONTINUED XD
Contorium White
2:06 worst spawn point
i thought predators can scan and see through bodies how come they didn't recognize that there was a chestburster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Mace
What a cute new creature. :D
Danny Medina
Aliens Are Badasses
I was gonna hug him... But I don't know the messages and hints of inter-galactic language signs XD... I mean- I can hug him or offer a handshake, and he can just stab me or shoot the shit out of me, thinking that I am sending him the middle finger, AmIRite?
Dean Winchester
Oh so that's how the Pred-Alien was born in AVPR I get it.
Don't Kick The Children
One of my favorite movies. Don't care what anyone says.
Take the spear and sell it to people
Drake Ratliff
Predator died and the Alien killed him
I don't care what anybody says, i enjoyed this movie
What rank predator is that in the first 40 seconds?
FNAF AND Enzo and big Cass
this movie waz mainly about respect
Fabian Velasquez
awwwe it looks so cute 👶 \u003e:D
Frank Moran
She died from exposure 10 minutes later.
Gamer Weasel
I see tears on Lex's face... Scar x Lex ship
Genesis Coupe
What if She just stood there for half hour while the Elder Predator offered her the spear with his arms out?\n\nWhat if she followed and boarded on the ship with them ?
Genji Shimada
Did anyone else just realized that that \
Ghost_Rider Terminator
OMG Predalien 2:08
Godzilla Monstervers 2014-2033
Brentin veness who who you alien and predator no win
Ice Angel, Celestial Wing
Damn nature, you scary!
Ice Eagle
Predator dies but there's still tons of predators left. Alien dies but a baby alien is right there
Isaac Ortega
would someone plz tell me how the predalien happened? was it the face hugger I assumed he didn't kill or was it the quenn somehow
James Fietsam
They need to make a second one
Jhunnie Loves Tamea
Now her kids will see that she is the best mother.
Joie Florea
Wow predator!!!!
Kamal Khan
When the Alison qween inpaal the predator shod it also kill the chest berster
Kazuto Kadzuki
I want that predator spear
Kevin Heyl
elder predator have same scar ass the scar predator does so i wonder if that the elder predator is the father of scar predator
Kirtplays YT
i love predator
I feel like this movie is better than Predator 2.
And at that day she became the sexual preditor
HOW DID THE PREDATOR GET FACE HUGGED how a chestburster of him. What the heck I'm confused.
Mileena Estrada Jane
Se ganó la confianza de los depredator , ya quiero la segunda película 😁😁😄😅
why do the predators only keep her safe and only her
MorganW 893
The way he whipped those dreads tho.
Mr Alien
well all the predators are gonna die inside and crash into an moon lol
Nathan TM
It’s a Predalien and it’s from the Alien Side, but it is still a half Alien and half Predator, it’s a villain from AVP Requiem
Nik Spicer
Alien and Aliens were great.\nAlien 3 was okay, but it just made it seem like Aliens never happened at all.\nAlien: Resurrection and Alien vs. Predator were alright.\nAlien vs. Predator: Requiem is an abomination created by the faecal matter of Satan.
Ninja TAZ
wow when the predator gives his weapon away to the girl it was to nice
I thought both monsters wanted to kill each other and the humans... I guess I need to start watching that movie
Red Queen
Alien and Predator fusion?
They could've done so much with the predalien and the 2nd movie they wasted it
Samuel Coates
The predators have better technology \nThe humans have better looks :D
Saphira Luxray
Chief Predator: *Gives spear to respected black woman, makes dramatic turnaround back to ship LIKE A BOSS*
Snk Killer
predator is badass
Star Wookie
After thousands and thousands and 100s of thousands of years, if not millions of years of fighting xenomorphs, This is the first time a predalien burst out of a predator's chest? Doubtful!!!!! Hell, it showed 3 Predators losing in the beginning of the film. So you would imagine By now they would have a protocol for avoiding a predalien getting loose on their ship after collecting their fallen brothers. They have the ability to see inside a body as shown in predator 2. I find it absurd that after millions of years fighting xenomorphs that they don't check whether their fallen brothers have a xenomorph growing inside them. I'm sure they have a rule against taking dead predators on the ship home without first checking for xenomorphs growing inside the body.... seriously..... what have I missed?!
If the Queen impaled the Predator, how did she not also spear the chestburster in the process?
Striker Gaming
Yo! Can't wait til the second kombat pack comes out so we can do a predator vs alien our selves who's with me?
Super Mario
the pyramid is so interesting
Super Star Destroyer
Alien vs Predator vs Terminator would be a fun movie. Throw in the Engineers from Prometheus too.
alright so she got that spear thing is it just gonna be like oh yeah I got this from helping an alien kill another alien
Teron Nesmith
i dont think water pressure is going to kill it
That elder predator has saw some shit !
The King of the Penguins
Saw that coming, but still the best ending a movie like this could have. Though everyone calls it a hybrid, it's actually just a regular xenomorph. Xenomorphs take on the characteristics of their surrogate host, and we usually only see human-grown ones
The Predalien
oh hey and DutchG66 I also liked and enjoyed this movie
The Ugly Barnacle
Well, Alexa will have one hell of a story to tell her kids/grandkids about.\n\
The black Panther
Even though the movie wasn't that good, it's nice to see practical effects. Can you imagine how crappy it would have looked if it was all cgi
0:19 \
Tyreese Charles
Who came back the predator movie cause of mortal kombat x?
Tyson Thate
That is a cool frickin baby monster
Ultra Batman X
It's me the predalien is very cute
WolfSpirit Queen
Is it just me or the Aliens weakness is a woman? Lol Whoo Whoo!!
still a better love story than Twilight, dont you think?
Now she can use that spear on her X boyfriend!
Pred-alien looks like a Rag worm....Google it
YouAlreadyKnow !!!
id ask to come with them they would proably say no though
alex briceño
el hijo de predator
bernard abraham
maybe they think the girl looks alike like them cuz of the hair
Every time I watch this scene I imagine an alien and predator watching the film and as the movie is ending the predator says \
OMG, look at him. he's as small as a baby peanut.
geohn stockman
The music makes the scene that much better..
When I saw that ending I only had two words in mind\n\nMe:........well shit.
jack lajoie
y'know. it's actually kinda cute.
can someone give me the order of all alien vs predator movies?
naiyl giovani
Predator: I AM BACK!!!
nelson sy
Kind predator:take this for you to fish easier it is 890% for catching 12 fish.
rocket raccoon
this is why I like the predators they have respect for all warriors,for those who dare to fight.\nyeah,respect..!
seba baron
super film
thatgamin panda
the predatora thought the girl was a predator because her hair
i feel sad for predator cuz he got killed :( he was a good thing
I think that is alien+predator