Nicole kidman

primo piano bellissimo tratto dal film birth

birth close-up kidman

one of the greatest scenes in cinema.\n\never.
Alejandro Leonardo
Lovely scene. Kidman was magnificent.
Alice Enya Nanni
io non l'ho ancora visto qst film ma è qll di lei che crede che un bambino di 10 anni sia il marito morto?
Atz Lopez
I love this scene, but without watching the movie in its entirety it wouldn't make much sense. In context, this moment of the movie is brilliant.
D Williams
one of the best scenes in movie history. beautifly crafted and observed.
Don Fatale
I don't care if you are Nicole Kidman, you mustn't be admitted once the music has started. Then they start talking! That aside it's an amazing scene, but the latecomer bit is annoying.
She totally looks like Annette Bening in this scene..
Dustin W
Nicole Kidman is brilliant in this film. Just 'effin brillint.
I absolutely agree with you! I saw it, when it first hit theaters here. I'm the only one I personally know of that truly appreciates this movie.
Guillermo Penna
Esta escena es impecable. Nicole Kidman está impresionante en esta parte. Realmente es un placer verla en cualquier película que haga. \r\n\r\nSaludos a Todos!
Hano Harit
is it true that there is a scene in this movie where nicole kidman makes out with a 12 year old boy....?
Die Walküre-Vorspiel von Richard Wagner
è una DEA. La migliore in assoluto.
John Moran
Therefore the scene worked on you, it made you think of something melancholic like your grandfather staring out of his nursing home window, face it Nic is spellbinding in this scene, it's pure cinema.
The most memorable Close- up , comparable i only than Janet Leigh close-up in Psycho in road!
I concur with kpadraic. well said.
Natalie Ahms
emotions.shown in her face she is fantastic actress
Patrick Lenard
This movie blew me away. Total stunner. Truly one of the sad it was overlooked.
Russen Vela
I have to agree! She was spectacular in this! I love how in her eyes you can see her confusion, her frustration, and her eagerness to please Danny Huston's character, but you can tell her world is coming apart, after what the little boy said to her! Tremendous! What is that song playing in the background? The symphony?
Well I can't prove why this movie was made and neither can you. It is what it is. If it speaks to some people, who are you to decide that they're wrong? There are no rules to any piece of art, I don't care what you say.
pretentious, the lot of you\n\nP.S. donkeydick
This film is a masterpiece. It's sad that America didn't see this amazing work. The acting, script, gorgeous cinematography, directing...all flawless. There's just nothing wrong with this film. People didn't give it the light of day because of the subject matter. They must've been busy watching \
The actress had a rendez-vous with her partner at the opera... in this scene the music illustrates her state of mind... as you can probably tell, she's on the edge of a total mental breakdown... what is showing on the stage of the opera-house is of no importance... it's her mental state and the dark colour of the music that matters... Capice ? By the way : Grrreat Movie !!!
This is 'Vertigo' of the 21st century. People are gonna love this film 25 years from now.
@oatmeal1972 It's actually from Wagner's opera Die Walküre.\n
hak jung
It's the prelude to the first act of the opera ,\
Great movie!
Everyone says it wasn't Sean because of the letters. I don't agree with this view.  It is very clearly Sean because he knew the details about his past life. The confusion comes in when his mistress makes her self known and says she was his true love and that is why he couldn't be Sean. Well its clear from the movie the former Sean really did love his wife and was also a man with flaws. This doesn't mean he didn't love his wife. He came back and remembers details only the real Sean could know because it was him.  In his closing letter to her he says \
After I saw Birth I too was shattered to learn how unpopular it actually was. If there wasn't anything more going to this film than this one scene I think it'd already deserve an inclusion on every \
si scrive 'deficiente'
wow! \nEvidently, Hollywood can produce interesting cinema.
She looks so pretty with short hair
i must admit i didn´t like the movie very much.although the idea behind it was great and so the music was,but i think the best thing about the film was nicoles performence.this scene and the very last one prove once again her great talent.
Didn't see the movie, have no context for the scene.\nShe's always nice to look at however.