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Think you've seen it all? Think again. Love. Lust. Betrayal.And a girl who is wilder than your imagination.

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I think the message behind this show is to not judge people(esp women) and not really female empowerement.People losing their shit over how this does not count as women empowerment,western values in india etc. just calm down
Aarsh Kashyap
Ye madharchod bollywood waale or tv serial waale women empowerment or feminization ko leker auraton ki or khaas ker hindu ladkion ki aisa ker ne k liye pin maarte hain saale gaanduon.
Abhhi Barot
ALTBalaji rises bar for indian web series..Keep going..
Abhinav Smith
I am amazed at the comments so far. There is something called Freedom. Girl have the right to do what is right. Don't like it. Don't watch it.
trailer is good for entertainment purpose but DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME
Abhishek Singh
There is a difference between barbad n empowered
Aditya Bedi
oh man!!! its really different concept.. after watching the trailer i thought its could be a same as Dev D but Dev DD is different. i like it.,.\nThink Different..
bc aisi faltu movie ku bnate ho ... kiss only kisses ... yrr kuch story to dal dete .. kiss to hme bf me bhi dikh jati hai
Ajay Singh
Some great overactors hired
Akshay Meshram
total bakwas.... everything copied from West..... only motive is to make people fool and make money.......and the best thing is same people then talk about women empowerment.......
Alpha male
More moral degradation of Indian culture by Bollywood elite.
Amrita Gaur
Awesome series, fab performances by all the actors! Waiting for episode 12?? when is it due?
Ananya Mishra
Why is bollywood making such kind of Vulgar movies.. Make a good entertaining movie jo Family sath baith ke dekh sakte 😡😑
Andro Edge
you can't beat Dev D Bas Naam Use Krliya
Ankit Dahiya
total bakchodi to earn money, not much to watch after the trailer, nothing different, the climax can easily be understood
Ashish Kaundal
Assam Dastgir
What bollywood is pretend to be??
Avinash Shrivastav
esi ghatiya movie hi banao salo or desh ko barbaad kro haramiyo
Ayush Joshi Ji
Kya bakchodi hai bencho !
Bagad Billa
Kapde utaaro, Gaali bolo aur velle logo ko e dekhado.... matlab chal gaya video...
Baljeet singh
everything done to attract eyeballs
Bleeding Pen
Damn that looked interesting. Hopefully i make stories like this someday. Good going guys
CakeMonster !
Her english is horror
Devang Bhatt
अपलोडार तेरी DD और तु पोर्न बनाते हो तो साथ मे तेरे मां बाप नु भी जोडदे।
Gaurav Kandpal
Stud used to be a slang.. but most of the people thinks it's a compliment. and then these feminists thinks that if they can do it so can we. LoL.. start discarding such guys if u dont like such things, or else say it that u dnt care about guys, u r doing it cz u wished for it nd u r loving it... simple... nd yeah not saying that anything you do is ryt or wrng.. just do what u feel ..dnt promote \
Go Physics
Did you notice that at 0:57 there is a seen at Jaipur of 'Hawamahal'
Hamza Lakdawala
1:12 to 1:19 very true line,still follwed by Indians
Humble Guy
Ekta kapoor movie uff, I can not watch her any movie. I would love to watch if it were directed by Anurag Kashyap.
Imtiaz Khan
another controversial movie. sex and abusive language is become so common in bollywood. thats not good.
Ishaan Gogna
I like this girl. atleast she is not a lesbian like other Indian girls which compress their feelings and sexual Desires and finally turn to a lesbian. she is not one of them.
Jiten Dave
blue film hi upload kar dete madarchod shame
Johns Pauly123
A piece of Crap..
I like the concept. Indian society should think about this concept.
Kashish Karmshil
women empowerment is about education or having skills that make you a better person not abusing .
Khushbu Khatri
lolz.. so many comment saying its not woman emporvemnt.. yup agree but where this states thay this series is for woman emporvmnt. it says rebel madness.. it shows how society treats a wonam if she became a rebel. as many boys do in thier life time.. but even here u may find boys who are critisng here and still be that rebel in their own life..\n\ny cant this society accpt a woman the way she is.. as they accept thier man /sons. for them it doesnt matter evn if they kill somone they will still say ladka he na kya kare.. \n
Kunal kumar guddu
syi bola bhai....paiso k liye apni maa behan ko bech le
mere kyA kisi bhi shareef ladke layak nhi hai..... irony and sarcasm on its top level
Go girl! (Y)
Maina woo bin
Brace yourself the sanskari types are going to have a field day with it. \nloved the trailer kudos
Manoj Dokku
I dont know when bollywood stops making feminist movies ..... its interesting in the begining.... now its overdosed ....
Medhavi Saxena
I watched the entire series and honestly, this girl is not wild or liberated. She is just young and spoilt. \nThere's nothing wrong with having a bf at 22 or being strong enough to stand up for yourself. What's wrong is the way she behaves in front of elders (at least have some respect) and the fact that she is impulsive. And the fact that she practically does nothing productive !! If her dad loves her so much, he could also teach her to educate herself to become financially independent. \nDrinking and smoking is a health hazard, irrespective of gender. Agreed, our society needs to accept our generation with an open mind. But this is not modern, this is immature nonsense. There are plenty of girls out there who have a functional brain, who defy social norms and make a mark. Please Balaji, our generation is not so messed up.
Mohit Pandey
third grade trailor
Morkie Flash
Day by Day sextual concept destroy our social bonding.
Mr. Tangerine
cringe level \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e 9000
My Name
Is trailer ke Hisab Se sabse empowered women J B road/ sonagacchi /kamathipura aur Heera Mandi main rehte hai.
National Media Services.
ye sab scenes asal jindagi me ho rahe he, lekin screen pe dekhana bhayanak lagta he.
Neha Pd
lmao, men in the comments here are TERRIFIED of a woman living loud and free and owning her sexuality.
Nikki Bhatnagar
bakwas trailer bakwas movie apna banda abhey deol hota to bat he alag hoti movie ki or is trha ki movies ab nhe chalne wali
P.K my channel
asi ladkiya samaj KO ganda karti hai aur badme galeme fasi laga leti hai 👈
Pankaj kumar
ken ghosh..... mujhe 'Ishq vishk' aaj bhi yaad hai... and Sanjay suri... very very talented. I hope ye ek achhi series hogi.
Pradhumna Singh
Prasad Pathadiya
क्या चल रहा है एक तरफ बात करते हो woman empowerment की और दुसरी और उन्हे इस तरह पेश करते हो जैसे की वो कोई नुमाईश की चीझ हो, वाह और कोई topic मीलता नही. अरे woman's को तो ऐसे powerful रोल मिलने चाहीये जीससे समाज मे उनके प्रति आदर बढे. Some people want only make money.
Prasannjeet Singh
The tagline says \
Pri Vya
Ghor kalyug , samay aa gaya hai dislike kar ke yudh karne ka.
Priyanka Naidu
finding myself 😘\nloved it
Pushpa Rawat
bad acting
bhosdi wale porn movie bana deta dale madharchod randi ki aulad phir film pe rok lagegi tu kaihna azadi azadi chhin ke lenge azadi ya intolrence bhad gaya hai country mai bhen ke lode
Rajeev Sarcar
Besharmi ko aajkal independence aur broad minded ka darza diya jata hai aur toh aur kuch log ise women empowerment bhi kehte hai.
Ritesh Bahade
Donoko hi chodnaa chahungaa tell laga KE rehnaa
Riya gangwal
She is a woman who knows how to fight for herself n know very well how to teach a good lesson to perverts...n the one Who alwyas stands for her family no matter what the situation is...whatever she do.. She do it from the bottom of her heart n the most important thing..she is not at all fake..she is what she I don't think that there is anything bad in her n yes don't judge without watching the web series... Gurdaa chaie dev dd K jaisa banna na K Lia...#m impressed by her personality 👏
Rujeb Pathan
This is so awesome series please upload more episodes . This is different and entertaining full enjoyable 💯💯💯👍👍👍
Rupesh Adagale
there are lots of girls who like this but Women empowerment doesn't mean to freedom for more sex.. more drinks or smoking etc or speaking vulgar language..\nwhere is going our indian culture..\n#chutyaa trailer
Shereef K. Abbas
The funny thing is - in the name of gender equality and women empowerment; all I see is exploitation of women! Since when is enjoying life means \
Soul Speak
Jo jo log is video ko support karte hain, bagwan kare unke sisters bhi ye video dekhein. 😁😁
Soumyo Mukherjee
Having had a cursory glance through the comments section below I see that being pissed and no nonsense is exclusively a male priviledge. Even the dad in the trailer acknowledges this hypocrisy. I am sure that if the protagonist here was a guy we'd see encouraging comments... not to mention a f&%killion #SWAG mentions. Watch the show if you want to. Don't if you don't want to, but if you think this is demoralising.... keep watching those serials where no one has a job and God forbid if they have sex, or a drink or a smoke or even have a twitter account... Whatever happened to the land of Kamasutra...
Techy Facty
Thor: The God Of Thunder
Ekta Kapoor pervy kameeni hai
Venkaet Shivam
I am looking forward to see this series, new stuff, perspective. Onsaumble.😊😊😊👀👀👍👍👍👏👏👏
Vikas bhardwaj
Whtevr uh guys wanna show a feminism, discrimination.. show it but when uh guys will get a content into it.. galliyan dene se .. film sirf dekhne aate hain log. Yaad nhi rakhte..
Vinay Seth
Another conservative Bengali filmmaker trying hard to be edgy lol
Vivek Agrawal
New concept has started by AltBalaji by releasing episodes of ragini mms and dev dd and looking like its work...
India is adopting fake feminism, vulgarism, broken western family structure from west while Western countries have adopted Yoga, mediation, Vegetarianism, Ayurveda, neurology, mind science(Vipasana) etc from India. \nIndians still have inferiority complex and colonized mindset.This is heart-full but true.
Zeeshan Shaikh
Thesentype of shows should be bann in india, these are spoiling our culture and new generations mentality
aamir tameem
Such a wannabe series yet again! When will these guys learn that only by using cuss words, content doesn't become cool.
ahmad hasan
never thought how cool would it be to call a bra- a bra.
akshay patel
ban karo is movie ko ladkiya bigad jayegi😂😂..muje sanskari ladki chahiye shodi ke liye😂😂
anurag kumar
where is censor board now ? ESA film kaun dekhta hai bhai
arvind singh
if women is doing sex talking volger not mean women empowerment don't misguide youth .......
bharat rathod
bakwas trailer
crazy tv
where to get full episodes of season 1?
another crap. just like chutiya chakram jhatts web series..
frozen heart
so struggle actress here get the chance to show her talent by kissing and intimating wah wah 😂😂😂😂
ghanshyam gautam
ik taraf sensible feminism based movies h \
karan singh
it's totally nonsense movie\nu bloody producer director n actereess of this film remember one thing women empowerment doesn't mean using dirty language or wearing short dresses or having sex wh anyone
kashif khan
kaun Hai yeah Kya Hai yeah kyun Hai yeah...BC
koushik raja
IT'S A web series? GREAT i'm gonna be watching the hell out of this.\nalso, can't wait for the sanskaris to lose their shit
Randiya to Randiya hi rahegi
maaar kaat
I like this type of girlsss...ummmah
palak saraswat
I am a woman but I really don't find women empowerment means giving more power for having more sex....for deteriorating oneself in the name of feminism....\nif a guy is addicted to drugs,alcohol or anything which is socially not acceptable (okay leave society.... ill effects of consuming alcohol does not render one according it's gender....)\nwrong is wrong.... whether done by a women or men....\nagar logo ko galat m b barabari krni h toh...\nkudos to them
Season 2 with Asheema only 🙏🏽
prashansa rastogi
very beautiful...I love Sanjay Suri..
rajiv dev
asi ladkiya kisi ke ghar Me peda hi na Ho... chhiii... Thu Thu Thu
rajsthani traveler
balaji naam ka cover he or andar kamsutra ka gyan he . wow .
feminism gone wild😂😂😂😂
suraj chaudhary
I am confused really very confused. Ye trailer bolna kya chahta hai mere khyal se jo isne socha hai ki ladkia abla nahi hai, inhe apne vichar rakhne ka haq hai, body unki hai wo chahe jo kare etc.. etc.. par isne jo dikhaya hai mujhe to kahi se WOMEN EMPOWERMENT nahi laga dusro ko laga ho and I am not against that. Par pyaar mai barbaad hona alag hai aur apne aap ko barbaad karna alag and 1 more thing Devdas ka ishq sirf Paro thi(ishq thi hawas nahi). I think mai kuch jyada likh gaya😉
think aloud
what's the intent of such movies neither entertaining nor story bound...guess anyone can make movies if it has sleaze...even trailer looked jabarjasti ka sleaze
vidit jain
ALT BALAJI worst app i have ever seen.. after watching 5 episode of DEV DD, i go for 6 then says you must be subscribe this to play.. ₹100 for 3 months.. bakwas
कुछ तो करो
कुछ नहीं मिलता तुम लोगों को, बस ये ही दिखाओ...\nwoman empowerment को sex centric बनाये जा रहे हो...\nइससे लोग और ज्यादा आमादा होंगे गलत कदम उठाने को, ढक्क्नो...\nसुधर जाओ...
रिम झिम
man that girl is more prettier than alia bhatt